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15. The article about more than "just one poll"
Wed Sep 7, 2016, 02:08 PM
Sep 2016

It is about negative trends in every swing state which have been in place since the convention. Trends that if they continue much longer could cause Hillary to lose her leads in key swing states and perhaps even lose the election.

However, I hearty agree that "hoping" is not enough. The purpose of my post and the article presented is to get everyone off their butts and doing every thinig they can personally to GOTV.

Election 2016 Too Close for Comfort [View all] CajunBlazer Sep 2016 OP
Aything short of double digits is "too close to call" for me. FBaggins Sep 2016 #1
Ditto. Prollee a cheat underway. I do not believe anything is remotely close. lonestarnot Sep 2016 #6
Not close? CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #30
I keep waiting daligirrl Sep 2016 #2
I have observed much complacency on DU CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #5
Well, here's a little disturbance for you. The election Hortensis Sep 2016 #8
I hope they are right, but.... CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #9
That's very wise, and I agree that the past cannot Hortensis Sep 2016 #10
I really don't see the benifit of one amateur supporter presuming.... CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #12
I understand you don't like your message of concern Hortensis Sep 2016 #16
If you don't want to read the article, fine - just go to Nate Silver's website CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #20
CajunBlazer, we loved hearing the huge margins Hortensis Sep 2016 #21
I don't think we are very far apart CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #24
Well, I do agree. Except that we had no Hortensis Sep 2016 #26
Agree fully on all CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #28
Exactly how the media likes it rock Sep 2016 #3
That is not a rational answer CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #4
Somehow I feel that you make be slightly prejudice rock Sep 2016 #11
I am very prejudice towards "Cajun's Comments" CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #13
I'm starting to get nervous Lsantos04 Sep 2016 #7
You're getting nervous over one poll? DesertRat Sep 2016 #14
The article about more than "just one poll" CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #15
It's going to be a wipeout. n/t Lil Missy Sep 2016 #17
Why should I believe that? CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #18
I don't care one iota whether you believe that. Lil Missy Sep 2016 #27
Fair enough - better question, why do you believe that? CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #29
Oh, you are back to spamming your own blog. demmiblue Sep 2016 #19
Check the DU rules CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #22
With all the push back you are getting, did you ever consider William769 Sep 2016 #23
No, because I am not presenting my opinions, I am presenting facts CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #25
Update: Hillary's changes of winning the election fall to 68.8% CajunBlazer Sep 2016 #31
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