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2016 Postmortem

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Tue Nov 1, 2016, 11:06 AM Nov 2016

The backlash against posters who are concerned about the election [View all]

I am disgusted by long time DU posters and their attitude towards posters who are genuinely concerned about a tightening national race:

The goal was never just to have Hillary become 45. It was to get as many democrats and liberals in positions of power as possible.

Yes, some of us are genuinely concerned about the race. I live in TX and am in a position to see ground reality on a daily basis and many, many republicans are coming out of the woodwork saying that they are going to vote this year after all, mainly due to the new FBI information. They do not like or support Trump but now are reminded that they don't like or trust Hillary more and a vote for Trump is more about stopping Hillary than supporting the orange buffoon.

You will say so what, Hillary was never going to win TX anyways. Again, this is not about the presidential race but down ballot races. A higher republican turnout means that democrats will probably not make the down ballot gains they could have otherwise. And this is VERY IMPORTANT. The last 8 years have proved beyond a doubt that without significant gains on the congressional, state and even local levels, a democrat in the WH is not going to get much accomplished.

So, please do not write off the concerns of your fellow DU posters as unwarranted hysteria or worse, trolling. This election is a much bigger fight than getting the next POTUS elected.

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Meta! Iggo Nov 2016 #1
:D C Moon Nov 2016 #85
Some people can barely function at the levels of anxiety that they are under already Dem2 Nov 2016 #2
+1 nt ProudProgressiveNow Nov 2016 #14
+2 eom BlueCaliDem Nov 2016 #18
+3 Maven Nov 2016 #29
I would politely suggest the topics forums for those that want to avoid their already heightened Divine Discontent Nov 2016 #41
I just trash the stupid whining by flailing fools who appear to never have experienced an election Dem2 Nov 2016 #43
Well, that's positive. Divine Discontent Nov 2016 #55
I complain about some of the naval gazing and "OMG!!!11!! did you hear what Morning Joe (Tweety Dem2 Nov 2016 #61
ugh, Morning Joe/Tweety/Andrea.. that's rough, I know. Folks are mostly like us, they know a Divine Discontent Nov 2016 #63
A fine suggestion, Divine Discontent True Dough Nov 2016 #80
Thanks, TD! :) n/t Divine Discontent Nov 2016 #106
The goal of these trolls is to discourage Democrats from voting Democat Nov 2016 #46
I doubt Separation Nov 2016 #86
That's still the goal, thogh. Iggo Nov 2016 #91
They have gotten very bold...but Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #116
The concern trolls are just trying to suppress or depress the vote Gothmog Nov 2016 #135
I was having minor panic attacks over the weekend from this. lark Nov 2016 #79
IMO, this is very likely to happen. Another kneecapped minority president who Nay Nov 2016 #109
Yes, so mocking people who are anxious is very helpful and kind, also nt adigal Nov 2016 #110
I got accused to being a concern troll before too and it's not cool NoGoodNamesLeft Nov 2016 #3
The people who are allowing those comments to stand should be exempt from jury duty. demmiblue Nov 2016 #12
So appeal it. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #22
Appeal what? I have chosen not to serve on juries, so there is nothing to appeal. demmiblue Nov 2016 #27
You can not appeal a decision if you are on a jury...only if you think you have been wrongly accused Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #35
How will there be fair juries if you refuse to serve? emulatorloo Nov 2016 #77
Agreed. LP2K12 Nov 2016 #36
Rules are against people saying "concern noted" or other childish/trollish taunts Divine Discontent Nov 2016 #57
Many actually the info, misuse it Foggyhill Nov 2016 #4
Well said Jason1961 Nov 2016 #5
A user with 200 posts posting pro Trump news should be banned Democat Nov 2016 #45
Yep. I've been on juries and I vote against all those people. I'm done being Nay Nov 2016 #111
I agree we support Democrats here. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #115
Thank you for berksdem Nov 2016 #6
Don't worry about them. progressoid Nov 2016 #67
And although I was still lurking...I well remember what happened in 2004 when the trolls Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #118
Big mix of people on DU. Don't be put off by a handful of posters emulatorloo Nov 2016 #74
Members of DU are typically very well informed and do not need this concern Gothmog Nov 2016 #136
I don't understand how it isn't concerning that the election has tightened the last 2 weeks. Ace Rothstein Nov 2016 #7
I see no evidence of a tightening race. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #24
All of the aggregators are showing a tightening race. Ace Rothstein Nov 2016 #88
I don't see it... Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #121
I am tellling you...we are going to get over 300...mark my words. nt Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #132
Hardly anyone is talking about the Senate. That is truly something to be concerned about. kcr Nov 2016 #145
+1000! nt jonno99 Nov 2016 #126
There will always be concern trolls here. Trolls are unfortunate part of the internet. JTFrog Nov 2016 #8
Exactly. I will call it out every time I see it. vdogg Nov 2016 #17
OK, here's a question for all you "Concern Troll' hunters. Stonepounder Nov 2016 #71
Newly signed up accounts, posters with a history of never supporting our candidate, JTFrog Nov 2016 #81
Well, I've been a member since 2010 Stonepounder Nov 2016 #84
I was called a "concern troll" and I've been here since 2007. n/t musicblind Nov 2016 #148
Another day, another thread to trash. duffyduff Nov 2016 #9
Concerned about Concern about Concern: Election Hell, 8th Circle alcibiades_mystery Nov 2016 #10
