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79. Another reason to support Bernie
Sat Nov 28, 2015, 01:00 AM
Nov 2015

His intention to fix the horrible voting system all across the country. Everybody votes and an end to discrimination in voting. End of discussion. When you turn 18, bingo. You can vote. Automatically.

Yeah, I've been saying this all along. I think Bernie is much more electable than Clinton. PatrickforO Nov 2015 #1
everyone that I have sent youtube vids to became instant Bernie supporters tk2kewl Nov 2015 #7
Lets ROLL! bvar22 Nov 2015 #34
I think anyone is more electable than the GOP candidates . . . n/t Dem_in_Nebr. Nov 2015 #92
That's RIGHT. LWolf Nov 2015 #2
62% of elibible voters have been waiting for Bernie, but the Dem Party bosses want them ignored. Scuba Nov 2015 #3
Bosses, what bosses? Tommy2Tone Nov 2015 #5
Those are national numbers...which are very close to being irrelevant... CoffeeCat Nov 2015 #12
"What Bosses?"? You haven't yet heard of the DNC or Debbie Downer? 99th_Monkey Nov 2015 #13
Fingers in ears! tazkcmo Nov 2015 #57
I think this is true, basically, but where did you get PatrickforO Nov 2015 #15
My flawed memory. In 2014 the actual turnout was 36.3% leaving 63.7% waiting for a candidate. Scuba Nov 2015 #19
Hmm. Apathy is the biggest enemy - when people do not feel like they can make PatrickforO Nov 2015 #24
Evn Sanders doesn't think they'll be rising up to vote.... brooklynite Nov 2015 #28
Source please. Scuba Nov 2015 #30
"Bernie Sanders: 'We Would Lose' If The Election Were Held Today" brooklynite Nov 2015 #33
Obama would have too. bvar22 Nov 2015 #35
That quote doesn't support your earlier claim. Scuba Nov 2015 #37
Your supporsition is that millions of former non-voters are ready to rise up and vote for Sanders... brooklynite Nov 2015 #40
Isn't it sad you actually have to explain this? BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #53
Devotion to Bernie? No. Devotion to the truth and traditional Democratic Party ideals? Yes. Scuba Nov 2015 #63
Pfft. Right. I have yet to see any evidence of it. Didn't think traditional Dem Party ideals BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #66
You actually believe Hillary will get something accomplished? What? Scuba Nov 2015 #68
Yes. BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #98
Offs... tex-wyo-dem Nov 2015 #70
Ok. BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #71
She does a lot of shooting with guns like this - Juicy_Bellows Nov 2015 #74
It would be hard for you to see evidence of anything with those blinders on. Amazing, Hillary litlbilly Nov 2015 #72
Nope. Devotion to Bernie Sanders. Blind devotion. BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #80
Besides gun policy, which of Hillary's policies do you think are better than Bernie's? JDPriestly Nov 2015 #83
That's a pretty YUUUGE one for me. But since I'm not a one-issue voter... BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #100
Unless a gun manufacturer produces a defective product that causes harm or in some other way JDPriestly Nov 2015 #102
You didn't read the Slate article, did you? You'd otherwise know that because of the PLCAA BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #103
If the company "lost" guns, and one of the guns it "lost" was used to massacre people, JDPriestly Nov 2015 #104
Sanders own campaign manger doubts that Sanders will be the nominee Gothmog Nov 2015 #56
Numbers supporting Sanders over the 1% like the Clinton's, Clinton Supporters, Bush, Trump: DhhD Nov 2015 #96
The voter turnout in this elction cycle will be a hell of a lot bigger than the midterms. Duckfan Nov 2015 #73
Precisely. Enthusiast Nov 2015 #38
You can't honestly expect anybody to believe that number right? mythology Nov 2015 #87
Why do you think these people don't bother to vote? Why do you say .... Scuba Nov 2015 #88
^^^This!^^^ peacebird Nov 2015 #4
I will be participating in the DNC primary, though Bernis may be polling highest with Independents Thinkingabout Nov 2015 #6
Sorry - no sale MaggieD Nov 2015 #8
Good! Because Bernie is NOT for sale in the first place. 99th_Monkey Nov 2015 #11
More fingers in the ear Duckfan Nov 2015 #76
If that's your opinion, then you shouldn't vote for Bernie... CoffeeCat Nov 2015 #14
