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2016 Postmortem

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Sat Apr 13, 2013, 09:03 PM Apr 2013

Poll: Who would YOU like President Obama's next pick for the Supreme Court to be? [View all]

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Long list of candidates mentioned in the past here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama_Supreme_Court_candidates

Article from 2012 with a list of possibilities here: http://www.cnn.com/2012/09/30/politics/court-obama-list/index.html

UPDATE: A new article from May 2013 with additional possibilities (some not on the below poll) here: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2013/05/23/2044771/ten-potential-democratic-supreme-court-nominees-who-arent-named-sri-srinivasan/
(Jane Kelly, Alison Nathan, Deval Patrick, Pam Karlan, Paul Smith, Neal Katyal, Tom Perez)

Kathryn Ruemmler, born 1971, bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kathryn_Ruemmler
Goodwin Liu, born 1970, bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goodwin_Liu
Sri Srinivasan, born 1967, bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sri_Srinivasan
Paul Watford, born 1967, bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Watford
Caitlin Halligan, born 1966 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caitlin_Halligan
Kamala Harris, born 1964, bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamala_Harris
Lisa Madigan, born 1966, bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_Madigan
Jacqueline Hong-Ngoc Nguyen, born 1965, bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacqueline_Hong-Ngoc_Nguyen
Harold Hongju Koh, born 1954, bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Hongju_Koh

Poll below...

