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2016 Postmortem

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BERNIE SANDERS APPRECIATION THREAD [View all] DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 OP
Sanders took back the words liberal, leftie, and progressive lapucelle Jul 2016 #1
Bernie proved that liberal and progressive aren't dirty words adigal Jul 2016 #112
My primary guy, amazing and extremely moving end to the roll call vote. emulatorloo Jul 2016 #2
He will work in the Senate to make this a more progressive country. Hillary and Bernie will work to upaloopa Jul 2016 #3
We need Bernie enid602 Jul 2016 #52
Democrats are grateful for what Bernie has done. He has set the foundation to move the Democratic still_one Jul 2016 #4
The most progressive platform ever. Bernie spoke for the people making our message heard bjobotts Jul 2016 #97
My mensch, for the people, all the way. Love you Bernie, and will follow you anywhere. Even here. highprincipleswork Jul 2016 #5
He is putting the country above his own interests nt Fresh_Start Jul 2016 #6
We are now united!!!!!!! than you Sen Sanders Peacetrain Jul 2016 #7
He has made me so proud. kestrel91316 Jul 2016 #8
Few people in his position are as down to earth, sincere and honest as Bernie. I hope his power floriduck Jul 2016 #9
No doubt that it will workinclasszero Jul 2016 #19
a good man, a man of integrity, nt geek tragedy Jul 2016 #10
I have never trusted a politician more to do the right thing. Qutzupalotl Jul 2016 #11
+ 1000. whathehell Jul 2016 #86
I am glad to have him Andy823 Jul 2016 #12
Thank you Bernie. You have done so much! montana_hazeleyes Jul 2016 #13
His work has only just begun. Please stand by. BigBearJohn Jul 2016 #14
I believe that's right! workinclasszero Jul 2016 #17
I thank Bernie Sanders from the bottom of my heart workinclasszero Jul 2016 #15
Such an amazing man, thank you Bernie! Even though #ImWithHer You're still the man. onecaliberal Jul 2016 #16
As a strong liberal who's farther left than Hillary is and Hortensis Jul 2016 #18
Bernie is a great leader, we need his continued engagement as well for our future. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #20
Bernie is a real Democrat.. coco77 Jul 2016 #21
Even die hard Hillary supporters owe him a debt of gratitude senseandsensibility Jul 2016 #22
Wow, I truly wish I could say what I really thought about this thread... insta8er Jul 2016 #23
Go ahead. senseandsensibility Jul 2016 #24
I just think he likes the Skyrnd version of Simple man better. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #26
Lol senseandsensibility Jul 2016 #29
I couldn't find anything by Skyrnd without a Confederate flag. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #32
You want to say you like the Skynrd version of Simple Man better!!! DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #25
but you can't? bonemachine Jul 2016 #27
I just think he likes the Skyrnd version of Simple man better. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #30
no stupidicus Jul 2016 #51
I commend him for bringing important issues to the table bluestateguy Jul 2016 #28
Thank you Bernie for your efforts and fighting a good fight, hughee99 Jul 2016 #31
+1000 pangaia Jul 2016 #37
He very passionate. NurseJackie Jul 2016 #33
I was very moved by his participation in the roll call vote. wildeyed Jul 2016 #34
He loathes Donald Trump and finds him as despicable as I do. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #35
Good man, great character, the definition of integrity MelSC Jul 2016 #36
He has energized young voters everywhere ismnotwasm Jul 2016 #38
+1 spooky3 Jul 2016 #68
He ran an honorable primary campaign, Nye Bevan Jul 2016 #39
Grace and class! mcar Jul 2016 #40
He has made the BlueMTexpat Jul 2016 #41
Really kind of hard to glean sincerity from this thread considering all of those who retrowire Jul 2016 #42
as it would be for any reasonable and objective witness to it stupidicus Jul 2016 #53
Yeah, I noticed that too Bettie Jul 2016 #83
I think, Bernie and the enthusiasm he brought to the primary mountain grammy Jul 2016 #43
One excellent result of his long campaign... HeartoftheMidwest Jul 2016 #96
Senator Sanders has made a difference. Ilsa Jul 2016 #44
