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381. How can someone who refused to endorse Democrats in Florida for vulnerable Republican seats...
Mon Jul 25, 2016, 02:50 PM
Jul 2016

...EVER wind up as head of the DNC. She should have been booted in 2008.

The fact that she wasn't raises alot of questions.

In 2008 Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to endorse these 3 Democrats
who had won their Primaries and had a chance to win Republican seats:

Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Joe Garcia

Former Hialeah Democratic Mayor Raul Martinez

Democratic businesswoman Annette Taddeo

All three had won their local Democratic Primaries, and were challenging Hard Core Republican incumbents with whom Wasserman-Schultz had become cozy.
Not only did the head of the DCCC Red to Blue Program REFUSE to endorse these Democratic challengers,
but she appeared in person at at least one (possibly more) Campaign/Fundraiser for their Republican opponents.

FL-18, FL-21, FL-25: Wasserman Schultz Wants Dem Challengers to Lose
by: James L.
Sun Mar 09, 2008 at 7:15 PM EDT

Sensing a shift in the political climate of the traditionally solid-GOP turf of the Miami area, Democrats have lined up three strong challengers -- Miami-Dade Democratic Party chair Joe Garcia, former Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez, and businesswoman Annette Taddeo to take on Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart, Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, respectively.

While there is an enormous sense of excitement and optimism surrounding these candidacies, some Democratic lawmakers, including Florida Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Kendrick Meek, are all too eager to kneecap these Democratic challengers right out of the starting gate in the spirit of "comity" and "bipartisan cooperation" with their Republican colleagues:

But as three Miami Democrats look to unseat three of her South Florida Republican colleagues, Wasserman Schultz is staying on the sidelines. So is Rep. Kendrick Meek, a Miami Democrat and loyal ally to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

This time around, Wasserman Schultz and Meek say their relationships with the Republican incumbents, Reps. Lincoln Diaz-Balart and his brother Mario, and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, leave them little choice but to sit out the three races.

"At the end of the day, we need a member who isn't going to pull any punches, who isn't going to be hesitant," Wasserman Schultz said.

Now, you'd expect this kind of bullshit from a backbencher like Alcee Hastings, but you wouldn't expect this kind of behavior from the co-chair of the DCCC's Red to Blue program, which is the position that Wasserman Schultz currently holds. Apparently, Debbie did not get Rahm's memo about doing whatever it takes to win:

The national party, enthusiastic about the three Democratic challengers, has not yet selected Red to Blue participants. But Wasserman Schultz has already told the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that if any of the three make the cut, another Democrat should be assigned to the race.


The bloggers also are furious with Rep. Kendrick B. Meek (D-Fla.), who similarly refuses to endorse the Democratic challengers to the three Cuban American Republicans.

They are calling for Wasserman Schultz to step down from her leadership role at the DCCC. And they're not letting up, even after one Florida liberal blogger reported that the congresswoman seemed "frustrated" by the blogs and had asked to "please help get them off my back."

This prompted even harsher reaction from perhaps the most influential of the progressive political bloggers, Markos Moulitsas, a.k.a. Kos, founder of Daily Kos, who wrote on his blog Wednesday: "On so many fronts, the Republicans are standing in the way of progress, on Iraq, SCHIP, health care, fiscal responsibility, corruption, civil liberties, and so on. Those three south Florida Republicans are part of that problem. And she's (Wasserman-Schultz) going to be 'frustrated' that people demand she do her job?"


Here are Kos comments on the Wasserman-Schultz betrayal of the Democratic Party:

A lot of time has passed since 2008, but I don't take these kinds of betrayals lightly. Now I find that DWS has been PROMOTED from Chair of the Red to Blue Program
to Chair of the DNC. She must be making the "Centrist" Democratic Leadership VERY HAPPY if they are rewarding THIS kind of Party Treason.

