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2016 Postmortem

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Mon Jul 25, 2016, 03:00 PM Jul 2016

As a Bernie supporter, I apologize for the crazies among us [View all]

I just got into an argument with 2 nasty Bernie or Bust people who, despite their professed support for Bernie, felt he deserves to be booed for endorsing Hillary. They said they were voting for Jill and walked away haughtily before I could respond. These people don't speak for Bernie, they don't speak for me, and they don't speak for the vast majority of us who support Bernie.

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Thank you. sarae Jul 2016 #1
This, every word. auntpurl Jul 2016 #10
90% of Bernie supporters are voting for Hillary according to MSNBC. Your experience was minimal bjobotts Jul 2016 #161
What are you responding to? sarae Jul 2016 #167
Don't Hate the Player liberalmike27 Jul 2016 #187
No surprise there. Urchin Jul 2016 #189
thank God and the Goddess OKNancy Jul 2016 #2
Unity Hug itsrobert Jul 2016 #3
Thank you - I voted Bernie in primary. This election is too important for ego voting. we can do it Jul 2016 #4
Same here ! Pluvious Jul 2016 #156
And guess what's gonna get ALL the coverage tonight and tomorrow morning? calimary Jul 2016 #164
I agree. Renaissance Man Jul 2016 #5
+1,0000. Exactly. Euphoria Jul 2016 #7
Quoting myself from below.... Wounded Bear Jul 2016 #14
It is literally, LITERALLY like voting against Hitler. auntpurl Jul 2016 #16
It is not literally, nor figuratively like voting for Hitler. Hitler created industrialized murder JudyM Jul 2016 #28
I disagree completely. auntpurl Jul 2016 #38
Hitler did far, far more than "detain and imprison" people. You might want to read up on the JudyM Jul 2016 #46
I am not saying it's already happened, I'm saying this is how it STARTS. auntpurl Jul 2016 #48
this! ^^^^^^^^^^ Grey Lemercier Jul 2016 #112
Well, then why not go back and call for killing trump when he was a child Craig234 Jul 2016 #150
This. Trump is a proto-fascist and/or populist/nationalist. jack_krass Jul 2016 #172
When he has stated that he could "shoot somebody and not lose voters" LiberalFighter Jul 2016 #62
No, it wouldn't. Craig234 Jul 2016 #152
Your math doesn't add up. LiberalFighter Jul 2016 #171
That was my point Craig234 Jul 2016 #178
How do you know Trump's not like that? sarae Jul 2016 #55
Germany at that point in time was a far, far different place than the US is now. If you think we JudyM Jul 2016 #71
What makes you think we would have ANY choice in the matter? auntpurl Jul 2016 #82
I didn't think we might elect a white supremacist for president, either. sarae Jul 2016 #94
And don't forget the religious extremist on the ticket with him. calimary Jul 2016 #146
Agreed. Mike Pence scares the shit out of me, too. sarae Jul 2016 #188
did the bad behavior by Sanders delegates happen earlier today? shireen Jul 2016 #207
Scenario. Grey Lemercier Jul 2016 #139
Widespread panic is not the same as *a leader* who creates massive torture, mass gassing, mass JudyM Jul 2016 #170
you missed the pont, my scenario was only the beggining to a rise to that type of power Grey Lemercier Jul 2016 #184
Just for future reference ... and not to be the spelling police ... brett_jv Jul 2016 #222
Yes! That always bothers me too. maddiemom Jul 2016 #227
Please read ProfessorPlum Jul 2016 #225
This is a powerful compendium. Should be published far and wide. JudyM Jul 2016 #231
Thanks JudyM - I felt just the same way when I first read it all together like that ProfessorPlum Jul 2016 #234
Trump praises Eisenhower's operation wetback as a immigration policy DLCWIdem Jul 2016 #232
You are hurting Hillary's cause Craig234 Jul 2016 #145
Read my further posts in that thread. auntpurl Jul 2016 #147
Trump scares the shit out of me. strategery blunder Jul 2016 #223
Please read ProfessorPlum Jul 2016 #226
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. sarae Jul 2016 #20
Amen, brother. You are a Bernie supporter worthy of respect. Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #25
Amen! Awesome attitude. Tatiana Jul 2016 #75
Great points, Renaissance Man. Thank you. calimary Jul 2016 #174
I voted for him in the primary MiniMe Jul 2016 #6
absolutely! yuiyoshida Jul 2016 #12
Hey, you! Yeah, you ... NurseJackie Jul 2016 #8
Even Bernie endorsed Hillary. JaneyVee Jul 2016 #9
I hear you.... Wounded Bear Jul 2016 #11
It ain't your fault or your problem Loki Liesmith Jul 2016 #13
For what it's worth bekkilyn Jul 2016 #42
Welcome! Blue Idaho Jul 2016 #63
Thanks for the welcome! bekkilyn Jul 2016 #253
Personally I think it will be more than 80%. LiberalFighter Jul 2016 #76
