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169. This is not a gunfight
Fri Nov 27, 2015, 04:42 AM
Nov 2015

It is more a war of words than anything else. And the Hillary supporters are throwing any emotional, non-sequitur they can find.

Many of us supporting Bernie think of him in this manner:

She won't stand up for anybody. That's why I'm not voting for her.

Yep. Pretty well sums it up. Armstead Nov 2015 #1
Add DOMA Hepburn Nov 2015 #2
Yes, DOMA, that kind of fell under her 'Sanctity of Marriage' and whole history regarding Gay rights sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #5
Apparently they were just protecting us from ourselves ibegurpard Nov 2015 #8
Oh, it's the children... Hepburn Nov 2015 #32
This! A thousand times this. K&R/ eom Betty Karlson Nov 2015 #103
Oh, but, at the time DOMA was being... tex-wyo-dem Nov 2015 #124
Thank You - Well Said cantbeserious Nov 2015 #3
You need an update - I'll be brief MaggieD Nov 2015 #4
1) Iow, she 'trusted' the most obvious lying administration ever on her Iraq Vote? That's even worse sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #6
"As I said to Hillary that night on twitter" zappaman Nov 2015 #7
Famous people have Twitter accounts to receive feedback. Fawke Em Nov 2015 #133
I disagree.... MaggieD Nov 2015 #9
1) Her state was MY state at that time. She was simply massively wrong about Iraq sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #14
LOL! MaggieD Nov 2015 #15
Sure, always willing to help! sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #21
So is her stated "strong" support for H-1B and likely other "guest worker" programs "liberal"? cascadiance Nov 2015 #45
Anything that helps Corporations. I didn't think of that, but yes, that is another reason not to sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #54
Yes, immigration and diversity are good MaggieD Nov 2015 #57
Not when it's being used to replace American workers with cheap foreign labor.. whathehell Nov 2015 #75
That's a right wing argument MaggieD Nov 2015 #78
Bernie is anti-slave labor. frylock Nov 2015 #86
Nah, he's no friend to immigrants MaggieD Nov 2015 #88
Whatever you say. frylock Nov 2015 #91
Hb1 visa holders must be paid the same wage as citizen in the job MaggieD Nov 2015 #93
That's right. They are driving down wages. frylock Nov 2015 #95
How are they driving down wages if the rule states MaggieD Nov 2015 #96
You do understand the economic principles of supply and demand, right? shawn703 Nov 2015 #107
You are DEAD fucking wrong on the facts. beerandjesus Nov 2015 #112
Why are you ignoring the fact that.... MaggieD Nov 2015 #123
You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. I really suggest you stop. beerandjesus Nov 2015 #127
More than 80 percent of H-1B visa holders are approved to be hired at wages below.. frylock Nov 2015 #121
This is about outsourcing MaggieD Nov 2015 #126
Well, she says in her own words that she STRONGLY SUPPORTS EXPANDING this OUTSOURCING program!! cascadiance Nov 2015 #140
No she doesn't MaggieD Nov 2015 #141
You are really selectively DEAF maam. Her first sentence she states her H-1B program commitment... cascadiance Nov 2015 #144
Of course you're right. Hillary is a goddamn Republican on this issue. beerandjesus Nov 2015 #153
Yeah, the anti immigrant routine MaggieD Nov 2015 #155
BULLSHIT! H-1B is NOT an immigration bill. I would rather they IMMIGRATE here!! cascadiance Nov 2015 #156
Bernie is anti-immigration and this fits right in with that MaggieD Nov 2015 #165
Explain how a TEMPORARY Visa with H-1B visa is "immigration" please!! cascadiance Nov 2015 #166
This is why I fear Hillary would lose the general. beerandjesus Nov 2015 #152
No, that's reality. Major Hogwash Nov 2015 #87
Ted Cruz agrees with you MaggieD Nov 2015 #89
So what? That just means that Ted Cruz is smarter than you, too!!!! Major Hogwash Nov 2015 #90
Ted Cruz agrees with YOU that corporate profits are more important than American lives. beerandjesus Nov 2015 #154
You're just factually incorrect MaggieD Nov 2015 #94
I'm right. You're wrong. Major Hogwash Nov 2015 #98
Sorry, but you do NOT know what is going on with H-1B like many of us in the trenches do!!! cascadiance Nov 2015 #113
Your story is about fraud in the program MaggieD Nov 2015 #117
It's been fraught with fraud since the 90's when it was started... cascadiance Nov 2015 #138
Well than they should add legislation to reduce the fraud MaggieD Nov 2015 #139
This has been "tried" over 20 years now and has FAILED!!!!! cascadiance Nov 2015 #142
Really - so tell me, what anti-fraud measures have been added since inception? MaggieD Nov 2015 #143
Provide us some quotes from people that say there haven't been fraud in it... cascadiance Nov 2015 #145
Like hell it is -- It's a corporate sell out of our jobs! whathehell Nov 2015 #109
It's great for Corporations, no doubt about that. sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #146
Bravo, great defense Gmak Nov 2015 #44
You should see her skills in defending Dr. Oz. NT Dr Hobbitstein Nov 2015 #110
