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2016 Postmortem

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Fri Jun 19, 2015, 09:47 AM Jun 2015

You Choose... Sanders or the Presidency [View all]

This is a biased & loaded question, I admit. My interest isn't to argue the underlying question of whether Bernie Sanders can win a general election. Though, I suspect it may take place in the comments below this.

I realized that I support the spirit and most of what Sanders champions, but I don't support him as a candidate. And that I don't support him because I don't think he is as likely as Clinton to be able to win a General election campaign. And the risks of a Republican President are enormous at this point.

I believe that Sanders will continue Obama's work in helping to move our Country toward restoring more of a right-left balance. And if Clinton wins, she will be able to campaign and win more to the left than previous Dem presidents. But I don't believe Sanders can win.

So having admitted to all of the biases I have ... my question is...

Assuming that a Sanders Primary win means a Republican General election win... what is your personal priority?

34 votes, 5 passes | Time left: Unlimited
My priority is a Sanders primary win
15 (44%)
My priority is a Democratic General Win
19 (56%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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My priority is to elect a POTUS who is not wholly owned by corps and banks! onecaliberal Jun 2015 #1
Not sure what that looks like in light of the above. Can you elaborate? zaj Jun 2015 #2
Not to the extend that you would require.... daleanime Jun 2015 #29
It looks like this: demwing Jun 2015 #54
+1000 MissDeeds Jun 2015 #59
With the attitude of many Democrats, that they like Bernie but will vote for Hillary because they Dustlawyer Jun 2015 #85
Scoot over madokie Jun 2015 #90
While I don't agree with the assumption -- rogerashton Jun 2015 #3
In all honesty I would rather choke on my own vomit than support Hillary Clinton CBGLuthier Jun 2015 #4
Save me a seat. Fuddnik Jun 2015 #5
For what? CBGLuthier Jun 2015 #6
Neither will I. Fuddnik Jun 2015 #16
I am 100% sure I will not either. 840high Jun 2015 #26
I won't either MissDeeds Jun 2015 #60
I think you miss the point, it isn't about you! tech3149 Jun 2015 #34
I for one honestly don't believe Paka Jun 2015 #63
On this we agree tech3149 Jun 2015 #64
. stonecutter357 Jun 2015 #48
"Sit this one out"??? One of the 99 Jun 2015 #50
Can we remind you of this post if Clinton loses? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2015 #53
Clinton might lose. One of the 99 Jun 2015 #57
The responsibility for a candidate lies with that candidate. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2015 #61
It's everyone's responsibility. One of the 99 Jun 2015 #68
Oh of course. That's why we lost the midterm elections. Hekate Jun 2015 #69
Yes, it is. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2015 #70
Plus the candidates ran like hell from Obama and acted as if they didn't know who the fuck he was davidpdx Jun 2015 #78
Why do you assume Bernie can win the nomination but be unable to take the election? marble falls Jun 2015 #7
Bernie Sanders will be tarnished by the media and the right wing billionaires... zaj Jun 2015 #11
But of course Hillary will be able to fly in under the right wing radar, right?..... marble falls Jun 2015 #31
Bernie would unelectable in the GE redstateblues Jun 2015 #36
Americans are ready for Bernie: marble falls Jun 2015 #39
That doesn't say anything about Bernie BainsBane Jun 2015 #42
Clinton would be electable in the GE.. frylock Jun 2015 #87
Did you ever think about the considerations before he decided to run? tech3149 Jun 2015 #65
Bernie may "win even if loses." okasha Jun 2015 #86
Bernie doesn't care about the media or the rightwing billionaires 4dsc Jun 2015 #77
"Move left and win the general" - TBF Jun 2015 #91
Last time I checked, they allowed Republicans to vote in the General election... brooklynite Jun 2015 #15
