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2016 Postmortem

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Tue Aug 25, 2015, 10:15 PM Aug 2015

The **NEW** DU Primary 2016 Poll [View all]

This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by Agschmid (a host of the 2016 Postmortem forum).

Who do you support?

In alphabetical order by last name...

311 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Poll closed
6 (2%)
1 (0%)
23 (7%)
2 (1%)
271 (87%)
0 (0%)
Other (Please Post)
1 (0%)
7 (2%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Sydneys Voluptuous Buttocks jberryhill Aug 2015 #1
Lol. Agschmid Aug 2015 #2
Ummm... can you explain a bit about Sydney's Voluptuous Buttocks? Old Crow Aug 2015 #40
I linked to the FEC statement of candidacy jberryhill Aug 2015 #43
Future headlines write themselves, don't they? Buns_of_Fire Aug 2015 #73
what about Deez Nuts? ericson00 Aug 2015 #3
Sorry we have rules here about who we include in our internet polls... Agschmid Aug 2015 #4
‘Deez Nuts’ endorses Bernie Sanders for Democratic bid PowerToThePeople Aug 2015 #5
And John Kasich on the Republican side... Agschmid Aug 2015 #6
sounds like he is looking for an easy Dem win. PowerToThePeople Aug 2015 #7
I think in the GE Kasich would be a tough opponent. Agschmid Aug 2015 #8
I have not followed the clown car PowerToThePeople Aug 2015 #9
I think the opposite is true. He won't get much Repubican support. So he'll be depending sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #28
Republicans would definitely vote for Kasich. Garrett78 Aug 2015 #69
Where is Kasich in the Repub polls right now? sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #85
From PublicPolicyPolling today; greiner3 Aug 2015 #118
I would never make predictions on Ohio as Husted has it totally rigged. Enthusiast Aug 2015 #163
In today's news: Puerto Ricans are moving en masse to the Orlando area. Betty Karlson Aug 2015 #108
Republicans would absolutely vote for him. Agschmid Aug 2015 #75
SOME Republicans would vote for him. Where is he right now in the polls? sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #87
Kasich isn't a friend to Democrats. Curmudgeoness Aug 2015 #90
Another order of Deez Nuts, please Warren DeMontague Aug 2015 #10
I'm sorry we've run out of nuts did you check the the Public Transportation & Smart Growth group? Agschmid Aug 2015 #11
Cooking and Baking Warren DeMontague Aug 2015 #12
How many Deez Nuts do you want? n/t Aerows Aug 2015 #27
Deez endorsed Bernie and Kasich. merrily Aug 2015 #59
Well if anything's going to sway me, it's gonna be the endorsement of the summer's top 15 yo troll. Warren DeMontague Aug 2015 #61
You were the one who asked for more Deez. I merely complied. merrily Aug 2015 #62
I honestly havent really thought about it, myself. Warren DeMontague Aug 2015 #63
Four to eight years of Trump is what this country really needs right now. merrily Aug 2015 #64
Well, that's the danger in that plan. Warren DeMontague Aug 2015 #65
Highly doubtful. merrily Aug 2015 #66
Oh, like I said, I think the odds are he'd alienate a massive # people & tarnish the GOP brand Warren DeMontague Aug 2015 #67
I'm not clear. Are you saying that his being the Republican nominee would cause Americans to turn merrily Aug 2015 #68
The first. I don't think he'd win, either. Warren DeMontague Aug 2015 #89
He's doing a pretty good job of trashing it now, saying things about his opponents a Dem merrily Aug 2015 #113
I'm going to bed, please keep this kicked! Agschmid Aug 2015 #13
Still undecided between O'Malley and Sanders. (n/t) Jim Lane Aug 2015 #14
what's wrong with Chaffee? C'mon, he's gotta get on the board SOMEWHERE ericson00 Aug 2015 #15
I'd take Chaffee over Hillary. (nt) Ino Aug 2015 #23
Chafee got the Iraq War thing right, I'll give you that much Jim Lane Aug 2015 #72
Feel the Chafe!! (nt) jeff47 Aug 2015 #116
+1 Gore1FL Aug 2015 #146
You win teh intertubes with that one! hootinholler Aug 2015 #181
So, Bernie Sanders is "sinking"? brooklynite Aug 2015 #16
It's the Trump effect. onehandle Aug 2015 #17
Poll is pretty fresh PowerToThePeople Aug 2015 #19
Wasn't it only 85-15? MannyGoldstein Aug 2015 #20
That poll included ONLY a choice between Hillary or Bernie. John Poet Aug 2015 #178
kick L0oniX Aug 2015 #18
