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56. YES!
Wed Oct 14, 2015, 11:37 AM
Oct 2015

Bernie's message is: It's going to take a political revolution and Hillary is talking about "reaching across the isle".

Who's out of touch? Who is being realistic and who is delusional? According to the propaganda machine, Hillary is realistic and Bernie, who's telling the truth: it's going to take a political revolution or it doesn't matter who is in office. This Congress has blocked everything under Obama, but things will be different under Hillary, someone the Rs hate more?


Or people think she won. Drunken Irishman Oct 2015 #1
At this point, there is zero evidence of that. So the headlines we're seeing are absurd. reformist2 Oct 2015 #2
That's because they're not trying to report public reaction. They're trying to shape it. Cheese Sandwich Oct 2015 #8
X2 - Establishment outlets favor establishment candidates. Progressive outlets are more liberal. nt TheBlackAdder Oct 2015 #76
lol Drunken Irishman Oct 2015 #51
+1. n/t pnwmom Oct 2015 #41
The media tried this shit in 07 and 08. They failed. JRLeft Oct 2015 #3
But they did succeed with Baby Bush, convincing people that Gore and Kerry tblue37 Oct 2015 #4
Could be why they're losing viewership and subscribers. HooptieWagon Oct 2015 #5
I saw this... CoffeeCat Oct 2015 #6
Healines are written by pr firms. aikanae Oct 2015 #29
But but but she's an outsider because she's a woman jfern Oct 2015 #7
Not one poll has shown her ahead MissDeeds Oct 2015 #9
Be careful though, those polls aren't "scientific" Fearless Oct 2015 #15
LOL - are you saying that leftynyc Oct 2015 #50
It's all over the net, there is a big push by Sanders supporters to vote in them Autumn Oct 2015 #52
Statistics is a field of science, like any other. NuclearDem Oct 2015 #77
Please show me a statistically valid post-debate poll, not self-selected, pnwmom Oct 2015 #42
Hillary has a great smile and a good profile, she deserves the coverage even though Sanders uponit7771 Oct 2015 #10
I think stylistically, she did better than I've ever seen her. MoonchildCA Oct 2015 #11
It reminds me of the first Bush/Gore debate during the 2000 Election Samantha Oct 2015 #12
Yes. elleng Oct 2015 #13
Hillary won big. workinclasszero Oct 2015 #14
Do you have any evidence to back up your assertion? Fearless Oct 2015 #17
Get used to it?! Kind of like a boot with a Hillary imprint, stomping on our faces forever? reformist2 Oct 2015 #20
That's what Kasich just said about Social Security cuts Fumesucker Oct 2015 #39
CLINTON LEANS IN workinclasszero Oct 2015 #16
That's some unbiased reporting all right. Fearless Oct 2015 #22
Clinton crushes it workinclasszero Oct 2015 #18
Here's some: elleng Oct 2015 #19
Funny how Slate's readers poll puts Bernie as the winner by over 50%. Fearless Oct 2015 #23
Guess they don't do intra-site communication too well. elleng Oct 2015 #25
Well the newest meme is that the poll is wrong because it's not "scientific" Fearless Oct 2015 #26
Think I'll turn it off for the night! elleng Oct 2015 #28
Sleep well Fearless Oct 2015 #32
Yes. But then, they go and declare Hillary the winner based on only their elite personal opinion! reformist2 Oct 2015 #30
And in several cases a mind boggling display of non sequitur statements. Fearless Oct 2015 #33
Hillary Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders Over His Gun Record workinclasszero Oct 2015 #21
Except he and O'Malley were the ones that fought over it... But what are facts really? Fearless Oct 2015 #24
And Hillary and Bernie also argued about it Beaverhausen Oct 2015 #31
Yes. And Bernie's the one with the NRA problem too. moobu2 Oct 2015 #37
You mean his D- rating? donf Oct 2015 #45
There was a 100% chance that the corporate media would declare her the winner. mhatrw Oct 2015 #27
The corporate media always supports Hillary, right? Beaverhausen Oct 2015 #35
Check the donations. nt mhatrw Oct 2015 #38
Hillary was strong on every issue gwheezie Oct 2015 #34
I really suggest you go back and read the actual transcript and say she was strong on every issue. EndElectoral Oct 2015 #53
She did win the debate. moobu2 Oct 2015 #36
Lol. She Clearly Lost billhicks76 Oct 2015 #40
She lost big time madokie Oct 2015 #44
Her vote on the Iraq War is inexcusable. I knew LibDemAlways Oct 2015 #43
What really bugs me Art_from_Ark Oct 2015 #46
She WAS a ohheckyeah Oct 2015 #47
Funny GummyBearz Oct 2015 #54
I know that, ohheckyeah Oct 2015 #57
If you are honestly saying GummyBearz Oct 2015 #60
Senators ohheckyeah Oct 2015 #63
You think the people of New York wanted to go into Iraq because of what Al Qaeda did? GummyBearz Oct 2015 #65
Being a person of conviction and standing up for what is LibDemAlways Oct 2015 #61
But it's ok for Sanders to ohheckyeah Oct 2015 #64
I would guess less than the 1+ million that have died in Iraq GummyBearz Oct 2015 #68
Our fellow poster is trying to change the subject, which LibDemAlways Oct 2015 #69
On being in the middle ucrdem Oct 2015 #48
If she runs the rest of her campaign like that she handled that debate we're in for eight more years workinclasszero Oct 2015 #55
She was fantastic. DCBob Oct 2015 #49
YES! WhaTHellsgoingonhere Oct 2015 #56
"and barely could defend herself. " lol It's comments like this that make such serious things fun. NCTraveler Oct 2015 #58
You guys seem upset. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #59
Bernie fans haz a sad today workinclasszero Oct 2015 #73
We heard for weeks that this was going to be a clear Sanders win and it was clearly not. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #74
Yeah Hillary shocked workinclasszero Oct 2015 #78
"barely could defend herself...." brooklynite Oct 2015 #62
Much of the reaction pre-scripted? moondust Oct 2015 #66
Yeah, its like pictures of Tom Brady everywhere after the Super Bowl. Being declared he winner. nt. LexVegas Oct 2015 #67
Hillary lost the debate when she said Utopian Leftist Oct 2015 #70
With Sanders' 50 state advantage, how can such measly efforts make any difference? randome Oct 2015 #71
See this link if you want the real truth! MineralMan Oct 2015 #72
Be careful, lest there be a photo of Hillary Clinton MineralMan Oct 2015 #75
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