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Fri Nov 9, 2012, 09:16 PM

amusing/scary: a sample of responses to the election results as they unfolded in Freeperland: [View all]

I am starting to freak out. If Obama wins I just don’t know what I will do. I can’t afford to pay obamacare and this country will be in ruins.

If obama "wins" this election, I'm not sure what I'll do either. But I know one thing - I WILL NOT SUBMIT to tyranny. Don't ask me what that means, because I do not yet know, but I am a FREE, regardless of who attempts to chain me.

o’Reilly knows nothing. Fox is sounding doom and gloom....I hope they pick up their countenance as the night goes on!

Fox is making love to weighted exit polls, meanwhile Michael Barone is in the back room crunching the real numbers and should be out soon to bitch-slap the whole bunch.

Relax—Foxnews election coverage has been a joke for the last few weeks—don’t know why.
When Rove and Morris panic then you should too.
Otherwise, everything is good.
Turn off your TV and the idiots are silenced

If this lousy economy, lousy response to Sandy, Benghazi, Solyndra, F&F, and everything else couldn’t derail obama, all hope is lost. And just wait until obama opens wide open the floodgates for illegals. Bush may very well have been this countries last Republican President.

Call me whatever you want... this thing is NOT over. Ohio will go to Romney.

Rove on FOX speaking optimistically about the vote count in Ohio...

The most frustrating thing is that God has given us a fantastic candidate in Romney. He is the man for the times, and the freaking scum half of this country is more interested in free frikin condoms!

Peggy Nooner is going bald.

Greece here we come.

Well, I am ready for the inevitable collapse...

Gun sales on Wednesday will be High, and it would be a good time to sell your guns during first part of O’s second term....

Of course the money you get for your guns, which may be a LOT will be worthless soon due to Hyperinflation!!!!

Keep the guns and buy Brass and Lead and Storable food while your money is still sorta worth something.


I’ve been thinking the same thing for the past 2hrs. HTF is this possible???!!!

Is America so addicted to *free shit* that we’re in the toilet and have now turned into a turd-world country?

Apparently so.

America - A great idea while it lasted...

Well if Obama does eeek out a victory tonite Valerie Jarrett will get her “Revenge”, sadly on all of us...

I say we build a fence in Texas.

It is the free stuff, but I can’t help be see how easy it seems to be to rile those dumb a** voters up with hate speech!

I am disgusted at the sheer volume of brain dead ‘voters’ -
who ARE these people??

Everybody has to clearly discern that fraud has taken place, there can’t be any doubt about that reality.

Guess it really is officially time to go Galt. sad

Tom Kaine wins VA? This country is on drugs.

It’s probably over. America’s stupid half has spoken. Death by Idiocracy it is then.

But hey....it was fun while it lasted. Freedom and democracy, as an experiment, was a good idea at the time. We had to try....and we had a good run.

Rove is a smart dude when it comes to analyzing these polls. Looking good in FL, VA and Ohio.

Britt Hume said the women vote was something like 56% vs. 44% which is troubling.

Some folks here need to chill out. These are exit polls. Who the heck knows if they are accurate.

Meanwhile FL and Va are going well.

I am starting to freak out. If Obama wins I just don’t know what I will do. I can’t afford to pay obamacare and this country will be in ruins.

Let's cross that bridge if we get there.

Still terrifying that half the country can vote for such an ABYSMAL president.

What is with all the doom and gloom on fox? Do they know something we don’t?\

Karl Rove is the only one worth watching.
Made a strong case that VA,FL, and OH go Romney

I’d rather pick and choose from numbers which have some basis in reality than get a “mood” from talking heads invested in keeping people watching for their ratings!

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?

“Germans?” Just roll with it, LOL

Starting to breathe easier here at 8:30pm ET. FL, NC and VA are looking good for Romney and we could see them called (for Romney) within the next hour or so. (Most of the Florida vote in so far reflect early voting so we will see Romney pulling ahead).

If Romney can pull off Ohio, he'll only need 4 more EVs to hit the 270.

