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Cracklin Charlie

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6. Why would completed ballots be in a campaign office?
Mon Oct 17, 2016, 08:47 AM
Oct 2016

Is that proper storage of completed ballots?

Sounds highly unlikely.

Classic Goebbels. BSdetect Oct 2016 #1
very true heaven05 Oct 2016 #37
Only if his campaign and supporter are doing it. liberal N proud Oct 2016 #2
Why would completed ballots be in a campaign office? Cracklin Charlie Oct 2016 #6
NOT POSSIBLE! Zoonart Oct 2016 #10
Don't be sorry. Cracklin Charlie Oct 2016 #14
It could be illegal but.... Someone could have still done it. Ugh. bettyellen Oct 2016 #20
NOT POSSIBLE! Zoonart Oct 2016 #21
In NJ you can print out blanks. Years back, people would "help" some older folks fill them out- I bettyellen Oct 2016 #23
HMMMMMMMM Zoonart Oct 2016 #25
At the time he had no position. He does now- and his electioneering is part of why. bettyellen Oct 2016 #28
LOOKED IT UP... here is the law Zoonart Oct 2016 #36
No, it is not even legal liberal N proud Oct 2016 #15
mini REICHSTAG FIRE heaven05 Oct 2016 #31
What are completed ballots doing @ the county GOP HQ? Botany Oct 2016 #8
Bingo workinclasszero Oct 2016 #44
Because it is Republicans who are doing it? Bad Thoughts Oct 2016 #3
The only fraud is Trump himself. TheCowsCameHome Oct 2016 #4
We have election fraud in America ..... not voter fraud Botany Oct 2016 #5
The fact that he keeps saying it is what matters oberliner Oct 2016 #9
60 %+ of Trump backers believe that President Obama was not born in America and is either a ..... Botany Oct 2016 #12
Voter fraud in the USA is nearly non-existent PJMcK Oct 2016 #7
The repub leaders deny it because they don't want to Cha Oct 2016 #11
Fresh from the bunker ... mentality of a LOSER. Coyotl Oct 2016 #13
Yup! Right out of the Bunker .... Hitler's last picture Botany Oct 2016 #19
Very insulting to USA vlyons Oct 2016 #16
^^^THIS^^^ liberalmuse Oct 2016 #22
He's losing. He knows he is losing. His mind can't accept that, livetohike Oct 2016 #17
He is also accusing Joe Biden of groping women oberliner Oct 2016 #26
Ridiculous. Trump should be committed to the nearest psych livetohike Oct 2016 #27
IMO, touching someone's shoulders is much different than reaching under their dress woodsprite Oct 2016 #34
If he were winning, would he think there is voter fraud? n/t patricia92243 Oct 2016 #18
Yes, he would oberliner Oct 2016 #30
Does he know republicans are perpetrating it with their election law changes? Renew Deal Oct 2016 #24
all he/they are trying to do heaven05 Oct 2016 #29
He has to double and triple down... HAS TO... tRump is poised to receive... Raster Oct 2016 #32
What does he do after he loses? oberliner Oct 2016 #33
well, he's a classic narcissist with obvious psychopathic overtones... Raster Oct 2016 #38
Where, Golden Toad? What cities, counties, jurisdictions? What is the nature of the fraud? hatrack Oct 2016 #35
Rudy G said "inner cities" oberliner Oct 2016 #39
Yes, but the Blah People have all been killed in the 24/7 bullet-storm . . . hatrack Oct 2016 #40
Known Trump Pussy Grabs: 11 * Known Voter Fraud Cases: 10 Coyotl Oct 2016 #41
Are there really 11 now? BlueProgressive Oct 2016 #49
Running tally of accounts re: women Trump has sexually assaulted (12 and counting) Coyotl Oct 2016 #50
It might make more sense if he could give a specific on how this is sinkingfeeling Oct 2016 #42
He's done that oberliner Oct 2016 #43
Except neither can be done. I want his proof. sinkingfeeling Oct 2016 #45
Trump is right...there is a large voter fraud in this election...AND NoGoodNamesLeft Oct 2016 #46
I agree...and I made sure I did Early Voting.. HipChick Oct 2016 #47
TRUMP IS RIGHT!!!!! BlueProgressive Oct 2016 #48
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