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2016 Postmortem

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Ken Burch

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Sun Jul 31, 2016, 05:54 AM Jul 2016

It's one thing to ask Sanders people to support the ticket...that's fair and legitimate... [View all]

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but is it really necessary to treat the Sanders movement as if it was a total failure? As if we got nothing at all for what we did?

Hillary herself isn't being like that. Can't you follow her lead?

A handful of Sanders people were jerks in Philly. The vast majority of former Sanders supporters have condemned and repudiated the stupidity. It's not fair to act as though ALL of us are responsible for that.

And it serves no purpose to sneer at the very idea of Bernie ever having run.

You're making it hard for those of us who have been trying to reach the holdouts, and you're being personally unfair to Bernie, who has done everything you asked of him and will continue to do so. It looks as though some of you care more about humiliating the guy and destroying the mass movement he's trying to create, a movement that has to continue if any sort of change is to happen, than you do about holding on to the presidency in November.

In the name of unity and victory, please stop damaging the people who are TRYING to help.

Is that really too much to ask?

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If you see this happening grubbs Jul 2016 #1
Bernie bashing is allowed slightly less than AllyCat Jul 2016 #14
Only the Bernie supporters who heckled Hillary oberliner Jul 2016 #33
I have not heckled Hillary. And yet I have been AllyCat Jul 2016 #50
Well that is unfortunate oberliner Jul 2016 #51
Or the ones that heckled bernie Tiggeroshii Jul 2016 #75
Absolutely correct. JudyM Jul 2016 #46
This is not the normal course for a primary process... MrScorpio Jul 2016 #2
That goes for everyone, including Clinton AllyCat Jul 2016 #15
Just remember, it's individuals. Amimnoch Jul 2016 #27
A lot of the radicals on both sides don't seem to be true supporters Chathamization Jul 2016 #36
I think it will eventually turn out that there was lots of RW infiltration on both sides. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #44
My local Dems and Progressives group largely supported Sanders and since the DNC, AllyCat Aug 2016 #95
I'm glad your group is like that and never meant anything against those people. Ken Burch Aug 2016 #96
Thank you for that. n/t. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #43
It'd help a lot if broad-minded folks like you would speak out against hate-filled posts. JudyM Jul 2016 #47
Thank you for that LiberalLovinLug Jul 2016 #79
This was never about just this primary or election cycle. TDale313 Jul 2016 #55
Sometimes what you see is a reaction to those who think Sanders just saved humanity from itself. randome Jul 2016 #3
I'm voting for Hillary but I'm not vocal about it. That's too bad. tecelote Jul 2016 #4
I'll agree. And will you agree that some Sanders supporters will stop acting like the got NOTHING glennward Jul 2016 #5
Yes. n/t. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #41
k&r Lunabell Jul 2016 #6
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #7
Some people just want to pick fights and stir shit. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #8
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2016 #9
If you are seeing widespread unity, I would love to take a walk through GD-P with you... JudyM Jul 2016 #48
I hear you. I actually was a Sanders supporter. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #52
Can you give me some examples name of threads DLCWIdem Jul 2016 #54
I dont support the protesters, either. They were rude and out of line. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #56
thank you for saying that. I actually have forgotten about it because what the Dems did DLCWIdem Jul 2016 #61
I also think the cable news media focused inordinately on the protest stuff Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #71
Some of us would like to stay in this community but the level of continued verbal aggression against JudyM Aug 2016 #90
If it maks you feel better Coolest Ranger Jul 2016 #10
Social media is a train wreck... NCTraveler Jul 2016 #23
I'm sorry you were put throught that on Facebook. n/t. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #45
There is another perspective on this BainsBane Jul 2016 #11
Well said! That "gendered subtext" looms large rjsquirrel Jul 2016 #12
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2016 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author grubbs Jul 2016 #16
Enjoy your stay ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jul 2016 #17
Man. That was fast! grubbs Jul 2016 #20
Wow. You have captured my thoughts exactly. Justice Jul 2016 #18
Well said, BainsBane. brer cat Jul 2016 #19
As usual Bainsbane,you hit the nail on the head. nt sufrommich Jul 2016 #22
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2016 #25
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #26
Brilliantly put, as always. n/t. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #42
Yeah, those peeps apparently dont like Atheists, either. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #57
+1 Hiraeth Jul 2016 #66
Well said. Arby Jul 2016 #28
Indeed. I am rooting for Hillary to do the right thing. Lucky Luciano Jul 2016 #32
The gender subtext... Lucky Luciano Jul 2016 #31
It's more like blindly calling her useless when you refuse to listen or read up on her.... bettyellen Jul 2016 #38
Exactly! Mellomugwump Jul 2016 #40
He was there fighting years before and was standing WITH her those YEARS ago. onecaliberal Jul 2016 #72
How so? BainsBane Jul 2016 #80
He should get credit for what he did before she got there, look at his record. onecaliberal Aug 2016 #84
I have looked at his record BainsBane Aug 2016 #88
But it wasn't single payer BainsBane Jul 2016 #73
She sent Bernie a note of thanks for healthcare support in 1993. Just adding to the discussion. floriduck Aug 2016 #86
thank you obamanut2012 Jul 2016 #62
This exactly. bettyellen Jul 2016 #68
+1000! DemonGoddess Jul 2016 #70
Beautifully said. Thanks. yardwork Jul 2016 #74
Well said!! Thank you for that response. SaveOurDemocracy Jul 2016 #78
Boom! sheshe2 Jul 2016 #82
It's interesting for me to notice that many never realized the most pervasive types of cronyism bettyellen Aug 2016 #91
Indeeed BainsBane Aug 2016 #93
I see you have put the very large roller you were painting with away. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #21
Hillary and Bernie are being very professional adults about this IronLionZion Jul 2016 #24
Bernie won too. We all won. bekkilyn Jul 2016 #29
Go!!!!!!! zonkers Jul 2016 #59
It wasn't a total failure!! It was a resounding success!! n/t renie408 Jul 2016 #30
I will always feel the bern. zonkers Jul 2016 #58
Me too democrattotheend Jul 2016 #64
Who is doing that? MineralMan Jul 2016 #34
No one. BainsBane Jul 2016 #81
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #35
Have not seen people sneering but am personally still bothered about the tax returns.... bettyellen Jul 2016 #37
Bernie released his 2014 tax returns democrattotheend Jul 2016 #65
No, he never released what was promised- and said they were filed.... bettyellen Jul 2016 #67
This message was self-deleted by its author John Poet Aug 2016 #89
Is what you've described actually happening here? NurseJackie Jul 2016 #39
no obamanut2012 Jul 2016 #63
I've read here and elsewhere that Clinton supporters did same in 2008. I wasn't here so don't know. George Eliot Jul 2016 #49
It's an anonymous message board, I wouldn't take anything here too seriously. n/t Lil Missy Jul 2016 #53
Since last Monday, I've seen lots of Clinton supporters expressing appreciation lapucelle Jul 2016 #60
I am grateful to all who have been conciliatory. n/t. Ken Burch Aug 2016 #94
there is definitely some divisive bullshit from a minority on both sides fishwax Jul 2016 #69
"a movement that has to continue if any sort of change is to happen" KMOD Jul 2016 #76
+1 (nt) LongtimeAZDem Jul 2016 #77
What I've seen here in the past week or so ... NanceGreggs Aug 2016 #83
I am working for victory. I'm on your side. Ken Burch Aug 2016 #85
That's the point, Ken. NanceGreggs Aug 2016 #87
+1, This whole OP meme has a very disingenuous "quit beating your wife" R B Garr Aug 2016 #92
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