Thank you. Starry Messenger Jul 2016 #15
I just don't understand them. I'd vote for a monkey to keep Trump out of office. Native Jul 2016 #17
+1000 sarae Jul 2016 #61
Ha!!! You nailed it! Pauldg47 Jul 2016 #149
Thank you!!!!!!! tawadi Jul 2016 #190
Yes, thank you. LisaM Jul 2016 #18
that's media manipulation shireen Jul 2016 #209
These people are insane. I voted for Bernie. I saw him in Kissimmee. But I'm 100% for Clinton. RAFisher Jul 2016 #19
Awesome post, thank you. auntpurl Jul 2016 #22
Thank you!! sarae Jul 2016 #27
That is how every Sanders supporter I know (in real life) etherealtruth Jul 2016 #194
Hillary may be getting more support out of their insanity - hope so! n/t moonscape Jul 2016 #197
Thank you! Those crazies are not REAL Bernie supporters! They're anarchists and purity ponies/Greens Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #21
Unfortunately, the crazy ones are getting most of the media attention here democrattotheend Jul 2016 #74
The media NEEDS a horse race. The "supporters" booing Bernie should be shamed and rejected Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #86
+ a million or so! eom BlueMTexpat Jul 2016 #220
Right on! MynameisBlarney Jul 2016 #23
Together we stand lillypaddle Jul 2016 #24
Thank you and I agree relayerbob Jul 2016 #26
Thank you. redstatebluegirl Jul 2016 #29
they also don't get Bernie shireen Jul 2016 #210
No, they called for you to vote for McCain c-ville rook Jul 2016 #243
We understand that these people represent a very, very small crowd. Thank you. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #30
Please, enlighten those not included in your "we" Helen Borg Jul 2016 #37
O.K., maybe you don't understand and that's fine. But there is a small percentage of Bernie Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #47
Don't change topic, please. Helen Borg Jul 2016 #56
No thanks. You don't order me around. Do your own fucking research. There is a very small percentage Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #68
VERY, VERY SMALL, indeed. That is your opinion, got it nt. Helen Borg Jul 2016 #78
His statement is based on published research. You can find it all by yourself. Hekate Jul 2016 #107
Seriously? Squinch Jul 2016 #108
Pew Research Center Poll shireen Jul 2016 #214
Thani you for that. I know you speak the truth about most Bernie supporters. nt glennward Jul 2016 #31
They made the whole thing up. Only 2 Bernie supporters,how about all the others.Attention seeker bjobotts Jul 2016 #165
No need for you to apologize for their actions. 63splitwindow Jul 2016 #32
The crazies, CLEARLY, are not and never were real Bernie supporters. They CLEARLY never Squinch Jul 2016 #33
See comment Craig234 Jul 2016 #154
That's nice. I view them as trolls and ignorant spoiled brats. Squinch Jul 2016 #159
I second that realmirage Jul 2016 #246
Kick and rec. None of us are to blame for the actions of this loud obnoxious minority emulatorloo Jul 2016 #34
Yours is just one Sanders supporter voice, but a welcome one, democrattotheend. Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #35
Thank you mindfulNJ Jul 2016 #36
Many of them have voted Green for a while democrattotheend Jul 2016 #81
Of course there will be Sanders supporters who vote for Trump. David__77 Jul 2016 #39
Thank you DesertRat Jul 2016 #40
What I crack up over is the media claiming Bernie supporters and Trump supporters are the same.... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #41
Well, they're both chanting LOCK HER UP auntpurl Jul 2016 #45
Fecking idiots! Still In Wisconsin Jul 2016 #50
Tiny tiny tiny minority. Like one reply says "how cute, 5 people chanting".... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #52
This was at the CA delegate breakfast. auntpurl Jul 2016 #58
You must be new to politics. Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #117
Uh, no, sunshine. auntpurl Jul 2016 #118
Can we agree any delegates who were chanting for imprisonment of our nominee should be ejected? Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #65
No. Let them vote and lose fair and square.... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #121
Bullshit. Seething, virulent, hateful behavior towards our nominee should not be tolerated. Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #133
She's not the official nominee yet..... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #179
The primaries are fucking over, dnc vote or not realmirage Jul 2016 #247
Did you expect it to be unanimous? Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #250
It's on tape, Spitfire. A lot of us saw it on CNN and MSNBC. Hekate Jul 2016 #119
