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Fri Nov 9, 2012, 11:03 PM


WHY ROMNEY LOST (Hope you will read this & comment. Just sent to some R folks I know via email.) [View all]

Why Romney Lost

* Dear GOPers, you must step outside your bubble and echo-chamber of Rush LimpMind and FAKE-News. Obama didn't "suppress the vote." (That one is a real hoot.) The "liberal media" didn't do it. Hurricane Sandy didn't do it. Once again, GOPers, you are drowning yourselves in self-imposed non-reality. HERE is why you REALLY lost by over 125 electoral votes and nearly three million popular votes even though you spent an unprecedented amount of money on more attack ads than we had ever seen in history, and even though the unemployment rate is at 7.9%, and even though Obama is part black, and even though you thought it was impossible that you would lose this campaign which you did decisively:

1) The fundamentals were simply against you from the get-go. Americans understood the mess Obama inherited and believed that he did a good job on balance dealing with it. His likeability numbers are strong, and his job approval is at or above 50%. He has very strong numbers on foreign policy and national security. It is difficult to unseat an incumbent President under such circumstances.

2) Your candidate was fundamentally flawed. He showed himself to be a shallow ultra flip flopper with no principled core beyond that of an out-of-touch corporatist who slandered 47% of the country he hoped to lead, and an odd shape-shifting phony with secret tax returns and a secret plan for the economy that he said he would only share after the election, save his budgetary assertions entirely unsupported by basic mathematics. Romney added insults to his injuries with his endless gaffes well beyond the 47% comments prior to and during the general election campaign, and he was beaten in two of the three debates. Ryan lost his debate as well, and he only reinforced Romney's already-flawed image.

3) You were out-campaigned on the ground, BIGTIME. Yes, you got your corporate money and an awful lot of it. But, while you relied on endless annoying attack ads, TeamObama balanced their effective on-air punch-counter-punch with a voter registration, ID, and turnout operation resulting, once again, in a highly motivated broad and diverse coalition at the polls that you could not match.

4) As a party, you have turned so far to the right wing with your TeaCRAZY rhetoric and wars on minorities, women, gays, the young, the infirm, workers, students, the middle class, and the poor that you have dwindled yourselves down into a party dominated by a strange coupling of a few greedy rich corporatists and a bunch of angry delusional old white men. Doesn't bode well at all for the future as national demographics continue to trend sharply against you.

5) Doubling down on failed trickle down was soundly rejected.

So, face facts. You LOST. And these are the REAL reasons why. As real as global warming, science, math, gravity, and the FACTS that the President is from Hawaii and is a Christian and that rape-caused pregancy is NOT a gift from God.

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