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48. Exact-A-Mundo
Mon Nov 23, 2015, 02:05 PM
Nov 2015

Tom Hartmann said this very thing last week.


"How Reaganomics killed the middle Class" This is also an interview with noted economics Professor Richard Wolf. I don't know why no one mentioned Dwight Eisenhower. I thought he pushed/supported "social" programs for the middle class too. At least I seem to remember something like from my education in history.

How tragic it is that this country bought a box of rocks when they put an actor in the White House. Horribly depressing.

This is so true: sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #1
Not true: Hillary is the heir to FDR, not Sanders lewebley3 Nov 2015 #42
heh...good one, lewebley3! tex-wyo-dem Nov 2015 #44
FDR was practical politician and leader of Dem's: Like Hillary lewebley3 Nov 2015 #49
Well, that is true. FDR was quintessential paternalistic Hortensis Nov 2015 #56
FDR was rich and one of the nation leading families: Hillary while not rich lewebley3 Nov 2015 #58
You are right -- Hillary is self made by her own long, hard work Hortensis Nov 2015 #70
FDR supported regulating the super wealthy and Glass-Steigall. Clinton rhett o rick Nov 2015 #63
FDR only put Steigall after the crash: Hillary is plan is stronger than steigall lewebley3 Nov 2015 #66
Her plan? Oh, right her "plan". Are you interested in some water front in the Everglades? nm rhett o rick Nov 2015 #69
You didn't listen to the Debate: You only listen to Sanders lewebley3 Nov 2015 #82
Clinton has praised Reagan. She has supported his actions to cut Social Security. nm rhett o rick Nov 2015 #61
The Clinton's were in office they didn't cut SS: Hillary is a loyal Dem: lewebley3 Nov 2015 #78
Hillary is the heir to FDR, if by FDR you mean 'For Dear Richfolks'! peacebird Nov 2015 #62
If Hillary were for the rich: She wouldn't be a Dem: Nor worked in public ser lewebley3 Nov 2015 #67
Have patience, she's working on it! Think how much higher her speaking fees will be if she is nom! peacebird Nov 2015 #68
So a net worth of $50 million is not rich? Art_from_Ark Nov 2015 #72
Hillary net worth is chump change compared to the GOP: Also she earned her lewebley3 Nov 2015 #80
FDR was a" rich folk": Hillary is heir to Dem party: She is a smart politician lewebley3 Nov 2015 #76
That's a joke. New Democrats like Hillary took the name "New Democrats" precisely to disassociate merrily Nov 2015 #74
Hillary is an old Dem, and much longer than Sanders lewebley3 Nov 2015 #75
Um, She and her husband help start the New Democrats. Lapse of time has nothing to do with it. merrily Nov 2015 #77
Sorry the Dem party didn't start with the Clintons: Its was the same party old Party lewebley3 Nov 2015 #79
Quite so: it is no coincidence that those who espouse radical corporatism Betty Karlson Nov 2015 #57
I can't anymore. I just can't. Reagan was in office 8 years, which 8 years merrily Nov 2015 #2
I thought that Democrats, voters I mean, had realized this. I still think they do, but they sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #4
Agree. We are incredibly fortunate to have an opportunity for a sea change in favor or merrily Nov 2015 #6
If they are WILLING to miss this opportunity, then they don't matter. Far more sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #7
Indeed, Sanders is a wise man. Good judgment and prescience as well. merrily Nov 2015 #11
Thatis right most American's don't want a sea Change: They want Good Change lewebley3 Nov 2015 #43
Yea the status quo? daleanime Nov 2015 #59
Wrong: Most American's want a good future: not quo lewebley3 Nov 2015 #81
Most Americans have spoken for themselves That is why Bernie is doing so well, he sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #60
He was the one who turned the Rethug party against ALL government. pnwmom Nov 2015 #14
Clueless. Republicans were against big government as soon as FDR got the Supreme Court merrily Nov 2015 #15
You sure love to put words into other people's mouths. It's how you convince yourself pnwmom Nov 2015 #25
This is what you said. It had nothing to do with my Reply 2, which never claimed Reagan merrily Nov 2015 #33
The solution Bernie has to solve the root problem that most of our problems Dustlawyer Nov 2015 #22
Do you know a period in American history when America was not an oligarchy? merrily Nov 2015 #36
Actually Reagan was out of office in 1988 FreakinDJ Nov 2015 #27
Thanks! I'll fix. merrily Nov 2015 #32
Reagan's 2nd term ended on January 20, 1989. Art_from_Ark Nov 2015 #73
You are quite correct Hydra Nov 2015 #34
Whatever the cause, both Parties participated. Our knee jerk insistence on merrily Nov 2015 #35
Bullshit azureblue Nov 2015 #46
I don't care if he blew up the Capitol building. He's been out of office 27 years. merrily Nov 2015 #71
Wow, Obama doesnt want us to recover randys1 Nov 2015 #51
K&R - "Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid were all once labeled socialist and aggressively opposed 99th_Monkey Nov 2015 #3
But FDR presided in the 40's when azmom Nov 2015 #5
Well, he chose his battles, and did not want to fight that one. That's why we're PatrickforO Nov 2015 #8
Besides that FDR was an old white guy too. -nt- 99th_Monkey Nov 2015 #10
Yep! azmom Nov 2015 #17
When he took office, the nation was just about belly up. Then there was Hitler. merrily Nov 2015 #12
K and freaking R!! A must read! nt riderinthestorm Nov 2015 #9
Excellent OP. Absolutely true. senz Nov 2015 #13
piss on you, trickle down economy has been proven..twice now.. DianeK Nov 2015 #16
Don't quite understand - what economy has been proven jwirr Nov 2015 #50
K and R... mike dub Nov 2015 #18
Reagan must have been bestest buds with Louis Powell (the bell ringer of the racist reich). Dont call me Shirley Nov 2015 #19
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Nov 2015 #20
K&R CharlotteVale Nov 2015 #21
Damned straight. AzDar Nov 2015 #23
Yup. Well said. zentrum Nov 2015 #24
America has never recovered from Ronald Reagan but moobu2 Nov 2015 #26
No offense, but we don't believe that scenario at all. artislife Nov 2015 #28
Eh? Why's that? d_legendary1 Nov 2015 #29
You said the same thing about Obama in the 2008 primary. How'd that turn out? jeff47 Nov 2015 #30
Ouch! Attorney in Texas Nov 2015 #41
Head-to-head polling shows Rubio crushing Clinton. I prefer Sanders' chances in November. Attorney in Texas Nov 2015 #38
Nationwide polls of both parties show this? randys1 Nov 2015 #53
Alrighty Then bahrbearian Nov 2015 #47
Boy, do I ever agree with that! Hepburn Nov 2015 #31
Yup, Saint Ronnie could do no wrong, according to many Republicans. Major Hogwash Nov 2015 #45
Let's not forget the Democratic left enabled Reagan's 1980 election Zorro Nov 2015 #37
Ronnie Caused Incalculable Damage colsohlibgal Nov 2015 #39
Sanders is polling higher than any FDR style-Democrat in my lifetime. Attorney in Texas Nov 2015 #40
Exact-A-Mundo Duckfan Nov 2015 #48
When it came to social programs Eisenhower was a mixed jwirr Nov 2015 #55
Kicketty Kickin' Faux pas Nov 2015 #52
Kick deutsey Nov 2015 #54
And LET HIS WORDS Be Heard! UNFORTUNATELY ChiciB1 Nov 2015 #64
In my view abakan Nov 2015 #65
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