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Sun May 27, 2012, 09:22 AM May 2012

Unofficial DU3 Basic HTML Reference Lookup Table [View all]

Last edited Sat Nov 18, 2023, 07:00 PM - Edit history (11)






Monospace font



Indented blockquote

Excerpt with light grey background

No tags needed
Just paste the URL starting with http://

Hyperlink from text
(URL should include the http://)


No tags needed
Just paste the URL starting with http://
(Image filename must end with gif, jpg, or png file extension)


Unordered Lists

Ordered Lists

Video Embedding (YouTube only)
No tags needed
Just paste the URL starting with https://


Embedding Tweets
No tags needed
Just paste the URL starting with https://twitter.com


Embedding Toots (Mastadon social media)
No tags needed
Just paste the URL starting with https://


(NOTE: this only works for a limited number of Mastodon domains)

Preventing Embedding
For YouTube videos, add t=0& after the ? in the video URL.


For Tweets, change domain from twitter.com to x.com in URL


For Mastodon, add %3 before post ID in URL
I never thought I'd miss the marquee rocktivity May 2012 #1
Linking to YouTube or Vimeo without embedding. Make7 May 2012 #3
How to link to YouTube giving a start time muriel_volestrangler May 2012 #4
There doesn't seem to be a way to embed while adding parameters. Make7 Jun 2012 #6
Did you take a class? JustanAngel Sep 2013 #36
welcome & Help maxcopper Jun 2013 #31
Wow! JustanAngel Sep 2013 #35
about myself JUSTIN JOSEPH Sep 2017 #65
Bookmarked. Thank you. Scuba May 2012 #2
k&r n/t RainDog May 2012 #5
What does K&R mean? Fortinbras Armstrong Sep 2013 #33
kick and recommend RainDog Sep 2013 #34
Excellent - This should get pinned - nt Ohio Joe Jun 2012 #7
Yeah, it should be pinned. Lugnut Jun 2012 #8
Was looking for this Lookz Jun 2012 #9
Would you expand this to include symbols and similar? n/t Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #10
I'm not sure precisely what you mean by symbols. Make7 Dec 2012 #11
Mmmph.. Thanks.(Bookmarked) I lost my old annabanana Dec 2012 #12
The Meta version of this thread (which came first) at archive.org: Make7 Mar 2013 #13
You're our saviour! I thought that had been lost, since you had to be logged in muriel_volestrangler Mar 2013 #15
Meta was viewable to the public for about half a year or so. Make7 Mar 2013 #16
Kicked to the top! Very helpful. n/t Agschmid Mar 2013 #14
Problems with links and the [link: | ] tag? What to do to fix them. Make7 Mar 2013 #17
Bored with DU's plain gray excerpt boxes? Make7 Apr 2013 #18
What is "my user style sheet"? n/t lumberjack_jeff Apr 2013 #26
A 'user style sheet' allows you to customize the appearance of elements on a website. Make7 Apr 2013 #28
Cool! I didn't know that you could substitute a style sheet hosted locally for the site's. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2013 #29
Wow, fancy stuff davidpdx Apr 2014 #47
I'm not sure what you mean by "the color of the box (outside)". Make7 May 2014 #48
Thanks for this thread, Make7. Ptah Apr 2013 #19
embedded links RainDog Apr 2013 #20
There are some issues with links and the [link] tag. Make7 Apr 2013 #21
here's the post RainDog Apr 2013 #22
The plus signs in the web address are making it not work right. Make7 Apr 2013 #23
Excellent thread, thank you! And now a question: petronius Apr 2013 #24
I haven't been able to get any type of line break to work within the 'About Me' text. Make7 Apr 2013 #25
Thanks! Here's the ATA thread I started: petronius Apr 2013 #27
Placing code to resize images here to avoid opening more windows. TexasTowelie May 2013 #30
html params193 Aug 2013 #32
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2013 #37
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2013 #38
I can't post an image in my sig line RainDog Jan 2014 #39
hmmm RainDog Jan 2014 #40
What browser are you using? Make7 Jan 2014 #41
nevermind RainDog Jan 2014 #42
The DU software will ignore the [IMG] tags, so it should work without them... Make7 Jan 2014 #43
embedding video RainDog Jan 2014 #44
No, an [iframe] tag won't work here. You can only embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Make7 Jan 2014 #45
This message was self-deleted by its author Paladin Mar 2014 #46
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #49
"Sorry, tables are not allowed " tarheelsunc May 2014 #50
Well, that's kind of a joke. Make7 May 2014 #51
Great Thread laserhaas Dec 2014 #52
Displaying Data As Tables Make7 Apr 2015 #53
So I want to have whole paragraphs of text with images using the stylized coding. How do I do that? Initech Jan 2017 #61
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2015 #54
With your 11th post you can start a new thread. ColesCountyDem Oct 2015 #55
:-) w0nderer Oct 2015 #56
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2015 #57
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #58
How do you post a photo from an article blueseas Jan 2017 #59
Well, it kind of depends on what device, operating system, and browser you are using. Make7 Jan 2017 #60
Thank you very much for this. nikibatts Feb 2017 #62
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2017 #63
hey Make7, for some reason all the HTML is showing now on your OP, hmm nt steve2470 Sep 2017 #64
Somebody above linked to an archived version that reads correctly: Denzil_DC Oct 2017 #66
thanks! nt steve2470 Oct 2017 #67
Elad has said that special html tags are unlikely to return progree Oct 2017 #68
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2019 #69
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2019 #70
Post removed Post removed Jun 2019 #71
How do I insert a carriage return into my sig line? ailsagirl Oct 2020 #72
Well, if double spacing is okay, you could use an empty [blockquote] element. Make7 Oct 2020 #73
Thank you! ailsagirl Oct 2020 #74
is it possible to resize an image for your sig line? sarchasm Jan 2021 #75
The DU stylesheet scales images down to a max height of 100 pixels or max width of 400 for sigs. Make7 Jan 2021 #76
Thank you. I'm wanting to reduce the size 50% without resizing if possible. sarchasm Jan 2021 #77
For accents like É that work in thread and post titles use "É" etc. muriel_volestrangler Feb 2021 #78
Useful tip. Thanks. Make7 Feb 2021 #79
How to center text? Lasher Feb 2021 #80
Unfortunately, that is no longer possible. Make7 Feb 2021 #81
That's just what I thought. Lasher Feb 2021 #82
Can someone remind me how to change font color for text? hlthe2b Feb 2021 #83
That's been disabled since the 2016 hack — like most other user formatting options. Make7 Feb 2021 #84
Thanks for trying. I'd already attempted what I thought had worked before to no avail... hlthe2b Feb 2021 #85
Over in the science forum, we'd love the old codes for superscripts and subscripts. NNadir Jan 2022 #86
I'd Swear That DU Used To Support the Strike Tag. ruet Sep 2022 #87
[s]text[/s] used to work here, s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ with Unicode characters is the best alternative. Make7 Sep 2022 #88
This one seems fairly unobjectionable. Igel Apr 2023 #90
I cannot figure out how to post a photo AmBlue Nov 2022 #89
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