For those of us living in red states Runningdawg Nov 2016 #11
That is exactly why I'm here! PunksMom Nov 2016 #60
How does expressing your concerns on an online forum change anything? Blue Idaho Nov 2016 #13
"I am disgusted by long time DU posters" SouthernProgressive Nov 2016 #15
Every four years, the same thing Blue_Adept Nov 2016 #19
Nothing can be done about the polls themselves, but a close election means gotv andym Nov 2016 #20
It's difficult to know the motivations behind "the sky is falling" posts. Avalux Nov 2016 #21
I do not care for muzzling any one's opinion Jarqui Nov 2016 #23
This is a forum that supports Democrats. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #26
We do not all have the same brains. That should be a strength. Jarqui Nov 2016 #62
I remember your posts from the primary which is over by the way. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #28
I started out as a Clinton supporter in early 2015 Jarqui Nov 2016 #101
If you want to run Democrats down....not saying you do Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #120
I don't think asking for more evidence (a couple of days ago - we've got some since) Jarqui Nov 2016 #124
+1 True Dough Nov 2016 #93
I am afraid that was me. DLCWIdem Nov 2016 #128
I can't stand Giuliani. He's a lying waste of everybody's time. Jarqui Nov 2016 #130
The thread I Am talking about DLCWIdem Nov 2016 #131
I looked. An aspect of it makes sense but I wonder if it came about a little differently Jarqui Nov 2016 #133
Basically it comes down to you think the FBI had something DLCWIdem Nov 2016 #134
Who knew the election included a goal of trying to get both houses of Congress back in a Dem majorit nini Nov 2016 #30
Remember the trolls blue cat Nov 2016 #31
So, wncHillsupport Nov 2016 #32
I have seen many new posters welcomed. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #38
I was disturbed that someone would be unkind to a new poster Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #40
I share some of your concerns elmac Nov 2016 #76
. Iggo Nov 2016 #94
I lived in Tallahassee in 2000... tallahasseedem Nov 2016 #37
folks need to be concerned with the poll numbers in Florida: +1 Trump (RCP cumulative) nashville_brook Nov 2016 #146
We were all 'new once' and we all faced that scrutiny JustAnotherGen Nov 2016 #39
500 posts and you are disgusted? Very funny Democat Nov 2016 #42
Point went right past you, eh? AllyCat Nov 2016 #144
Just get out and work for the Democratic party!!! LongTomH Nov 2016 #44
I rarely post here because of the pack mentality. SweetieD Nov 2016 #47
Channel nervousness into working for candidates BainsBane Nov 2016 #48
I was labeled a troll in one of my very first posts citood Nov 2016 #49
Yes, I was welcomed wncHillsupport Nov 2016 #50
I think we all have DemonGoddess Nov 2016 #54
I was called a concerned troll a few days ago. I asked the riversedge Nov 2016 #107
Ever concern post shold be answered by... Agnosticsherbet Nov 2016 #51
lol, I get accused of being a concern troll every 4 years, everyone needs to chill geek tragedy Nov 2016 #52
Bad example ...the numbers were wrong and the title was changed. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #68
No, the reduced % of AA early voters is a real thing geek tragedy Nov 2016 #70
Good for you geek tragedy True Dough Nov 2016 #99
The Concern About Concern Is Concerning tevolit Nov 2016 #53
I fail to see how getting riled up by cable news coverage BainsBane Nov 2016 #78
I'm a long time poster. liberalmuse Nov 2016 #56
hear hear! Divine Discontent Nov 2016 #59
Thanks for that. MoonRiver Nov 2016 #104
Form and content of 'concern' is a leading indicator of sincerity. LanternWaste Nov 2016 #58
Excellent!! Kilgore Nov 2016 #65
Here's the thing... Farmgirl1961 Nov 2016 #69
Everyone is concerned Gman Nov 2016 #72
If you understand that DU has become FireDogLake circa 2008, then it all becomes clear. yodermon Nov 2016 #75
Concern trolls look like genuine concern HassleCat Nov 2016 #82
Thank you Txbluedog. That needed to be said. OnDoutside Nov 2016 #83
THANK YOU! DissidentVoice Nov 2016 #87
Thank you for posting this. I thought I was the only one feeling the sting. mfcorey1 Nov 2016 #89
Certainly not. DissidentVoice Nov 2016 #149
i'm not posting about it much, barbtries Nov 2016 #90
I'd hope that this would be a place where people can share their emotional pain... Silent3 Nov 2016 #92
+1. nt tblue37 Nov 2016 #95
'without significant gains on the congressional, state and even local levels, elleng Nov 2016 #96
That is true...but 'nothing' is better than a GOP in the White House who can get his agenda through Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #113
When the going gets tough... geo1 Nov 2016 #97
I hear you, but, unfortunately for jittery people Sugarcoated Nov 2016 #98
So what passes your rules, wncHillsupport Nov 2016 #100
Did you read the TOS agreement? Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #112
proud to rec and kick DonCoquixote Nov 2016 #102
Valid reasons for concern Awsi Dooger Nov 2016 #103
"You so ugly, the thought that brought you into this world oughta be arrested." Eleanors38 Nov 2016 #105
I also live in Texas and I find concern trolls to be sad people Gothmog Nov 2016 #108
There's concern, and then there's unwarranted panic Bradical79 Nov 2016 #119
Concerned, concerned, concerned, ... WASTE OF ENERGY. Go and CAMPAIGN if you're so "concerned." RBInMaine Nov 2016 #122
"The backlash against shit-mongers and rat-fuckers" FTFY BobbyDrake Nov 2016 #123
I've been a DU member for 12 years. treading_water Nov 2016 #127
I Generally RobinA Nov 2016 #137
I am getting tired of low count posters workinclasszero Nov 2016 #141
Most of it just comes off as Attention Seeking Drama fools wanting to Drag down others JI7 Nov 2016 #142
I've been a DU member for the past 9 years and you are absolutely right. musicblind Nov 2016 #147
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