So? Does that mean you have to throw the TV out the window? Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #123
How about you chill with your condescending tone. realmirage Jul 2016 #248
People are OVERLY pissed at it.... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #249
utterly disgusting shireen Jul 2016 #212
what you said. . . . . . n/t annabanana Jul 2016 #43
The vast majority of Bernie supporters Saviolo Jul 2016 #44
Please provide URL to relevant research and numbers. Helen Borg Jul 2016 #60
Here's a recent article in the Guardian backed by Pew research: Saviolo Jul 2016 #69
Thanks. These are the numbers we need to provide when posting on these topics. Helen Borg Jul 2016 #80
The data are widely available Saviolo Jul 2016 #89
I had not seen them. Helen Borg Jul 2016 #92
It IS a vast majority... any true Bernie supporter who fails to recognize the gravity Still In Wisconsin Jul 2016 #49
Where are the objective data to back this up? Helen Borg Jul 2016 #64
So you are going around harassing people in this thread. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #70
Good choice, LS! brer cat Jul 2016 #122
It does clean up the trash. Loki Jul 2016 #136
all you have to do is look on any website that compares records DLCWIdem Jul 2016 #235
"why is the objective data so important to you?" Helen Borg Jul 2016 #239
well you were subjective when you posted and asked about how many DU were paid by DLCWIdem Jul 2016 #240
And your point is?... Helen Borg Jul 2016 #242
As a Bernie supporter I have this to say: Tiggeroshii Jul 2016 #51
if you ever wondered what you would do in 1930's Germany Fast Walker 52 Jul 2016 #57
^^^That is a fact^^^ Blue Idaho Jul 2016 #66
exactly Fast Walker 52 Jul 2016 #151
Thank you. kstewart33 Jul 2016 #53
Same here. I can only think that these people were never Democrats Fast Walker 52 Jul 2016 #54
We "fall in love" remember? Powdered Toast Man Jul 2016 #101
Many were new to politics Qutzupalotl Jul 2016 #114
There are always some that don't care...unfortunately what these beachbumbob Jul 2016 #59
K&R mcar Jul 2016 #67
Thank you treestar Jul 2016 #72
I had faith that the real Bernie supporters would not be erratic in behavior. LiberalFighter Jul 2016 #73
K&R ismnotwasm Jul 2016 #77
They are shaping public opinion right now... tallahasseedem Jul 2016 #79
Bernie didn't "take it to Philly" democrattotheend Jul 2016 #83
Posts like yours make me embarrassed for painting all Sanders supporters with a broad brush. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #84
Thank you. We are now in the fight of our lives, for this country. As Bernie said... Hekate Jul 2016 #85
If you are going to expand the party, your wide net will catch some odd fish. I agree with LBJ: Attorney in Texas Jul 2016 #87
Common ground. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #88
K&R JoePhilly Jul 2016 #90
Every person is an individual. Amimnoch Jul 2016 #91
Ditto. drm604 Jul 2016 #93
I appreciate the sentiment ... NanceGreggs Jul 2016 #95
Thank you wryter2000 Jul 2016 #96
Me too. HootieMcBoob Jul 2016 #97
They are now booing and chanting DURING the opening prayer csziggy Jul 2016 #98
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #99
Well. Bye bye Felicia. Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #116
I Supported and Voted for Bernie aintitfunny Jul 2016 #100
I love your banner, BTW kestrel91316 Jul 2016 #102
Me too matt819 Jul 2016 #103
Absolutely! HockeyMom Jul 2016 #104
Thank you. I have said all along that the core of Bernie's support were rational Fla Dem Jul 2016 #105
I voted for Bernie in the primaries, and went to his rally eissa Jul 2016 #106
I salute you. Onward to victory! Grey Lemercier Jul 2016 #109
My Allegiance is to: MarkEzra Jul 2016 #110
Wish I could rec this 100 times. The Green Manalishi Jul 2016 #111
No need to apologize. All families have crazy people. You ought to meet my sisters. tonyt53 Jul 2016 #113
No apologies needed, Sanders supporters, your candidate.... Moonwalk Jul 2016 #115
Since you're not doing it, personally, you're not responsible Cary Jul 2016 #120
Thanks to you and ALL the Bernie people who aren't joining in the self-defeating Hillary-hate. n/t pnwmom Jul 2016 #124
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #125
welcome to DU shireen Jul 2016 #215
Agreed. They don't speak for Bernie and they don't speak for me. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #126
And maybe they are Republicans! You just don't know. In my view, any Bernie supporter Akamai Jul 2016 #127
It takes a lot to be allowed into a convention. These are not Republicans. WinkyDink Jul 2016 #143
You didn't say where this argument took place. You are saying this took place in convention hall. Akamai Jul 2016 #192