So far, no surprises in the called states. All is going according to plan.

They don’t want to admit that Romney is winning BIG....got to keep the DRAMA going so they keep viewers.

Rove has obviously seen the exit polls, and he has no reason to sunshine pump at this point.

He must really believe what he is saying. Looks like this isn’t over yet.

Shut Up O’Reilly

I’m getting too nervous watching Fox. I just put on “Finding Bigfoot” in the background.

And how many years just in the recent past in narional elections have the exit polls been azz-backwards? They've called it for Kerry, for Gore-does everyone forget the MSM is in the tank for the left, and O'Reilly is no conservative?

IGNORE Dick Morris! He is a manic depressant extraordinary.

Just heard Rove on an audio feed from some TV venue. He is talking happy talk on VA and OH. Comforting.

Latest from Morris but have no idea what he's talking about:

Dick Morris ✔ @DickMorrisTweet #election2012 with 1/3 in, Romney is 12 ahead. Could be a very big win. Expected to go Romneyby 5 if more, could be big win

Ohio has me worried....Fox News map has Obama waaaaay ahead.

Now Dick Morris says he’s “worried”?

Ohio is definitely a worry, but far too early to give up on it.
Rove seemed pleased with the data he was seeing there.

Would you people QUIT obscessing about Manic Depressant Dick?
One second he high, the next he is paniced. He a waste of time

North Carolina just called for Romney!
Keep the faith, people!
HE will deliver us from evil!

I still think there's a chance that Romney can win in a landslide though I was never one of those who claimed that he would or would not for that matter. I don't see anything yet that says it is not possible.

Time will tell

We have waited 4 years we can wait a couple more hours. Rove was very positive from what he was seeing for early vote vs what will come in later. I like our chances.

Pray for America

Chuck Todd on Florida: “I’ve talked to experts on both sides, very quietly tonight, who both say they expect Romney to carry the state by under 100,000 votes”

Beer #4, last one. Ready to take a melatonin and head off to bed soon. Waiting a few more results!

Hope I can sleep, knowing that the country is on the verge of turning into the USSR tonight.

Crap - I’m worried.


The news is really good! I've been watching the map on google - and it sure looks like this is shaping up for a strong win by Romney.

Now I've got to drive home from work... can't wait to get there! LOL

Folks - this one's in the bag - Obama is TOAST!

Obama wins Michigan

Everybody: CALM DOWN. Nothing has not gone as anticipated thus far. It is early in the evening. TURN OFF THE TALKING HEADS and monitor results in print on your screen. We've still got this - now step back from the ledge!

Free birth control. That locked the female vote

The Fox talking heads are contradicting the numbers being posted on their website. The Florida results were almost even with about 10 Republican trending counties yet to report any results. Is Fox intentionally trying to suppress the vote in Wisconsin, Iowa and Colorado?

Remember folks...GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL..no matter what!

I am sick over Florida......totally unbelievable...72% in and for Obama...

yes. if obama wins Ohio, obmacare sticks, we all lost 10% additional income to increasing fuel prices, increasing energy prices plus taxamgaddon, gun bans, restricting of religious liberty, so yea it’s over.

Daily Beast called MI for Obama. There goes my landslide prediction.

I agree. One thing we are seeing is the polls were right...and all this talk about 1) Too many dems sample and 2)Great turnout in republican areas is/was crap. Places like MI should have been closer and not called until late at least...and places like NC should have been a walk...and it ain't.


Thank You, Lord, that Romney will win Florida, in Jesus’ Name!\

PA called for BO

All I can do is LOL.

Those people are really retarded

Holy shoot, we lost.

Obama won this. I am f ing depressed.

Dick Morris Dick Morris ‏@DickMorrisTweet #election2012 I bet that they will eat their words on Pennsylvania on both senate and president

Looks like we may lose fl and oh too.

What is wrong with these voters??

The media is our enemy. Are we going to let Obama and The media dictate everything for 4 more? Cause we obviously lost.

None of these idiot voters even KNOW WHAT THE F OBAMA DID IN BENGHAZI.

I am depressed.