Wow, No shit? frylock Jun 2015 #19
If Sanders imthevicar Jun 2015 #8
That optimistic passion doesn't move me zaj Jun 2015 #9
he'll make Hillary pretend to be a lefty ablamj Jun 2015 #23
Why the effing hell am I responding to your post? tech3149 Jun 2015 #66
Sure, it will all be better davidpdx Jun 2015 #79
if Sanders can win the primary he can win the election. magical thyme Jun 2015 #10
IMO, He *could* win, but I don't think he's nearly as likely to win as Clinton. zaj Jun 2015 #12
it's going to be a long slog, imthevicar Jun 2015 #13
Sanders could easily win. joshcryer Jun 2015 #46
Like McGovern and Dukakis redstateblues Jun 2015 #37
Which incumbent is Sanders running against? n/t winter is coming Jun 2015 #82
Like Kerry.. frylock Jun 2015 #88
Silly question. askew Jun 2015 #14
sanders or political strategy Avner Jun 2015 #17
More pants-shitting.. frylock Jun 2015 #18
. stonecutter357 Jun 2015 #49
Sorry, but I'm sticking with Sanders all the way. NorthCarolina Jun 2015 #20
Amen! ablamj Jun 2015 #24
I'm for Sanders as well. Oldenuff Jun 2015 #21
It appears the Ready for Warren group is also sticking with Sanders. NorthCarolina Jun 2015 #22
+ 1000 orpupilofnature57 Jun 2015 #28
Bernie Sanders celebrating a Democratic Party general election win. mwooldri Jun 2015 #25
A rose is not a rose if it smells like Dick Cheney . BERNIE !!!! orpupilofnature57 Jun 2015 #27
Where's the third option? Man from Pickens Jun 2015 #30
Sanders. ANDY the f**king presidency. Daemonaquila Jun 2015 #32
A Ford Pinto and a bathtub full of lime Jell-O. GoneFishin Jun 2015 #33
I have no loyalty to the Democratic Party, per se, because as a progressive Maedhros Jun 2015 #35
Yes, it is a loaded question because it's an either or question davidpdx Jun 2015 #38
"Pass" should be considered in the results. joshcryer Jun 2015 #45
Agreed davidpdx Jun 2015 #47
Nonsense. I will assume no such thing. Ino Jun 2015 #40
I tend to think electablity works itself out through the primary itself BainsBane Jun 2015 #41
That's half the point of the primaries. joshcryer Jun 2015 #44
Those of us who survived the McGovern debacle may be less optimistic. nt pnwmom Jun 2015 #74
Before my time BainsBane Jun 2015 #75
Loaded question, but you know it. joshcryer Jun 2015 #43
I think Hillary has a far greater chance of losing the GE to a Republican if she secures the nom. Chan790 Jun 2015 #51
Sorry, false dilemma, so I can't choose either option. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2015 #52
False dilemma logical fallacy. merrily Jun 2015 #55
Looking at the comments made by the GOP candidates after the SC tragedy.... LynneSin Jun 2015 #56
+1000^^^^ Divernan Jun 2015 #58
I am a Hillary supporter BlueMTexpat Jun 2015 #62
This is ridiculous. Sanders is a good man, & this is the Primary season with a year and a half to go Hekate Jun 2015 #67
Hillary isn't a "win" for democratic values. Splinter Cell Jun 2015 #71
i will vote my conscience. restorefreedom Jun 2015 #72
Sanders can Win november3rd Jun 2015 #73
Your assumption that Sanders can't win is simply wrong. JDPriestly Jun 2015 #76
Yea, thee world, she is the flat nolabels Jun 2015 #80
I choose both, LWolf Jun 2015 #81
Keep trying. Rex Jun 2015 #83
Nice push poll you got going there. n/t winter is coming Jun 2015 #84
Your theory is flawed by the fact that TBF Jun 2015 #89
I don't do push polls or have one bit of respect for those that try to use them. n/t 99Forever Jun 2015 #92
I think if Bernie wins the primary he has the GE too IVoteDFL Jun 2015 #93
I think he can win over elderly Republicans and with a black female VP, Hillary supporters. Like BO, ancianita Jun 2015 #94
Every time we choose the bland centrist over the passionate insurgent progressive... Ken Burch Jun 2015 #95
Like wise ...I assume if Hillary wins the primary then republicans will win the GE. L0oniX Jun 2015 #96
What a dumb question. Hillary is a proven loser. morningfog Jun 2015 #97
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