Maggie D, if you have bought the slag and feel that socialist is a bad thing roguevalley Nov 2015 #31
I thought her "socialist" comment was bizarre... CoffeeCat Nov 2015 #47
Probably never heard of FDR Duckfan Nov 2015 #75
you will vote republican instead then? Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2015 #18
Zero history? PatrickforO Nov 2015 #20
Oh no!!! Soshulism!!11!!1 Boo! Lucky Luciano Nov 2015 #25
I'm not voting to nominate a socialist ... AlbertCat Nov 2015 #39
Bernie doesn't need your vote. And nobody is trying to sell anything. Elmer S. E. Dump Nov 2015 #54
Red-Baiting beltanefauve Nov 2015 #65
Similar to other 'great minds' characterizing Barack Obama as a socialist: Bluenorthwest Nov 2015 #89
Exactly! Bernie brings us together, rather than deepening the divisiveness and hate. 99th_Monkey Nov 2015 #9
Clinton's numbers with Independents is shocking CoffeeCat Nov 2015 #10
not surprising Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2015 #16
None of us are voting for Bernie not because he talks about "socialistic" ideas... Duckfan Nov 2015 #78
These are real issues Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2015 #91
Regardless Old Codger Nov 2015 #23
Clinton had everything on her side last time... CoffeeCat Nov 2015 #43
For sure Old Codger Nov 2015 #48
Right. Vote for Clinton if you want to end up with a republican Elmer S. E. Dump Nov 2015 #46
Nominating Clinton is electoral suicide. n/t lumberjack_jeff Nov 2015 #93
Also, if the General is Sen Sanders vs. one of the idiots, there will be moderate Republicans that rhett o rick Nov 2015 #95
Bernie the best choice, PERIOD! pinebox Nov 2015 #17
One thing I have learned over the years lobbying for various jwirr Nov 2015 #94
Those independent fans of Sanders, then, need to register MineralMan Nov 2015 #21
Iowa, the first state to vote... CoffeeCat Nov 2015 #32
It varies from state to state. MineralMan Nov 2015 #45
When I lived in Minnesota, we had "same Day registration". bvar22 Nov 2015 #36
Yes. We still have it here. MineralMan Nov 2015 #44
K & R AzDar Nov 2015 #22
Another reason to support Bernie Duckfan Nov 2015 #79
K&R for the truth! nt Live and Learn Nov 2015 #26
And if all 50 States were like Vermont, this would make sense... brooklynite Nov 2015 #27
Yes, in other states there will be a need to increase the populaton quickly to offset the votes. Thinkingabout Nov 2015 #51
K&R liberalnarb Nov 2015 #29
Honesty november3rd Nov 2015 #41
Hard to be the most electable... OhZone Nov 2015 #42
K & R! SoapBox Nov 2015 #49
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Nov 2015 #50
This is an important message for Sanders to get out Jarqui Nov 2015 #52
The Democratic Blue Wall is not magical Gothmog Nov 2015 #55
In terms of how they're polling, of these blue wall states: Jarqui Nov 2015 #58
The Democratic Blue Wall is based on historical facts Gothmog Nov 2015 #59
Ignoring Sanders chances, I'm not buying that nonsense. Jarqui Nov 2015 #61
Predictwise is the successor to Intrade which had a great track record Gothmog Nov 2015 #62
As I said, "ignoring Sanders chances" Jarqui Nov 2015 #64
Polling for Bernie Sanders winning anything is very unreliable at this point moobu2 Nov 2015 #60
"Borrack is clearly unelectable in the GE"- moobu2, Mon Mar-24-08 08:27 AM Bluenorthwest Nov 2015 #90
... Puglover Nov 2015 #99
I've noticed a subtle change from. .. libdem4life Nov 2015 #67
I am staying tuned for the next stage of horseshit. Juicy_Bellows Nov 2015 #77
This story is far from over. I'm not moved by the slew of celebrities. A few libdem4life Nov 2015 #97
When We Stand Together - No Citizen Need Settle For The Lesser Of Two Corporate Evils - Go Bernie Go cantbeserious Nov 2015 #69
I would use your phrase Cantbe... Duckfan Nov 2015 #81
K&R. And Bernie has not been bought by big contributors. That's a big plus also. JDPriestly Nov 2015 #82
K&R - Good kos article, AiT. Interesting & moving. Comments too. senz Nov 2015 #84
Don't we need the Clinton's permission first? Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2015 #85
I couldn't agree more. n/t Betty Karlson Nov 2015 #86
That's what they said about Tsongas in 1992. RandySF Nov 2015 #101
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