Michigan was only close in the polls.

The Detroit addiction to welfare will never be remedied IMHO.

Agree...it’s over.

Dick Morris and anyone else who said Romney was going to win easily needs to be fired. It’s all just hype anyway.

Fox already has the long-knives coming out for a Romney loss, BUT so far my prediction is right on track;

Mitt Romney, with 275 electoral votes to Obama’s 263 (Ohio will decide this election)

Romney wins Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida

Obama wins Nevada, New Hampshire, Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania

WI went to obama

OMG! How could Barone and even Steve Forbes have called it for a Romney landslide! How!

Romney will win VA, FL.

It’s all about OH. If its close, there are 130k provisional ballots that won’t be counted till next week.

Alright, I am not feeling good right now people.

I don’t care what the turnout looked like in stories on here today.

I am stunned. I expected a win, but look....the exit polls appear to be fairly accurate tonight.

And looks like CO may be a win by O as well as Ohio.

I think it’s over. We’ve lost.

I really, really, hope I’m wrong. But, the exit polls tonight do not appear to be 2004 again.

I’m physically ill.

Bloody hell, Demrat won senate seat in Ohio.

We’re so screwed.

PA is coal country. They've cut their own throats.

Maybe they think collecting that gov'ment check and chatting on their new Obama Phone sound a lot easier than mining coal...(I only half jest...)

I hate them all, those bleeping bastards. And every freeper on the prediction thread was all “over 300”. Sigh!

[ OMG! How could Barone and even Steve Forbes have called it for a Romney landslide! How! ]

Hurricane Sandy and Judas Christie changed everything on the east coast.

OKAY... Let me get this straight...

According to Rasmussen, voter ID has switched about 13.5% in favor of Republicans since 2008.

Independents are overwhelmingly going towards Romney.

Many Democrates are voting for Romney.

2010 was a BLOWOUT for Republicans.

Republicans are highly motivated to throw these jokers out, because of the garbage they’ve foisted on the country.

And this MARXIST actually stands a chance of winning AGAIN??!!

You’ve got to be kidding me!! Something sure doesn’t smell right here!

So it’s Ohio after all. It will be a long week, not a long night, not with the provisional ballots write-ins, challenges, and that is if we’re lucky. It will probably be Florida all over again on steroids.

Fox is bombing tonight. They suck. I don’t know who is feeding them numbers, but they are getting it wrong.

We have Obamacare forever


Oh my beloved freepers, how can we get back to our free republic, the us of a, if we can’t fight the mouthpiece media?

“What is wrong with these voters??”

The problem is the beltway GOP. A herd of freelancing “maverick” RINOs allowed the kenyan to skate for 4 years.

If the kenyan wins this means war on them. Bye Bye Boehner, McConnell, Gramnesty, etc.

OK, losing NH is actually a big deal. Romney must now win Ohio.

Nobody is even discussing polling science. It’s like everyone is dragging out magic black boxes. This is so disgusting. It’s worse than global warming.

Obama just pulled ahead in FL

oh my beloved freepers, how can we get back to our free republic, the us of a, if we can’t fight the mouthpiece media?

By creating our own mouthpiece media and using it just as ruthlessly as they do. Sane people are not in the majority right now- a dark cloud. But even the darkest clouds have silver linings. We are in the "outsider" position that the 60s radicals occupied- we need to learn to use the advantages that gives us.

Obama is "the man" now. The Dems are "the establishment" Everything from here on out is their fault and we must scream that 24/7/365.

Don’t give up on Fla. yet. Rove said one of Obama’s counties switched so we will be watching Fla. for awhile yet.

Then Fix is In. How else can you explain what is happening.

Blacks did not vote, young people did not vote, and Democrats overall did not vote, so are they trying to tell us that Republicans went big for Obama?

I feel a scam that was engineered long before the first vote was cast, and if that turns out to be the case, then it’s time to start loading the weapons for war!

I have to think there is immense voter fraud. How could this be? I know we have a ton of stupid people but THIS many?


Live with it?