37 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Kathryn Ruemmler
2 (5%)
Goodwin Liu
5 (14%)
Sri Srinivasan
3 (8%)
Paul Watford
1 (3%)
Caitlin Halligan
1 (3%)
Kamala Harris
14 (38%)
Lisa Madigan
1 (3%)
Jacqueline Hong-Ngoc Nguyen
2 (5%)
Harold Hongju Koh
0 (0%)
8 (22%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Let's give Kamala Harris some more time as an elected public servant. elleng Apr 2013 #1
Our AG will be our next Governor of CA CADEMOCRAT7 Apr 2013 #14
Sounds good to me (here in MD,) elleng Apr 2013 #15
Our AG, Doug Gansler, seems to be running for governor as well. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jun 2013 #46
Yup....and then President! DrToast Apr 2013 #23
No, I think she'll replace Boxer or DiFi OmahaBlueDog May 2013 #37
I hope not MurrayDelph Jun 2013 #59
Welcome to Oregon OutNow Jul 2013 #79
If she goes to the SC, Mr.Bill Jun 2013 #57
Kamala Harris. She's been an excellent BlueCaliDem Apr 2013 #2
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2013 #3
K&R! Bookmarking until I can read through all this... Rhiannon12866 Apr 2013 #4
Thanks :) Tx4obama Apr 2013 #6
Kamala Harris does not belong in a robe. DURHAM D Apr 2013 #5
This is the first time a poll I've posted has gone this long with an 'Other' being posted. Tx4obama Apr 2013 #7
I took care of that. bornskeptic Apr 2013 #9
Caitlin Halligan Hawaii Hiker Apr 2013 #8
Russ Feingold or Elliot Spitzer Myrina Apr 2013 #10
That's the sort of person I was thinking of, too. DFW Jun 2013 #51
Yes, I was headed to the bottom of this thread to suggest Feingold Samantha Jul 2013 #72
What a wonderful problem to have... usregimechange Apr 2013 #11
How about Eric Holder, to carry out Obama's 'real' justice! dmosh42 Apr 2013 #12
would love to see Liu NewJeffCT Apr 2013 #13
None of them. Chan790 Apr 2013 #16
Links below with bios for the folks unfamilar with Lessing, Strossen, Leiter, Kramer... Tx4obama Apr 2013 #20
I don't know any of them... Xyzse Apr 2013 #17
Other: John Perry Barlow. Warren DeMontague Apr 2013 #18
John Perry Barlow was born in 1947 Tx4obama Apr 2013 #19
There are probably a bunch of other reasons he wouldn't be chosen, too. Warren DeMontague Apr 2013 #22
Someone who believes in every part of the Constitution Ter Apr 2013 #21
A few more names below Tx4obama May 2013 #24
Someone under the age of 45... BlueDemKev May 2013 #25
Several of the possible nominees are under 45 or close to it... Tx4obama May 2013 #27
Obama asks and gets biden to appoint him however he does. Skink May 2013 #26
Huh? Tx4obama May 2013 #28
I am not speaking for the poster ... former9thward May 2013 #29
Oh - okay, that will never happen. But... Tx4obama May 2013 #31
I would like him to nominate Laurence Tribe. former9thward May 2013 #30
Yep, he is tad too old - currenlty Tribe is 71 years old. My guess is ... Tx4obama May 2013 #32
Well, one name that is not on that list is a person I know that certainly should be considered. Major Hogwash May 2013 #33
What's his name? And no one said the next one would actually be under 45 :shrug: Tx4obama May 2013 #34
I talked to him last year about this, and he said that he would be interested, but doubted . . Major Hogwash May 2013 #35
Diane Wood OmahaBlueDog May 2013 #36
She's older than most of the folks above but an excellent suggestion. nt TBF Jul 2013 #74
I don't know much about any of them davidpdx May 2013 #38
We need a black woman on this court. Kamala is not only that. More importantly, she is probably Liberal_Stalwart71 May 2013 #39
No state AG is qualified. Bar none. Chan790 Jun 2013 #42
That makes sense, but didn't Sotomayor come to court with no judicial experience? Liberal_Stalwart71 Jun 2013 #45
No, Sotomayor was a long-term federal district-court judge... Chan790 Jun 2013 #47
I don't know but I hope I live ellie May 2013 #40
I hope I live long enough to see 5 females and 4 males on the court. Or at least... Tx4obama Jun 2013 #41
I don't know yet, I wish he could nom. himself :) Sunlei Jun 2013 #43
Should not the question be 'Who will the Presidents Corporate handlers tell him who to Nominate YeahSureRight Jun 2013 #44
Or, "someone who the far right Senate will be happy with" Doctor_J Jun 2013 #48
Need two polls. Who would you like to see on the court, and who out of those who can be confirmed... stevenleser Jun 2013 #49
This Guy warrprayer Jun 2013 #50
As long as they're not pro-torture, pro-bank, anti-labor, etc. forestpath Jun 2013 #52
Bill Maher Mr Samuel Hain Jun 2013 #53
Diana Ross? Kablooie Jun 2013 #54
Pam Karlan and Kathleen Sullivan are both constitutional scholars ruggerson Jun 2013 #55
Judge Srinivasan will most likely be the 1st. graham4anything Jun 2013 #56
I love 2 for completely different reasons. Kamala Harris because I know exactly DevonRex Jun 2013 #58
Good things come in small packages DFW Jun 2013 #60
Barney Frank!! Rectangle Jun 2013 #61
A staunch liberal who's in good health and is under 45 years of age. BlueDemKev Jun 2013 #62
Other: FSogol of course. FSogol Jun 2013 #63
Deval Patrick will get the nod. cgrissomb Jun 2013 #64
Abraham Lincoln appointed FIVE Supreme Court Justices Tx4obama Jun 2013 #65
That would be great.... Parable Arable Jun 2013 #66
Probably so, but brinig them on anyway DFW Jul 2013 #67
I don't think he'll get to 5 davidpdx Jul 2013 #84
I don't care who it is... Jeff In Milwaukee Jul 2013 #68
Harris. Unfortunately, she'd never get past the vultures in the Senate. Arkana Jul 2013 #69
+1 davidpdx Jul 2013 #83
Sri Srinivasan Xyzse Jul 2013 #70
Diana Ross comes to mind. Kablooie Jul 2013 #71
I said "Other"... damonm Jul 2013 #73
A true blue liberal. polichick Jul 2013 #75
+1000 forestpath Jul 2013 #82
Other...Hillary Clinton for many reasons. yourout Jul 2013 #76
Yup. leveymg Jul 2013 #78
If Hillary or Bill, Republican heads would literally be exploding. DebJ Jul 2013 #81
some socially liberal d_b Jul 2013 #77
A July 4, 2013 regarding Justice Ginsburg Tx4obama Jul 2013 #80
Alan Grayson Joe Bacon Jul 2013 #85
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