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22. Oh noessss!
Sat Oct 17, 2015, 09:25 AM
Oct 2015

It means so much. I loved watching Gore pwn W. It was low hanging fruit.

Hillary's got to tighten up her game. Her truthiness shown through. People don't like her because they don't trust her.

People voted for Carter because they wanted an honest man.

People voted for Reagan because they wanted a charismatic man who was going to make them rich

People voted for Pappy Bush because CNN transformed the nature of debates forever, making the moderator the star, and Dukakis looked silly riding in a tank wearing an oversized helmet.

People voted for Clinton because he was young, smooth, and a Rhode Scholar from the South

People voted (never mind the fact that the election was stolen) for W because they wanted to have a beer with their president and Gore's advisors made him look like a detached stiff at times and ridiculous at others

People voted (never mind the fact the election was stolen) for W because Kerry and Dems rolled over when he got swift boated and he didn't learn the lesson of Gore's campaign: his advisors made him look ridiculous

People voted for Obama because he tapped into hope and change and they were excited to make history

People will elect Bernie because they believe he's genuine not simply pandering to get elected. They believe he's for the 99%

People will elect Hillary because they are afraid of meaningful market and military change and excited to make history
I don't want to burst your bubble but Sanders won 44%-29% Bernblu Oct 2015 #1
Maybe you should argue with the person who wrote the article 4now Oct 2015 #3
But you posted it and didn't disagree with it. Live and Learn Oct 2015 #4
yeah what the heck... you post it u own it where I come from :) Bread and Circus Oct 2015 #29
Outlier workinclasszero Oct 2015 #31
A lot of those people in the polls didn't see the debate jfern Oct 2015 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author 4now Oct 2015 #5
Non sequitor jfern Oct 2015 #6
As a dispassionate observer I must give you this round./nt DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #16
Did you say "dispassionate observer?" Le Taz Hot Oct 2015 #33
The only thing that informs my opinions are the facts. That is the only altar any rational... DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #36
One look at your posting history disproves that. Le Taz Hot Oct 2015 #37
Nothing in my writings would disabuse a dispassionate observer of the notion I am an ally./nt DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #38
Is that more of your dispassionate observation? Le Taz Hot Oct 2015 #40
There is still room on the bus, my friend, if you want to get on it with me. DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #41
I make it a policy not to support Le Taz Hot Oct 2015 #42
Maybe you aren't on the bus now but will be later. DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #43
Well, thanks, but I'll never get on that bus. Le Taz Hot Oct 2015 #47
I am in L A. /nt DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #43
Maybe you should stick to your day job for now. nt Snotcicles Oct 2015 #52
The NH poll only polled those who watched the debates and it's a closed primary so for that poll uponit7771 Oct 2015 #8
You know that a lot of people who will vote won't see any MineralMan Oct 2015 #39
If we had 26 debates like last time, more would see at least one jfern Oct 2015 #51
I'm not sure that's true. MineralMan Oct 2015 #53
Yes it is true jfern Oct 2015 #55
K&R! stonecutter357 Oct 2015 #7
"Polls." 99Forever Oct 2015 #9
Unless the poll shows Bernie ahead. moobu2 Oct 2015 #10
Don't put words in my mouth. 99Forever Oct 2015 #11
Isn't that what the unskewthepolls.com guy thought? mythology Oct 2015 #13
I have no idea. 99Forever Oct 2015 #17
The grapes are sour. NuclearDem Oct 2015 #18
Sucks for you then, huh? 99Forever Oct 2015 #34
Proof that conservatives aren't the only ones who dismiss inconvenient science as "propaganda." NuclearDem Oct 2015 #35
people who didn't watch the debate think she won Motown_Johnny Oct 2015 #12
Actually people who watched the debate also think she won.. DCBob Oct 2015 #15
I think I saw you talking about online polls before Rilgin Oct 2015 #19
HuffPost/YouGov poll was legit because they corrected for demographics as indicated in your post. DCBob Oct 2015 #20
That does not say anything really Rilgin Oct 2015 #23
Its called survey science. DCBob Oct 2015 #24
I am trying to get an answer. Rilgin Oct 2015 #30
For sure there are problems with on-line opt-in surveys.. DCBob Oct 2015 #45
DU rec...nt SidDithers Oct 2015 #14
Repeat a lie enough, and the people who didn't watch will agree with you. And say so in polls. reformist2 Oct 2015 #21
She was as flat footed as the gentleman in my avatar. DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2015 #25
Oh noessss! WhaTHellsgoingonhere Oct 2015 #22
Any poll not favorable to Bernie redstateblues Oct 2015 #26
Not quite. Just read: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1251690174 Cal33 Oct 2015 #27
Good, now Hillary should be open to having more debates! Joe Turner Oct 2015 #28
If they decline to up the number of debates, it would mean that you have called their bluff. Cal33 Oct 2015 #32
She was always open to more debates.. the DNC set the schedule. DCBob Oct 2015 #46
Debbie Wasserman Schultz - a HRC Flack Joe Turner Oct 2015 #50
LOL...She won the debate Cosmic Kitten Oct 2015 #49
She won corporate MSM pundits. Bernie won focus groups & internet polling and lots of donations. AtomicKitten Oct 2015 #54
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