That won’t be possible.
The national civilian army has their orders, REVENGE, there is no living with it.
Robespierre is pissed.

The idiotic commens about rape and abortion by some of the republican senate candidates really hurt.

The republicans really need to do a better job vetting senate candidates.

The days of GOP landslides are over.

Demographics no longer allow it.

Too tough to overcome overwhelming black racism and Hispanics who still largely still believe the notion that Republicans hate them.

That shows Romneyy winning......we need to sit back, BREATH and figure out WTH is going on, Google is still calling PA for Romney.

Dick Morris says "Wait a minute"

Dick Morris ✔ @DickMorrisTweet #election2012 I think they are calling states way to soon. Stick around and watch the actual vote counts in Penn and Wisc

Goodnight Dick and everybody, I have an early meeting in the morning, this is not worth my health.

The national civilian army has their orders, REVENGE, there is no living with it.

I say bring it. I have lived a good life and served my country in time of war. I am ready.

First of all, it’s not over yet.

Second of all, keep your pity party to yourself. Cry in your own beer if you must, but buck up and bite your tongue.

Imagine all the Huff Post and DUers reading your posts and laughing so hard, their bellies hurt.

Do you REALLY want to give such satisfaction to your opponents?

I didn’t think so.

So everybody just pull your pants up, tuck your chin in, and keep fighting. If not for yourself, for your children and grandchildre

Elizabeth Warren won
NH for Obama
Mn just went Obama.

The worst part is, hippies and commies don’t reproduce! We’ve allowed them to take over our schools at all levels and brainwash our conservative kids into hippies and commies!

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the gender gap - really kills Romney across the board.

Romney still has a shot-—there is still Florida, Ohio, and Virginia.

Oh, for God’s sakes, people! IT HAS NOT BEEN CALLED TOTALLY FOR OBAMA!!! Until that happens....at ease with the doom and gloom!

Guess we’ll find out what Hussein’s flexibility with Russia is. This is disgusting. I hate half of my country. I do not have any respect for them.

I hate PA. REALLY. Its nothing but a toxic waste dump of Gimmeee union thugs and Welfare Queens anymore.

I will never believe that fool Dick Morris’ predictions again.

I didn’t for a second.

But all of them need to go...Rove, Morris, that one guy who isn’t Rove with the glasses - all of them.

Forbes, George Will needs to go back to writing baseball books - all of them. They are utterly and thoroughly discredited from the results tonight.

How long before Obama launches strikes against Israel?

Yes, even if Romney somehow squeaks out the night, living Jews will become a rarity in the Middle East within the decade based on tonight’s results.

Vote fraud won Ohio

I bet the GOP doesn’t challenge anything at all.

Polling places invaded. Machines faulty. you name it.

The GOP won’t do anything.

I wouldn’t call it hate, but no respect. The people we give charity to, ask for more. The people we fight to give freedom, want more socialism. I will not raise my son to believe this is a country worth fighting for. The country I knew is dead.

Mitt Romney Central ‏@RomneyCentral

Retweet if you have faith in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and Ohio! We can still win this thing!

Romney Central just now on Twitter

I really enjoy and appreciate all of the folks wearing the rose colored glasses tonight and I raise my glass to you.

But .....

....From an actuarial science and pure metric perspective game over unless there is a big voter fraud fest heading our way.

Reality sucks, but it is reality.

” Screw every O voter and I hope they rot in hell!”

That’s the spirit. Our company only hires right-wing conservatives and NO libtards nor Dems. It’s easy to spot them in the interviews.

We plan to fire the liberal tomorrow as I posted a thread before that we only hired this POS because we needed a scapegoat and make us feel better IF Odumbo wins tomorrow.

I’m making a list of states I will NEVER again visit.

If necessary, I’ll pay for longer flights or longer car rides to fly/drive around them! If I ever gain employment again, I will refuse business trips to those states. I’m done with any but Red states!

Oh, and all my extra $$ will go to purchase guns and ammo.

Right now Fox has Electoral votes...


For whatever it’s worth. Fl and Va still too close to call..

