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20. Thanks, we are absolutely living under a Deep State
Fri Nov 20, 2015, 05:25 AM
Nov 2015

The political leaders are changed by elections. Power just keeps on doing what it wants, in slightly different contexts depending on who runs Congress or who is in the White House, but power mostly operates behind those forces and doesn't change hands with elections. It's been that way for some time now, and gets more entrenched with each election where we don't address it.

Foreign policy (both military and covert), domestic "security" issues, corporate access to government, the financial industry, thy give up noting without a massive fight from the citizens, and maybe not even then (Occupy was an attempt to address this, and was brutally put down, under a Democratic administration).

Until more people realize this and are willing to call it out, fighting for real change rather than the token changes power concedes, we live at their mercy.

And it isn't even just about us. The entire planet is under the thumb of the forces that run our government behind the scenes, using our tax-dollars to finance the military and paramilitary that imposes its will everywhere. U.S. citizens get blamed for their actions, though nobody asks us citizens if we approve of their actions, that's "off the table" (or under the table).

Sad to see ignorance or just complicity displayed in this thread by some. The truth is ugly, but it is the truth nonetheless. The greatest among us acknowledge it rather than ridiculing it.

Cue the conspiracy theorist crowd in 3-2-1 .... Scuba Nov 2015 #1
v look here v.... you beat him here by mere seconds!! FlatBaroque Nov 2015 #7
The New York times is a rag:They publish stories with left out facts lewebley3 Nov 2015 #8
So, which paper would you consider Segami Nov 2015 #9
A paper that is has reliable information, not many nowadays lewebley3 Nov 2015 #10
Yes, but which paper do YOU consider Segami Nov 2015 #12
The guy's a nut. Tommy2Tone Nov 2015 #2
Nobody but nobody is afraid, scared or whatever of Bernie Sanders upaloopa Nov 2015 #3
Well, Donald Trump has stated that he wants Hillary because 'she will be easier to beat'! sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #6
Are there people here who don't believe in the existence of the deep state? TwilightGardener Nov 2015 #4
I don't believe in the existence of the deep state. stevenleser Nov 2015 #11
Well, good for you. I know this: nothing ever seriously threatens the status quo. TwilightGardener Nov 2015 #13
Really? Ask an LGBT person whether their status quo has changed in the last eight years. stevenleser Nov 2015 #14
You think what's referred to as the Deep State TwilightGardener Nov 2015 #15
Code Pink is a group that puts pressure on the government regarding national security issues. stevenleser Nov 2015 #16
Code Pink has about as much impact on the deep state and national security TwilightGardener Nov 2015 #17
Well, there is no deep state. But in terms of their impact on the government, I am sure they make stevenleser Nov 2015 #18
I'm certain there is. It's Booz Allen, it's KBR and Halliburton, it's Lockheed Martin, TwilightGardener Nov 2015 #19
Not unless one of them is a shareholder. raouldukelives Nov 2015 #22
The black helicopters are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! leftofcool Nov 2015 #5
Thanks, we are absolutely living under a Deep State dreamnightwind Nov 2015 #20
+1 RiverLover Nov 2015 #21
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