K & R !!!! Thespian2 Nov 2015 #66
Yes, thank you. It's hard to include all the reasons why I do not trust any candidate who takes sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #68
Lol, #1 is the most idiotic quote ever! Nt Logical Nov 2015 #71
Post removed Post removed Nov 2015 #99
I don't blame her for having super pacs, sort of. SusanCalvin Nov 2015 #10
Being an alcoholic is also legal. tazkcmo Nov 2015 #27
That comparison is certainly iffy. SusanCalvin Nov 2015 #33
It don't trust her. SoapBox Nov 2015 #11
You, I And So, So Many Others Are Saying The Very Same Thing... ChiciB1 Nov 2015 #12
I'd love to see Bernie bring up Hillary's vote for the CharlotteVale Nov 2015 #13
Her response would not be good for him MaggieD Nov 2015 #17
Maybe being on big banks/credit card companies' side is popular in CharlotteVale Nov 2015 #34
Oh I think he's going to be bringing it up. I'm surprised if it's so bad for HIM, she hasn't brought sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #46
Can't wait! MaggieD Nov 2015 #56
I think he might be doing so right now at his latest amazing rally! sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #58
Really? Linkie? JonLeibowitz Nov 2015 #62
Her response was that she voted for it because Biden. frylock Nov 2015 #84
What's sad about that vote is that she was right initially, if you watch the Elizabeth sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #20
She even claimed she was concerned about its effect on women. Then she CharlotteVale Nov 2015 #37
Yes, maybe I gave her too much credit back then. She was probably more interested in sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #47
You left out one... Segami Nov 2015 #16
Excellent list. Cassiopeia Nov 2015 #18
I don't trust her. Period. bigwillq Nov 2015 #19
"I trust very few politicans" tazkcmo Nov 2015 #29
Yeah, I'm at that point also, not trusting at all of politicians. If it were not for his long sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #48
I don't because of her narcissistic personality Cosmic Kitten Nov 2015 #22
Nice work, Sabrina. floriduck Nov 2015 #23
Lol, aw, that was very nice of you to say. Same goes for you. I'm just glad Bernie has so many smart sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #49
K/R UglyGreed Nov 2015 #24
She Was Wall-Mart Board Of Directors in 1989 billhicks76 Nov 2015 #25
Excellent list. Hillary is a corporate Democrat and a puppet of the wealthy. EEO Nov 2015 #26
k/r 840high Nov 2015 #28
And so you are willing to let the GOP control the SCOTUS for next generation? Gothmog Nov 2015 #30
Sanders vs. Jeb! TBF Nov 2015 #31
But Jeb is not likely to be the Republican nominee. leftofcool Nov 2015 #36
No, are you? Sanders is wiping the floor with all of the Republicans right now. Trump says he sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #51
Sanders is bringing a knife to a gunfight Gothmog Nov 2015 #164
This is not a gunfight Duckfan Nov 2015 #169
A general election campaign against a well funded GOP candidate is indeed a fight Gothmog Nov 2015 #175
the "well funded" Republicans are crashing and burning. virtualobserver Nov 2015 #178
add +1 to the "Bernie is unelectable" meme counter. nt antigop Nov 2015 #170
DWS disagrees with you. Tell her "thanks" if you see her. nt antigop Nov 2015 #171
How can you refute that he pulls more moderates and republicans than Clinton? Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #73
Because the polls do not support that claim Gothmog Nov 2015 #162
The polls I have seen and actual election results have shown this Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #167
Where? Gothmog Nov 2015 #168
Big donors WILL call in their quid pro quos on HRC's USSC nominations. Divernan Nov 2015 #105
Money is very important in politics in the real world Gothmog Nov 2015 #160
and DWS disagrees with you. Tell her "thanks" if you see her. nt antigop Nov 2015 #172
If money is not important, why do I keep getting e-mails and letters from DNC? Gothmog Nov 2015 #174
add +1 to the "Bernie is unelectable" meme counter. nt antigop Nov 2015 #176
and tell DWS "thanks". nt antigop Nov 2015 #177
Paris changed things. Bernie is no longer a viable candidate. Laser102 Nov 2015 #108
That will be old news by the primaries. Fawke Em Nov 2015 #150
You couldn't be more wrong. Had we had a president like Bernie the country wouldn't sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #151
Clinton has far more foreign policy experience than Sanders Gothmog Nov 2015 #159
Bernie gets 21-25% of the GOP voters to vote for him already in Vermont 99th_Monkey Nov 2015 #118
And yet Predictwise has Sanders at 7% to be the nominee Gothmog Nov 2015 #158
Predictwise no doubt said the same thing about Obama in 2008 -nt- 99th_Monkey Nov 2015 #161
And we've answered you. Fawke Em Nov 2015 #149
Even Sanders' own campaign manager does not think that Sanders will win Gothmog Nov 2015 #157
Use of religion retrowire Nov 2015 #35
Same ole blah blah blah. leftofcool Nov 2015 #38
