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?? Io1989 Dec 2015 #1
Try these... brooklynite Dec 2015 #5
Jury Results rbrnmw Dec 2015 #2
Seriously? BooScout Dec 2015 #13
yes they did rbrnmw Dec 2015 #16
Is that considered abuse of the system? Is it allowed? NurseJackie Dec 2015 #22
It is an abuse. okasha Dec 2015 #54
Alerted on? MoonRiver Dec 2015 #18
Juror #2 Plucketeer Dec 2015 #32
"Fair is fair. A post, similar to this, designed ONLY to slime and cause flame was hidden today Cha Dec 2015 #40
The usual funeral thread okasha Dec 2015 #42
So does that mean there was no post where the OP was PPRed?! Cha Dec 2015 #43
it doesn't appear to be true rbrnmw Dec 2015 #47
Imagine that! An alerter LYING AGAIN to get the JURY to Bend to their Way. Abuse of the Jury Cha Dec 2015 #50
Not lying TSIAS Dec 2015 #58
"privileges revoked" is a lie.. and revenge is not a valid arguement for an alert. Cha Dec 2015 #59
Getting into semantics TSIAS Dec 2015 #60
Uh huh.. it was a bogus alert for Revenge.. good thing the majority saw through it. 1-6 LEAVE. Cha Dec 2015 #61
Another longer termer got banned? one_voice Dec 2015 #44
The alerter was confused clearly, and sent a frivolous alert. Agschmid Dec 2015 #49
Oh no I wasn't suggesting we did... one_voice Dec 2015 #51
Yup. Agschmid Dec 2015 #52
Don't quit your day job. n/t bvf Dec 2015 #3
Are you suggesting that the seminal poster is lacking as a writer? DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2015 #10
Hardly a seminal poster as you assert. Wilms Dec 2015 #12
It's actually MrChuck Dec 2015 #27
So much for Dictionary.com Wilms Dec 2015 #34
Actually, they're both correct. bvf Dec 2015 #36
Perhaps a plethora of pablum-like perspicaciousness? Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #57
Why, certainly, my good fellow, you may bvf Dec 2015 #15
WTF does this even mean? nt Logical Dec 2015 #41
What part of my remarks require elucidation? DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2015 #46
LOL, thesaurus man! No idea is you are serious half the time. nt Logical Dec 2015 #48
yep, it's similar too but not to be confused with those who profusely use words not in common usage stupidicus Dec 2015 #17
Perfect. bvf Dec 2015 #19
And what 'big words' are giving you problems? randome Dec 2015 #20
who said any did? stupidicus Dec 2015 #26
It always amazes me how some can't see sarcasm unless there's a tag at the bottom of the post. randome Dec 2015 #4
Sarcasm? I thought it was a run-through for open-mic night. n/t bvf Dec 2015 #6
What? Wilms Dec 2015 #7
Waste of words,. daybranch Dec 2015 #8
so Bernie Sanders works for the DNC . stonecutter357 Dec 2015 #9
Waiting for Goodman to confirm. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #11
How Do You "FIRE" A Candidate??? ChiciB1 Dec 2015 #14
If only that unnamed Sander campaign advisor would come forward he could put this all to bed... Historic NY Dec 2015 #21
LOL! Laser102 Dec 2015 #30
*yawn* - more tone-deaf mocking of genuine concerns. Betty Karlson Dec 2015 #23
This OP reminds me of a TWM OP; its a Farce. DhhD Dec 2015 #24
That's it! I'm boycotting this thread! Helen Borg Dec 2015 #25
That conspiracy makes about as much sense as treestar Dec 2015 #28
It was the DNC who told New Hampshire to let Sanders on the ballot Gothmog Dec 2015 #29
Now it all makes sense. I was wondering and now I know. Wow. BS is a DNC plant. That explains it. Laser102 Dec 2015 #31
Ah, leave the 'cleverness' to someone else. earthside Dec 2015 #33
I KNOW WHERE THE TRUE PLANT IS retrowire Dec 2015 #35
Clearly some Sanders supporters are now in the third stage of grief. Gman Dec 2015 #37
It might be worse than we fear. Vinca Dec 2015 #38
"Failure to win"???? Win What? concreteblue Dec 2015 #39
Insurmountable? Fawke Em Dec 2015 #55
It makes as much sense as josh uretsky being a "dnc plant". IOW.. zero Cha Dec 2015 #45
You know once the reddi-whip can is empty you're supposed to throw it away, right? n/t Scootaloo Dec 2015 #53
Randall Terry postatomic Dec 2015 #56
Want some real comedy gold? AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #62
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