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2016 Postmortem

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Sun Sep 25, 2016, 10:01 PM Sep 2016

Don't Tell Me [View all]

Don’t tell me you’re a patriot, if you’re willing to put your country in the hands of a self-serving idiot who proves daily that he is unqualified for any office, no less the highest office in the land.

Don’t tell me you’re a good Christian, if you support a party that works against helping the poor, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, and sheltering the homeless while pretending to be following the words of the Christ you allegedly revere.

Don’t tell me you support the troops, if you are voting for a party that has consistently ignored the plight of our veterans and their families.

Don’t tell me you have a conscience, if your conscience dictates that you vote based on your own needs rather than the needs of your fellow citizens.

Don’t tell me you’re a responsible adult, if you believe the childish rantings of Donald Trump are representative of anything other than an immature bully who doesn’t have the intellectual wherewithal to utter a single comprehendible sentence.

Don’t tell me you love your countrymen, if you’re willing to sacrifice their well-being in order to “send a message” to a political party you’re dissatisfied with.

Don’t tell me you’re intelligent, if you think there is any justification whatsoever for putting a brainless idiot in the White House.

Don’t tell me you’re well-informed, if you spend your days in front of FOX-News and/or listening to the inane ramblings of Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.

Don’t tell me you’re interested in the facts, if you constantly promote every baseless rumour you hear/read, and speculate endlessly about conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact whatsoever.

Don’t tell me you think for yourself, if all you ever really do is regurgitate the bullshit posted on websites that purport to be “progressive” while quoting right-wing nonsense.

Don’t tell me you are tolerant of the religious beliefs, ethnicity, and culture of others, if you support those who wear their intolerance as a badge of honour.

Don’t tell me you believe women should have equal rights, if you stand with those who would deny them equal opportunity, or deny their right to have dominion over their own bodies.

Don’t tell me you’re concerned about minorities, if you identify with a party that is adhered to by organizations that pride themselves on their racism.

Don’t tell me you sympathize with immigrants, if you belong to a party that calls them criminals and terrorists, and wants to keep them out of the country at any cost.

Above all else, don’t tell me that you know anything – about politics, about the consequences of your third party “protest” vote, about moving this country forward, or about bettering the lives of your countrymen, if you espouse the notion that “both parties are the same”.

Tell it to yourself, your buddies, your FaceBook friends, your coworkers, your relatives, your neighbours, and your like-minded website cohorts – but don’t tell me, because I know you’re lying. In fact, we both do.

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Don't Tell Me [View all] NanceGreggs Sep 2016 OP
Bravo!! Farmgirl1961 Sep 2016 #1
What Nance said! I agree 1000% shraby Sep 2016 #2
K & R ......for visibility..nt Wounded Bear Sep 2016 #3
Some things are written to be shared. madamesilverspurs Sep 2016 #4
I like where your head's at Loki Liesmith Sep 2016 #5
Absolutely perfect, my dear Nance! CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2016 #6
K&R Gothmog Sep 2016 #7
Fuckin' A. Iggo Sep 2016 #8
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2016 #9
K&R sheshe2 Sep 2016 #10
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2016 #11
hat tip The Wizard Sep 2016 #12
Wonderful! Several other topics to be chunked in with that -- Akamai Sep 2016 #13
Pure poetry Jon King Sep 2016 #14
+100 narnian60 Sep 2016 #22
Loveya Nance. I notice Name Removed jumped in twice, too! Hekate Sep 2016 #15
"Name Removed" recognized him/herself ... NanceGreggs Sep 2016 #17
Good Coolest Ranger Sep 2016 #24
K&R!! 2naSalit Sep 2016 #16
Hear, hear!! Missn-Hitch Sep 2016 #18
Amen! K&R Rocknrule Sep 2016 #19
Perfect! FrenchieCat Sep 2016 #20
wll said. nt DesertFlower Sep 2016 #21
You just made this gay black man cry Coolest Ranger Sep 2016 #23
. baldguy Sep 2016 #25
K&R! gademocrat7 Sep 2016 #26
This is so good, it's bookmarked. nt LaydeeBug Sep 2016 #27
K&R! stonecutter357 Sep 2016 #28
more kicks . . . n/t annabanana Sep 2016 #29
K&R mcar Sep 2016 #30
KNR Lucinda Sep 2016 #31
Don't tell me you are rich. Hoarding wealth while masses of people are starving is contemptible. Coyotl Sep 2016 #32
K&R - THAT was amazing! (n/t) Moostache Sep 2016 #33
Puttin this on my FB page. BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2016 #34
And a Trump supporter says, TL;DR. progressoid Sep 2016 #35
Awesome post!!! hamsterjill Sep 2016 #36
Yes! nt prayin4rain Sep 2016 #37
K&R ismnotwasm Sep 2016 #38
Wow. Starbuck2239 Sep 2016 #39
As always... WiffenPoof Sep 2016 #40
Your second point reminds me of this article: Saviolo Sep 2016 #41
K & R Scurrilous Sep 2016 #42
Excellent post CJohnson_LS Sep 2016 #43
k&r bigtree Sep 2016 #44
Bravo, NanceGreggs. BRAVO! paparush Sep 2016 #45
YES. Brava, Nance! calimary Sep 2016 #46
Hi NanceGreggs, well said and thank you for this post AmericanActivist Sep 2016 #47
Welcome to DU gopiscrap Sep 2016 #57
Outstanding! Hayduke Bomgarte Sep 2016 #48
K&R brer cat Sep 2016 #49
k and r. and thank you for that perfect antidote to some crap I had to listen to this niyad Sep 2016 #50
Fabulous!!!! redstatebluegirl Sep 2016 #51
Fantastic rant! Old and In the Way Sep 2016 #52
Truer words have never been spoken. llmart Sep 2016 #53
Thanks for saying all of that TNNurse Sep 2016 #54
Fuckin' a!!!!!! Initech Sep 2016 #55
K&R Bobbie Jo Sep 2016 #56
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