Bernie Sanders has made a permanent progressive change in the Democratic party. 4lbs Jul 2016 #45
his campaign was never about him renate Jul 2016 #46
A hard worker, a visionary leader who truly loves his fellow humans. A mensch. Still In Wisconsin Jul 2016 #47
Senator Sanders has reaffirmed my faith in the potential of the American People to do Great Things. bluedigger Jul 2016 #48
Virtually unknown but nearly won the nomination by speaking the truth & refusing big money bjobotts Jul 2016 #98
Tireless in doing what's right for the greater good. VOX Jul 2016 #49
I'm happy... Skid Rogue Jul 2016 #50
A man cannabis_flower Jul 2016 #54
Bernie has changed American politics uawchild Jul 2016 #55
Bernie got the ball rolling. Bluzmann57 Jul 2016 #56
An inspiration GoldenSF Jul 2016 #57
I have the utmost respect for Bernie and the way he has redstateblues Jul 2016 #58
He's a soulful dude BeyondGeography Jul 2016 #59
The fire he lit will continue... N_E_1 for Tennis Jul 2016 #60
A fine person LyndaG Jul 2016 #61
He is one of the adults in the room... NCTraveler Jul 2016 #62
Bernie, we love you! Thank you so much for all you've done in the past 13 mos. downeastdaniel Jul 2016 #63
Go ahead and give him credit for 40 more years back as well. lol nt retrowire Jul 2016 #115
I will support this man until the day I die! Go Bernie Go! I will always Feel the Bern! Feeling the Bern Jul 2016 #64
Bernie is the spark that started humbled_opinion Jul 2016 #65
A good person who keeps his focus on the issues, not himself. jalan48 Jul 2016 #66
Onward, to turn Congress blue. Bernie can lead the effort. #StrongerTogether. L. Coyote Jul 2016 #67
Thank you Senator Sanders wysi Jul 2016 #69
A true class act all the way DeeDeeNY Jul 2016 #70
Progressivism is safe with him. Lifelong Protester Jul 2016 #71
He won Hawaii.... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #72
Classy guy who brought issues most have ignored into the light. Scuba Jul 2016 #73
He held big bank beholden neo-liberal Dems' feet to the fire Chiquitita Jul 2016 #74
Still feeling the Bern! jonestonesusa Jul 2016 #75
he won my vote shireen Jul 2016 #76
I trust he will do as he says and help get our nominee elected. riversedge Jul 2016 #77
He did a classy thing last night auntpurl Jul 2016 #78
He has helped articulate our goals... Orsino Jul 2016 #79
passionate man, honest, with integrity, fights for what he thinks is right Grey Lemercier Jul 2016 #80
Bernie is the MAN!!! dicksmc3 Jul 2016 #81
Bernie is the MAN!!! dicksmc3 Jul 2016 #82
I love Bernie, lark Jul 2016 #84
Bernie is the MOST trustworthy politician I've seen in my entire 66 year life whathehell Jul 2016 #85
I agree G_j Jul 2016 #91
Yep.. whathehell Jul 2016 #99
"Wellstonian" nt jonno99 Jul 2016 #104
Yes, Paul Wellstone, another great progressive. n/t whathehell Jul 2016 #111
He restored my faith in government and politicians LittleGirl Jul 2016 #87
Bernie sets the standard for what the Democrats can become, once again. Thank you Bernie, never FighttheFuture Jul 2016 #88
Thank you Bernie. aidbo Jul 2016 #89
The greatest Presidential candidate in my lifetime. n/t Greybnk48 Jul 2016 #90
Donated $1000 to his campaign. chknltl Jul 2016 #92
I became a fan of Bernie's when he started.... prairierose Jul 2016 #93
Bernie will always have my respect, Delmette Jul 2016 #94
I worked for Bernie, in Iowa and Missouri, and I will continue to work for his ideals. LongTomH Jul 2016 #95
R.E.S.P.E.C.T Duppers Jul 2016 #100
k&r Bernie has shown himself to be a unifier - and a statesman. nt jonno99 Jul 2016 #101
Bernie is a man after my own heart. geardaddy Jul 2016 #102
Bernie Sanders: Powerful Progressive, a mighty ally to have to defeat Republicans from top to BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #103
K&R LW1977 Jul 2016 #105
Bernie's picture should be in the dictionary... JaneQPublic Jul 2016 #106
Perfect! Thank you. vlakitti Jul 2016 #107
It would be hard to find a person that has been WHEN CRABS ROAR Jul 2016 #108
I admire and respect him. TNNurse Jul 2016 #109
Hats off to Bernie Elmergantry Jul 2016 #110
I'm glad he's on our side. Scurrilous Jul 2016 #113
He speaks for me. hwmnbn Jul 2016 #114
Tough as nails, smart as hell, and generous of spirit mahina Jul 2016 #116
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