Wow. I wasn't aware the Bernie fans outnumbered the Hillary fans by such a wide margin. Old Crow Aug 2015 #21
Poll from April surprised me--and Bernie had not even announced informally then. merrily Aug 2015 #60
That is surprising. Old Crow Aug 2015 #81
I can't speak to why people support Hillary. I'm fairly sure some do simply because merrily Aug 2015 #114
Obviously her fans are more vocal marlakay Aug 2015 #93
Chaffee zappaman Aug 2015 #22
oh god I love the metric system Kali Aug 2015 #34
Ooops, I'm back. Forgot to REC. nm progree Aug 2015 #24
I'm an unabashed Bernie Sanders supporter. Aerows Aug 2015 #25
Libertarians won't vote Sanders. Nt stevenleser Aug 2015 #37
dunno about that. especially the ones who dont know mopinko Aug 2015 #100
See my #103 below. nt stevenleser Aug 2015 #104
Proof please? Tommymac Aug 2015 #102
Your friends won't vote Sanders either. This kind of stuff happens every election season. stevenleser Aug 2015 #103
Thanks for knowing my friends and family better than me. nt Tommymac Aug 2015 #105
Always happy to help. nt stevenleser Aug 2015 #107
This is so nice, Agschmid. senz Aug 2015 #26
Kick SamKnause Aug 2015 #29
Poor Webb is still at 0 you would think someone would show some sympathy zeemike Aug 2015 #30
Hmmmm... Old Crow Aug 2015 #31
Kicking so all the other candidate's supporters can add their vote. I don't know why they're so shy? Ed Suspicious Aug 2015 #32
It wouldn't take my vote, that's why. juajen Aug 2015 #139
Maybe it really is "Sanders Underground." Ed Suspicious Aug 2015 #33
DUers are unusually well informed. That's why Sanders polls so well. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #106
100% THIS. hifiguy Aug 2015 #130
Makes sense. nt Zorra Aug 2015 #144
K&R AnotherDreamWeaver Aug 2015 #35
Good old President Kucinich of DU Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #36
Ah, yes, John Edwards. I remember him well. Old Crow Aug 2015 #38
Great reminder that DU polls are just that. Straw polls. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #42
No doubt, no doubt. Old Crow Aug 2015 #45
Well, I go by this old bit of Lounge wisdom. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #48
LOL! That may become my new signature line. (N/T) Old Crow Aug 2015 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author Marty McGraw Aug 2015 #124
This message was self-deleted by its author Marty McGraw Aug 2015 #122
Sorry Marty McGraw Aug 2015 #125
Thank you for the reminder of one of DU's greatest posts ever. beac Aug 2015 #123
Nice to know DU has always been true blue lefty. senz Aug 2015 #39
Hillary was behind in that poll. So was Obama. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #44
"Observing a fact" by comparing Bernie to Kucinich. beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #46
Perspicacious senz Aug 2015 #51
If it's cool with you I'll retract my claws. beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #52
I appreciate your kindness. senz Aug 2015 #54
You joined during the worst possible time. beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #55
And sometimes that's just the way it is. senz Aug 2015 #56
But you've made friends on all sides so you're obviously good people. beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #57
Made a mistake there (too sleepy) -- senz Aug 2015 #99
I think it's only because of the influx of trolls. beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #137
that was probably more to do with the mirt switchover. mopinko Aug 2015 #133
You're right, I'm learning about MIRT now. beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #134
it's fun. mopinko Aug 2015 #136
Yes, I know. senz Aug 2015 #47
I always strive to have fun. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #49
LOL that is so cute. Thanks! senz Aug 2015 #53
Still makes me laugh. redwitch Aug 2015 #70
How'd that work out for Hillary? beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #41
She got historically the second most powerful position in the government. So all in all, not bad. nt stevenleser Aug 2015 #76
+1 Good times.... FSogol Aug 2015 #71
One thing this poll settles is who is capable of bullying who in terms of alerts and juries. stevenleser Aug 2015 #88
And all the 4-3 hides of posts by murielm99 Aug 2015 #91
Yep. Considering that according to this poll, each jury has 6 Bernie supporters and 1 Hillary stevenleser Aug 2015 #92
