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30. Hillary45. It's a done deal. Because this time Hillary has the voters she did not have in 2008
Wed Dec 5, 2012, 04:06 AM
Dec 2012

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and those voters want her 100%

the core Obama voters like myself. There is no question, no waiver, no others.

It takes a Clinton to defeat a Bush

and Hillary will knock out Jeb in 2016 (to continue with the boxing analogy so perfectly worked by Barack Obama and Chicago in 2008 and 2012

There are just so many reasons and it will happen.
The other female candidates on the list don't have anywhere near the track record Hillary has.
The other male candidates besides Joe Biden remind me of the ones that ran in 1988 besides Jesse Jackson(who should have won that year, but it was just too soon.)

The other female candidates all won't run if Hillary does (and it boggles the mind to think they would have the chutzpah to even try, they are so out of the league.)

Look at our demographics, and well, 2016 there will not(and I say this just from the demographics and no negative reason at all) but there will not be a white male candidate for president. It won't happen. The party is not going to run from its destiny to continue to create history.

Look for the US Supreme Court standard. First came Thurgood Marshall, then came Sandra Dey O'Connor.

It will 100% guaranteed, as never in my life have I been so assured of it, Hillary45 as our 45th President.

She will run, there is no doubt. For her mother. For all those in the past. For her daughter.
For destiny. For all time.

and Hillary has the one singular thing no other candidate in the nation has- ALL her baggage, all the crap they threw at her, 100% of everything there is to know about her, all is already been vetted. There is no swiftboating possible.

Whereas Jeb, we hardly know ye. Most people know nothing about him
and any of the above candidates named, NONE of them have ever been vetted.

But the beauty of Hillary is, all is known and she fights to win.
And in 2016 has President Obama's core voters like myself on her side this time
(those that know me, know I was 100% against her in 2008. She EARNED my vote the old fashioned way- through hard work and loyalty and for not whining and leaving the arena like Bill Bradley and Russ Feingold (and even to some extent Al Gore did) disappeared after their loses.

She toughed it out and stayed in the public sector, SERVING THE PEOPLE of the nation, in a very JFK kind of way. Bill envoked JFK back then, though I never really saw it as anything more than namedropping. Hillary though actually envoked the JFK spirit doing for the country, instead of going into some high paying private sector job like so many others.

Hillary has earned my vote and loyalty. And she has earned the Presidency.
And nothing will change my mind about this

Right now I got them as LINCOLN-FDR=LBJ=OBAMA=CARTER as the five best.
Can we have in Hillary yet another best of all time in her?
I believe so, and btw, I believe Hillary will act as our President from the left, like the
great Saul Alinsky the republicans derided her about.

Because Hillary is another Team Chicago and Chicago is a great work, not a bad word,
and Chicago wins Presidential races (1960 1964 2008 2012 2016 2020)

It takes a Clinton to beat a Bush. Sometimes history repeating itself is a good thing.
It will again in 2016 when Hillary beats Bush and KO's him decisively


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Hillary45. It's a done deal. Because this time Hillary has the voters she did not have in 2008 graham4anything Dec 2012 #30
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