Not for nothing the GOP is called the stupid party.

Claire McCaskill just wiped out Todd Akin.

Today sucks.

I hate saying I told you so, but if you look, Romney and the whole GOP starting to slide right after that idiot said what he said. We never regained our footing. That plus the moron in Indiana and the fat moron in NJ sunk Romney.

We are not going to lose this

I am totally with you! This Country has the stupidest population on the planet to vote for this piece of garbage. Now I am going to have the beer I did not think I would need. Screw every O voter and I hope they rot in hell!

Not stupid. Just greedy and lazy

Ohio just went to Obama.


GAME OVER! Time for Texas to secede.


I just want to extend a big FU to John Roberts. You could have killed Obamacare, but you are a coward. I will never forget what you did, you traitor!!!!


Adios, America.

Ohio was just called for that commie disgusting pig.

Dear God. America is finished.

It’s not over yet. Mitt has NC, and Florida may very well go for RR. And it looks like Mittens may very well win the popular vote(a nice albatross to hang around Barry’s neck for the next four years if he wins)

Next Steps? This..

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another...

When actual counting is done, the number of ties or close to ties will probably be statistically astounding, and the reason for that: Rat cheating, proportioned by the amount that the early voting told them they needed.

Mitt, take a cue from Al Gore. Don’t concede, and sue like mad. Even if you lose, at least cast some light.

The Apocalypse has begun.

Yep. Join the Free Shit Army, where you get whatever you want the government to give you just cuz, and where math and reason don’t exist cuz there’s a reality show on TV and like omigod did you see what Kim Kardashian did?

Yeah. Our country is f’ed up beyond belief.

MSNBC Calls it for Obama.

All the FReepers on here who poo poo’d polls need to apologize.

New goal: prepare for collapse, and hope I can be included among the few left to rebuild — me, my family, and I.
Oh, and buy gold.
God is in control.

Romney camp says it aint over til it’s over!
Stand by for riots.

Karl Rove has some explainin’ to do hahahahah.

Rove making a good case on Fox for Ohio could still go for Mitt when counting done.

It’s not over. Ohio is down to a 900 vote difference. FOX may end up looking like fools.

If Rove is right, I swear I’ll never call him Tokyo Rove again....


Rove and the GOP and company pulled out the stops to get another milquetoast RINO nominated and once again, he loses to a hard left Marxist. McLame II.

A hard conservative would have beaten the faggot Kenyan commie handily. When you run socialist light vs commie, the base will pick the true commie every time.

Time to re-register from the Republican Party. I am done with the GOP. I am now and forever independent or decline to state or anything but Republican.

Call me when there is a Conservative Party and I will register with them. Tomorrow, I’m going down to the DMV and re-register out of the Republican party. They just got my last votes. I hope they think it was worth it.

FU Michael Barone, Dick Morris,

I’m surprised people actually believed them,,,especially clinton toady morris. Now morris will be on Fox tomorrow offering all kinds of excuses as to whey he was wrong. I actually believe morris claiming a Romney landslide was a deliberate ploy to make some Republicans not vote because they thought their vote wouldn’t be needed.

Live Free or Die and all that.
I take that statement very seriously.

I’m terrified for my 5 month old who is still in the proverbial oven.
What a horrid life he will have. Will he even believe the life I was able to experience for the first 30 years of my life (until now?).

Groaning with agony over here.

Just like South Africa- the same.dam. thing.

Why us real American’s allowed sanctioned invasion by the 3rds world I’ll never understand. Why we hate our own dominance and success makes no sense to me.

These white women and young white thing there are truly other parties who want to sit and have a moral good faith conversation about moving “forward”.

They are nuts, all these other actors in the world just want to destroy you and/or subjugate us ASAP. Why? Because they aren’t dumb, they have watched how we live these years and WANT IT BAD.

Hell, if we are willing to give it away, they are happy to snatch it and laugh all the way to the bank.

If it weren’t so dam dark (I can deal with cold), I’d move us to Alaska ASAP. At least it is geographically separated and has a real chance at semi-peaceful secession.

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