Boo Hoo whatchamacallit Aug 2015 #95
^^^this. artislife Aug 2015 #132
Yes, look at this completely bully-free jury I was on. jeff47 Aug 2015 #117
Right because one juror voting some way out of 7 constitutes bullying. stevenleser Aug 2015 #128
It's an actual data point instead of conjecture. jeff47 Aug 2015 #131
Hopefully you alerted on those results? Agschmid Aug 2015 #149
Yep, and posted in AtA. jeff47 Aug 2015 #153
Good. Agschmid Aug 2015 #154
It's not a data point. And a poll is not conjecture THAT is a data point. You are confused. nt stevenleser Aug 2015 #165
No sorry but it IS conjecture kenfrequed Aug 2015 #169
I support Bernie but when I get on a jury I try to be objective. totodeinhere Aug 2015 #121
Read my subject again. My point stands. These poll results make it clear... stevenleser Aug 2015 #129
Yes it does. It explains a lot of bogus results. hrmjustin Aug 2015 #127
Nailed it...nt SidDithers Aug 2015 #177
Kicked! SoapBox Aug 2015 #58
Well there you have it... Agschmid Aug 2015 #74
Thanks, Agschmid. This was great. Old Crow Aug 2015 #82
I never get kudos... Agschmid Aug 2015 #83
Go, Bernie! Enthusiast Aug 2015 #77
Boy! Other had better get out there and campaign more. Kablooie Aug 2015 #78
Bernie Sanders (nt) bigwillq Aug 2015 #79
With no Jimmy McMillan. SouthernProgressive Aug 2015 #80
He's a republican. nt awoke_in_2003 Aug 2015 #141
I believe he has actually been a registered democrat almost his whole life. SouthernProgressive Aug 2015 #164
Okay, didn't know that... awoke_in_2003 Aug 2015 #168
K&R hedgehog Aug 2015 #84
I voted "Biden" but also like Sanders ... JustABozoOnThisBus Aug 2015 #86
Edwards was the only one running that talked about the poor navarth Aug 2015 #94
That is why I backed him awoke_in_2003 Aug 2015 #142
BTW I voted for Bernie. Hell yes. nt navarth Aug 2015 #147
This show this site is not about Dem's; its about a soclist lewebley3 Aug 2015 #96
it's about progressives mopinko Aug 2015 #101
Good to know that as a progressive Gloria Aug 2015 #126
there are plenty. mopinko Aug 2015 #135
Thank you! Is it naivete? Gloria Aug 2015 #159
pains me mopinko Aug 2015 #166
Durn soclists are infiltrating the place. Tierra_y_Libertad Aug 2015 #111
I had a soclist once. Elmer S. E. Dump Aug 2015 #152
Those damned "soclist"s - ruining all the capitalist fun TBF Aug 2015 #115
Protect your precious bodily fluids!!! jeff47 Aug 2015 #119
But, as I've said before ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #97
Leaning O'Malley right now MacManji Aug 2015 #98
Jives with other online polls that I've seen Lorien Aug 2015 #109
That's So Amazing... And YET Somehow A Lot Of The DNC AND ChiciB1 Aug 2015 #148
Mimi Soltysik MyNameGoesHere Aug 2015 #110
I proudly support Hillary. hrmjustin Aug 2015 #112
There are a couple of other sites now that are Gloria Aug 2015 #161
like them all FreedomRain Aug 2015 #120
LOL, even with all of our petty infighting at least we can all agree that Webb sucks EvolveOrConvolve Aug 2015 #138
Yup. Agschmid Aug 2015 #150
If Webb somehow gets the nomination, I'll almost certainly vote for him. Jim Lane Aug 2015 #155
DU is Bernie Country. aikoaiko Aug 2015 #140
That is just the attitude that gets people pissed off Gloria Aug 2015 #160
WOW! Iwillnevergiveup Aug 2015 #143
#FeeltheBern ! n/t RoccoR5955 Aug 2015 #145
No Citizen Need Settle For The Lesser Of Two Corporate Evils - Go Bernie Go cantbeserious Aug 2015 #151
I didn't notice an "All the Above" postatomic Aug 2015 #156
It's a primary, "all the above" isn't an option. Agschmid Aug 2015 #158
Got it postatomic Aug 2015 #162
Jim Webb still has no votes TSIAS Aug 2015 #157
How did FlatBaroque get to vote twice? Hiraeth Aug 2015 #167
It's a glitch that happens sometimes. KMOD Aug 2015 #172
Yup. Agschmid Aug 2015 #179
In this order: Biden, then O'Malley, Jamaal510 Aug 2015 #170
Outlier. Zorra Aug 2015 #171
^ Zorra Aug 2015 #173
Probably Sanders... Cheese Sandwich Aug 2015 #174
Still 9 to 1 like last time. L0oniX Aug 2015 #175
Kucinich 2016!!... SidDithers Aug 2015 #176
You should check Iowa... Agschmid Aug 2015 #180
Bernie & Joe fadedrose Sep 2015 #182
This message was self-deleted by its author Agschmid Sep 2015 #183
lol. Can you say echo chamber. nt. NCTraveler Sep 2015 #184
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