Yes, we do need some new stuff. That is why we are support Sanders to end all this old sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #42
K/R Jack Rabbit Nov 2015 #39
Pin it! ozone_man Nov 2015 #40
Actually when she was First Lady I liked her a lot. But i was a lot less informed then sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #43
+1 n/t Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #101
Bernie is running because ordinary people NEED him in office, Gmak Nov 2015 #41
I don't trust her because she has behaved one way all her political life and is now espousing merrily Nov 2015 #50
I couldn't agree with you more. No matter who wins, it will be a huge fight. But Bernie WILL fight sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #55
He has worked productively across the aisle to pass important legislation. I think he will do better merrily Nov 2015 #59
Why you SHOULD support Hillary.... Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2015 #52
Her advocacy for more H1B Visas .... the list goes on and on. Scuba Nov 2015 #53
This is one of the greatest threads after this weekend, Sabrina... It needs to be formally laid out! MrMickeysMom Nov 2015 #60
Excellent comment, thank you MMM. sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #85
5) Her record on major issues has constantly changed over the years. Jarqui Nov 2015 #61
If the Dem party wants to win, they will have to start backing the only candidate who defeats ALL sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #67
They ran her down with Bengazzi and the emails ... Jarqui Nov 2015 #70
She can't win in the Western states, and by Western I mean West of the Mississippi River. Major Hogwash Nov 2015 #102
She still looks good to retain the 'traditional' three on the West coast: Jarqui Nov 2015 #111
I've been deliberating my post for the Nurse Rached crack Jarqui Nov 2015 #114
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Nov 2015 #63
I trust her to reverse herself again on the TPP as soon as expediency allows. pa28 Nov 2015 #64
I think of who Hillary would appoint for cabinet positions Oilwellian Nov 2015 #65
That is a very big issue and all candidates SHOULD be asked who they will appoint to their sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #69
Yep. That pretty much sums it up. n/t 99Forever Nov 2015 #72
All good reasons.... daleanime Nov 2015 #74
Yes that was when I woke up and realized we were being scammed. It was a rude awakening sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #81
ok vadermike Nov 2015 #76
This is primary season. Enough with that old argument 'we have to vote for someone sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #77
Yep - they have demanded that progressives hold our noses and vote for their shitty candidates Maedhros Nov 2015 #79
This election has revealed a lot of what they tried to hide for so long. Yes, we do have a sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #80
For my own part, this has been patently obvious since 2006. Maedhros Nov 2015 #82
For me it began after the Iraq War vote. Then yes, the 'impeachment is off the table' further sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #83
No more wars! Major Hogwash Nov 2015 #92
you forgot No Child Left Behind and the Patriot Act marym625 Nov 2015 #97
Just think of your kid's future before you cast your vote for Hillary. Duckfan Nov 2015 #100
K & R AzDar Nov 2015 #104
A Clinton White House Will Likely Increase the Prospects for Terror in the West eridani Nov 2015 #106
This goes to show that being smart enough to see and quick student isn't enough... MrMickeysMom Nov 2015 #115
K&R nt raouldukelives Nov 2015 #116
Her support of monsanto & fracking are more than slight deal breakers. stellanoir Nov 2015 #119
hillary is part of the machine... Javaman Nov 2015 #120
That is so true. Take away the money from all of them and this would be a very sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #131
Thanks, sabrina1...pretty much sums up my feelings... tex-wyo-dem Nov 2015 #122
Awesome OP and resulting thread. I can overlook and forgive almost KingCharlemagne Nov 2015 #125
Hello? DownriverDem Nov 2015 #128
Kicketty Kickin' Faux pas Nov 2015 #129
On a bright side, if she gets elected then at least we won't have to worry about her running again! nolabels Nov 2015 #130
MaggieD! Gamecock Lefty Nov 2015 #132
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2015 #134
Hi MCNeonS thanks for your comment and welcome to DU. sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #148
I agree with your message. avaistheone1 Nov 2015 #135
Fair enough. Gman Nov 2015 #136
Number Nine. snort Nov 2015 #137
You know what more than 60% of Democrats really don't give a crap they trust her Historic NY Nov 2015 #147
Kicked and recommended for a nice partial list. Uncle Joe Nov 2015 #163
you are working way too hard to convince yourself treestar Nov 2015 #173
You and Millions of people FreakinDJ Nov 2015 #179
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