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2016 Postmortem

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Mon Jul 20, 2015, 10:12 PM Jul 2015

Poll: Bernie vs. Hillary on Social Justice [View all]

Regarding their actual track records, when it comes to championing social justice...

Please rec this thread if you'd like to see lots of votes.

106 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Hillary has a much stronger record
2 (2%)
Hillary has a somewhat stronger record
0 (0%)
About the same
4 (4%)
Bernie has a somewhat stronger record
0 (0%)
Bernie has a much stronger record
100 (94%)
Other (please state below)
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Not even close. 99Forever Jul 2015 #1
Dedicating her life to fighting AIDS in Africa. JaneyVee Jul 2015 #5
DOMA beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #6
What year was that? JaneyVee Jul 2015 #7
Oh, my bad. I thought you were talking about her entire life. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #8
You're the one who brought it up. I was just.... JaneyVee Jul 2015 #10
You brought up her life's accomplishments, I was just helping you out. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #11
I wouldn't consider that an "accomplishment"... JaneyVee Jul 2015 #13
Bingo. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #14
Weird that you thought it was though. JaneyVee Jul 2015 #16
It was quite an accomplishment for someone opposed to same sex marriage. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #18
It was in the etc's. JaneyVee Jul 2015 #21
But you just said it wasn't listed. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #22
Yeah because something she never even cast a vote for... JaneyVee Jul 2015 #27
She ran for president while opposing equal rights for lgbt people. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #30
Just make sure you vote for the 2016 Dem nominee. JaneyVee Jul 2015 #32
She said as she took her ball and went home... beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #37
Here the thing: JaneyVee Jul 2015 #42
Damn good thing too, because you're failing miserably. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #45
Stay positive. JaneyVee Jul 2015 #48
If you're not pissed off you're not paying attention. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #50
Leave Hillary alone! Fuddnik Jul 2015 #54
LOL! beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #56
^^Thread winner!^^ mr blur Jul 2015 #68
Yes, you make sure to vote for the 2016 Dem nominee too. Curmudgeoness Jul 2015 #72
2008, perhaps later MannyGoldstein Jul 2015 #9
White strategy in 2008, Admiral Loinpresser Jul 2015 #60
And then there's that. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #62
But they are hard working white people......nt artislife Jul 2015 #84
Was Hillary Clinton President when DOMA was passed? brooklynite Jul 2015 #77
She opposed same sex marriage throughout her career including when she ran beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #78
I don't think you're using the phrase "dedicating her life to..." properly there Scootaloo Jul 2015 #12
Don't her speeches benefit Clinton Global Initiative? JaneyVee Jul 2015 #15
Usually when someone says a person has dedicated their life" to something... Scootaloo Jul 2015 #23
OT bvf Jul 2015 #29
OMG. Really? Phlem Jul 2015 #58
This isn't a cafeteria. 99Forever Jul 2015 #17
If its on the internet it must be true. JaneyVee Jul 2015 #19
What "actual poll results" are you referring to? bvf Jul 2015 #51
It's on the internet. It must not be true. Ed Suspicious Jul 2015 #57
On a bernie board, sure. George II Jul 2015 #25
"On a bernie board" ...? I think you missed the forum tag Bubzer Jul 2015 #52
Done in one: Welfare reform. London Lover Man Jul 2015 #20
She did not cast any vote for it. JaneyVee Jul 2015 #35
She heartily endorsed it MannyGoldstein Jul 2015 #41
And the NRA heartily endorsed Bernie. JaneyVee Jul 2015 #43
By giving him an F rating. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #46
Oh goodness LondonReign2 Jul 2015 #74
She's dedicated her life to fighting AIDS? DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2015 #59
I'm sure the women of Iraq and Libya appreciate that work n/t eridani Jul 2015 #67
Disclaimer: This is an internet poll. JaneyVee Jul 2015 #2
Yes, everybody knows that. bvf Jul 2015 #3
Are you certain? Where am I? Who took my scotch? AtheistCrusader Jul 2015 #34
All polls have disclaimers. Bubzer Jul 2015 #53
translation: your horse is running last. By 140 lengths. Warren Stupidity Jul 2015 #65
If I may paraphrase Jester Messiah : Deny and Shred Jul 2015 #4
50 years, with a huge 20+ year gap in the middle, thank you. George II Jul 2015 #26
You're welcome. Deny and Shred Jul 2015 #36
Another Black Blogger's perspective... kenn3d Jul 2015 #73
Thank you for the link Deny and Shred Jul 2015 #81
What twenty plus years? Specifically? n/t Admiral Loinpresser Jul 2015 #63
This is HUGH! There is a 20 year gap! Warren Stupidity Jul 2015 #69
I'd say they're about the same ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #24
Perhaps you can help to enlighten the 100 or so voters MannyGoldstein Jul 2015 #31
+1 n/t Admiral Loinpresser Jul 2015 #61
Well, I don't see the world through the lense of Bernie ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #66
Did you notice that the Supreme Court Marriage Equality Decision delrem Jul 2015 #82
yup JI7 Jul 2015 #39
Nice Poll Manny Hydra Jul 2015 #28
Odd, it's almost as if most of one side is boycotting the poll. AtheistCrusader Jul 2015 #33
Ya, missing some names here Hydra Jul 2015 #38
Well that settles it. Bernie is the new president of DU. DanTex Jul 2015 #40
Finally. TM99 Jul 2015 #44
as kucinich sets to end his JI7 Jul 2015 #47
You do know that internet polls are useless don't you? Buzz cook Jul 2015 #49
While I believe it IS true Bernie has the best record hands down, we must remember PatrickforO Jul 2015 #55
While it is true that Bernie has a much longer BlueMTexpat Jul 2015 #64
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2015 #70
This message was self-deleted by its author Curmudgeoness Jul 2015 #71
Hillary has certainly accomplished more Onlooker Jul 2015 #75
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Jul 2015 #76
Is that even a question once you check out their records, and after seeing how sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #79
^ Zorra Jul 2015 #80
I voted for Bernie because track record Cheese Sandwich Jul 2015 #83
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