I agree Third Doctor Jul 2016 #128
Those people weren't booing Sanders they were booing the idea for voting for Hillary... raindaddy Jul 2016 #129
Would you have accepted that at the 2008 convention? LisaM Jul 2016 #130
That was a completely different convention... raindaddy Jul 2016 #148
Caught trying to sway the election? Did you even read the emails? LisaM Jul 2016 #158
if they were nothing why did DWS resign? Why did they issue an apology? raindaddy Jul 2016 #176
I don't think she should have resigned (and I don't even like her) LisaM Jul 2016 #177
Bernie represents a large percentage of the dem constituency... raindaddy Jul 2016 #191
"These people don't speak for Bernie".... underline that! Bill USA Jul 2016 #131
Thank you. These are the CRAZIES and not real progressives. They're so NUTS they'll NEVER have ANY RBInMaine Jul 2016 #132
As an evil Hillary supporter, I know I've said mean thoughtless things this cycle bluedye33139 Jul 2016 #134
This message was self-deleted by its author jtunes Jul 2016 #135
They are disGUSTING! Booing Hillary, as if she is somehow not the legit nominee. QUISLINGS!! WinkyDink Jul 2016 #137
I'm guessing he does too, he's a team player jtunes Jul 2016 #138
WHO shireen Jul 2016 #216
I apologize to no one for a few, a very few people mountain grammy Jul 2016 #140
It is not your fault. Demsrule86 Jul 2016 #141
You have NOTHING to apologize for.. this is not your fault.. Peacetrain Jul 2016 #142
We disagree with them. They're not crazies Craig234 Jul 2016 #144
only because of LIES MFM008 Jul 2016 #153
There are false criticisms of Hillary and legitimate criticisms Craig234 Jul 2016 #155
It isn't your fault, or Bernie's, but a few selfish individuals who don't have any sense of still_one Jul 2016 #157
I voted for Bernie duncang Jul 2016 #160
+1 shireen Jul 2016 #217
Somehow, I think these "Super-Bernie-Bros" would criticize Bernie ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jul 2016 #162
If Trump wins LostinRed Jul 2016 #163
I don't consider... JSup Jul 2016 #166
I don't.... MellowDem Jul 2016 #168
it is time to unify and support Hillary. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #169
Bernie supporters have every right to be extremely pissed off, as do all honest Americans who JudyM Jul 2016 #173
I'm a Bernie supporter mrsv Jul 2016 #175
Sounds like they were never Bernie supporters at all. LoverOfLiberty Jul 2016 #180
LOL Skittles Jul 2016 #183
Of course I did LoverOfLiberty Jul 2016 #185
or they are just sore losers Skittles Jul 2016 #186
I hope there's enough Bernie supporters like you sufrommich Jul 2016 #181
they can fuck themselves Skittles Jul 2016 #182
As a strong supporter of Sanders whopis01 Jul 2016 #198
I don't think you need to apologize for them LostOne4Ever Jul 2016 #193
Of course. I actually have it for sale as a bumper sticker, button, shirt, etc. democrattotheend Jul 2016 #195
But you don't speak for them. retrowire Jul 2016 #196
Those two may actually have BEEN Trump infiltrators. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #199
i gave up being childish in 88. more so after. SHIT! i voted for LOSERS. hillary BETTER NOT. pansypoo53219 Jul 2016 #200
A lot of the crazies are right wing trolls tenderfoot Jul 2016 #201
Same here. liberalmuse Jul 2016 #202
More Christian than Christ CanonRay Jul 2016 #203
As one left wing moonbat to another, I dyslexia n/t Kennah Jul 2016 #204
exactly! shireen Jul 2016 #205
I doubt the Clinton crazies will listen, but thanks for putting this out there AllyCat Jul 2016 #206
I love you! ronnykmarshall Jul 2016 #208
Thank you! You don't need to apologize DemonGoddess Jul 2016 #211
I apologize as well... WIProgressive88 Jul 2016 #213
Thank you! BlueMTexpat Jul 2016 #218
Those who were booing did nothing but make him look bad democrattotheend Jul 2016 #241
I hope that some credentials were pulled Gothmog Jul 2016 #219
So do I! Cha Jul 2016 #221
Anyone who is heckling over the speeches, I agree 100%. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #224
I am proud Coolest Ranger Jul 2016 #228
Thank you for your unity and DLCWIdem Jul 2016 #229
You are on our side! And you are appreciated to the max. auntpurl Jul 2016 #230
Thank you! ronnykmarshall Jul 2016 #233
call me a conspiracy theorist azureblue Jul 2016 #236
This. There is a lot of shenanigans going on. forjusticethunders Jul 2016 #237
I don't. Act_of_Reparation Jul 2016 #238
We must beat Trump c-ville rook Jul 2016 #244
You dont need to do it at all. cstanleytech Jul 2016 #245
Check your own crazy Wibly Jul 2016 #251
K&R friendly_iconoclast Jul 2016 #252
How old were those two people? oberliner Jul 2016 #254
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