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2016 Postmortem

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38. Kansas is irrelevant!
Wed Jul 27, 2016, 03:44 PM
Jul 2016

The election will be decided by the turnout of the Democratic base of minorities and women in the large urban centers of swing states.

Trump could eat a baby on national TV and still carry Kansas.

Is any of this WORKING? [View all] auntpurl Jul 2016 OP
Well, I live in Kansas, and I don't know anybody here who doesn't HATE Rump. MoonRiver Jul 2016 #1
Well everybody LOVE him that lives in Missouri, except I. onecent Jul 2016 #3
Interesting, because I used to live in St. Louis. Moved a year after 9/11, so it's been awhile. MoonRiver Jul 2016 #5
Yeah, nobody I know is supporting Trump either auntpurl Jul 2016 #10
Just because there's no response doesn't mean they aren't listening. nt TeamPooka Jul 2016 #2
God I hope so nt auntpurl Jul 2016 #4
My neighbor has had a Trump sign Duckhunter935 Jul 2016 #6
Yes, the GOPers are Iliyah Jul 2016 #7
Ooh, I hope so. auntpurl Jul 2016 #9
It has to look like a horse race... Blanks Jul 2016 #8
Yes. Yes, please let that be true. auntpurl Jul 2016 #11
Real polling on the effects of national events takes a few days. BobbyDrake Jul 2016 #12
I know, I know. auntpurl Jul 2016 #14
Glad to hear it. Today, some major stuff happened. It will take time to get through BobbyDrake Jul 2016 #18
I will! auntpurl Jul 2016 #20
I listen to these people at the local bar Dem2 Jul 2016 #13
This is true PasadenaTrudy Jul 2016 #36
Give it a minute Trump renie408 Jul 2016 #15
Yes, you're right. auntpurl Jul 2016 #16
I watched an interview with a woman supporting Trump; they don't care. procon Jul 2016 #17
How many of them are there? auntpurl Jul 2016 #19
Oh yeah... PasadenaTrudy Jul 2016 #41
Well, that's where we come in. Orsino Jul 2016 #21
Yeah. auntpurl Jul 2016 #22
Have a full blown trump nut duncang Jul 2016 #23
My partner's brother is visiting LoverOfLiberty Jul 2016 #24
Are they patriotic? Will they be bothered by the Russian connection? auntpurl Jul 2016 #25
He's like a lot of others who have commented LoverOfLiberty Jul 2016 #26
This is what I'm wondering. auntpurl Jul 2016 #27
Also, don't miss the line about being afraid LoverOfLiberty Jul 2016 #28
Right. Yes. auntpurl Jul 2016 #29
"Women and POC will save us this election" workinclasszero Jul 2016 #44
It's easy to manipulate people with fear when they're ignorant and uneducated. Avalux Jul 2016 #30
Very true. auntpurl Jul 2016 #35
Absolutely. Avalux Jul 2016 #48
Sadly - there are plenty of them. prarie deem Jul 2016 #31
It must be very hard keeping the faith in such a red area! auntpurl Jul 2016 #34
Thank you so much. prarie deem Jul 2016 #68
I feel your pain, prarie deem Beantighe Jul 2016 #73
Once the Dem convention is over and Trump's mini-bump from his convention recedes . . . brush Jul 2016 #32
Yes, the polls in a week should be more enlightening! auntpurl Jul 2016 #33
I'd say it needs about the 100 days ahead to work, but it will work. And may this never happen again ancianita Jul 2016 #37
Amen! auntpurl Jul 2016 #39
Kansas is irrelevant! texstad79 Jul 2016 #38
I will get down on my knees and thank women and POC auntpurl Jul 2016 #40
Some republicans I work with hate Trump workinclasszero Jul 2016 #42
Suggest they vote for Gary Johnson. auntpurl Jul 2016 #43
That's a dang good idea auntpurl! workinclasszero Jul 2016 #45
My husband has started doing this at our local public golf course whenever he encounters a skylucy Jul 2016 #46
Interesting! auntpurl Jul 2016 #47
It's not going to work on... Buckeye_Democrat Jul 2016 #49
Great history, thank you. nt auntpurl Jul 2016 #52
Auntpurl, Turin_C3PO Jul 2016 #50
One of the things I notice about living in the UK auntpurl Jul 2016 #53
Answer is GOTV! emulatorloo Jul 2016 #51
YOU BET! auntpurl Jul 2016 #54
Republicans are also voting for what they see as the lesser azmom Jul 2016 #55
There it is. Throd Jul 2016 #70
Kansas has seen up close and personal what a crazy Republican can do. redstatebluegirl Jul 2016 #56
That *thing* can't open his ugly mouth without something loathesome, treasonous... ailsagirl Jul 2016 #57
No, it's not working maxsolomon Jul 2016 #58
we need to GO LEFT. EXCLAIM MORE CHANGE. more of the SAME will NOT WORK. pansypoo53219 Jul 2016 #59
I don't know what to make of it all, either. GoCubsGo Jul 2016 #60
Peoples' opinions on Hillary Clinton are set in concrete. bklyncowgirl Jul 2016 #61
Great post. bigwillq Jul 2016 #63
I'm expecting I'll need my asbestos underwear. nt bklyncowgirl Jul 2016 #66
I already have on two pair bigwillq Jul 2016 #67
Not as well as it should. runaway hero Jul 2016 #62
We love it but the repubs are just going to focus unitedwethrive Jul 2016 #64
It won't work with some Andrew73 Jul 2016 #65
I had a little victory yesterday - prarie deem Jul 2016 #69
I don't think Joe Workingguy are reachable or persuadable BlueStateLib Jul 2016 #71
People here have never fully comprehended how much she's detested Arazi Jul 2016 #72
I sadly agree prarie deem Jul 2016 #74
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