Cursed with a memory

Bullying of DWS....really? Nancyswidower Jul 2016 #1
Yeah! Really! Bullying! Abusing! Happened! We noted ! Her Sister Jul 2016 #39
Have we no decency? Not to mention historical perspective. L. Coyote Jul 2016 #367
Your post seems like a filibuster, Is DWS Corrupt or Not? nt The Far Left Jul 2016 #402
Why would you ask that? That sounds like a Republican narrative. L. Coyote Jul 2016 #403
Let's not excuse corruption by blaming the messenger. nt The Far Left Jul 2016 #404
Let's not accuse Dems of corruption. That's a Republican talking point. L. Coyote Jul 2016 #406
Pot calling kettle black... You act like you own the party. The Far Left Jul 2016 #407
Yes, she has constrantly been bullied. riversedge Jul 2016 #101
Your on a short list pal as most of us want her resignation.Take blinders offl look at facts bjobotts Jul 2016 #186
Have you taken a formal survey? CBHagman Jul 2016 #258
Maybe take a vote ? rickford66 Jul 2016 #376
Oh, stop. Rightful criticism is NOT BULLYING. Stop whining adigal Jul 2016 #349
Hold your fire. Certain babylonsister Jul 2016 #133
+1 XemaSab Jul 2016 #138
Yes. The bad one of the handful was written by Brad Marshall, not DWS. pnwmom Jul 2016 #204
Bullying, really? JaneyVee Jul 2016 #314
Shameful, overt spectacle of the latent misogyny and sexism that lurks Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #322
Agree!!!!!! Laser102 Jul 2016 #379
Am I the only one tired of being bullied by Brave-? 7wo7rees Jul 2016 #401
You're not the only one tired of it! I thought us Dems were better than this. Little Star Jul 2016 #2
Many of those bullying her aren't Dems, or are in barely a wet week. OnDoutside Jul 2016 #7
We are better. I don't think most Dems would behave like this but folks sometimes oretend to be dems bravenak Jul 2016 #17
And that suck s bad when they also run for office elehhhhna Jul 2016 #270
You're assuming the DWS haters are Democrats dlwickham Jul 2016 #112
+1 fleabiscuit Jul 2016 #254
Boom! Mic drop! Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #323
Why would you assume they aren't? lark Jul 2016 #370
How can someone who refused to endorse Democrats in Florida for vulnerable Republican seats... bvar22 Jul 2016 #381
Norman Solomon on now. He is NOT working for unity. He is still running to elect Bernie. glennward Jul 2016 #116
he was trashing Kaine yesterday dlwickham Jul 2016 #279
She's not being bullied. She's being critiqued and criticized. kestrel91316 Jul 2016 #3
She is already leaving the kitchen. Why kick her in the back on the way out? bravenak Jul 2016 #22
'Cause it makes ME feel better. You know, pay back and all that. n/t napi21 Jul 2016 #27
Then it will simply come back around to you again, which is sad bravenak Jul 2016 #56
It all comes full circle on election night JustAnotherGen Jul 2016 #162
Yep. I will be having a Fine Time, unlike some people bravenak Jul 2016 #165
+1 fleabiscuit Jul 2016 #257
Not when some of the critique is made up bullshit.... that's bullying uponit7771 Jul 2016 #288
I agree... chillfactor Jul 2016 #4
Thank you bravenak Jul 2016 #20
+1,000 AgadorSparticus Jul 2016 #316
Yes Warren Stupidity Jul 2016 #5
Yeah, no surprise there, Warren. eom BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #55
Hey I hope the same thing happens to Reince runaway hero Jul 2016 #131
But it ain't gonna. Why? Because this was a concerted effort in favor of Repubs, that's why. BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #136
of course it was runaway hero Jul 2016 #169
The DNC will never do good enough with people who dislike the Democratic Party no matter BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #188
+1 fleabiscuit Jul 2016 #259
SO.SPOT.ON. More inconvenient truth. The worst bullies and harassers are NO Democrats. Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #324
Exactly, Surya. This angry mob booing and acting their shoe-size is a new phenomenon that I haven't BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #337
Did you see her appearance in front of the Florida delegation this morning? Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #341
I did! I was appalled. That's not how Democrats behave. Teabaggers? Yes. Fringies who never stood BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #346
I'm a peaceful person and a political pacifist...but, I swear I'd enjoy Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #348
Hahaha! I completely understand where you're coming from, Surya. Trust me. What really gets me is, BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #357
I think a certain percentage of them know perfectly well what they're doing. Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #359
I believe you're right, Surya. These rodent-copulating faux Dems would rather confront non-violent, BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #361
Short and sweet! ^^^ Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #363
Why in the world would a Democrat care what happens to Reince? sheshe2 Jul 2016 #225
Don't care about Reince kacekwl Jul 2016 #266
If bullying her wins us an election I don't care Loki Liesmith Jul 2016 #6
And if it costs us the election? stopbush Jul 2016 #32
*crickets* BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #60
Taste like potato chips Loki Liesmith Jul 2016 #71
Then I'd oppose it. Loki Liesmith Jul 2016 #69
And how does one undo something after the fact? stopbush Jul 2016 #77
Good Democrats are not expendable. baldguy Jul 2016 #171
DWS stabbed actual Florida Democrats running for office in the back. Ikonoklast Jul 2016 #356
You know how many fucking elections that she's already cost the party with her incompetence? Chakab Jul 2016 #375
Calling one to account is not bullying. She has a hard time justifying her actions. bjobotts Jul 2016 #191
Brad Marshall sent the nasty email. What did DSW do, specifically? pnwmom Jul 2016 #207
Bullying her can't possibly help us win the election. Hillary won by 4 million votes. pnwmom Jul 2016 #205
no, "bullied" is the woman in FL facing 10 years in prison for growing her own medical marijuana. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #8
+++++++++++++++++++++ (nt) sunnystarr Jul 2016 #192
++ cyberpunk Jul 2016 #333
She wasn't bullied. She was the one with the power. rateyes Jul 2016 #9
No maybe you thought it was normal behavior, but it wasn't normal! T'was bullying! Her Sister Jul 2016 #66
She was only following orders. PassingFair Jul 2016 #115
"Following Orders" sheshe2 Jul 2016 #155
Not so subtle, IMO mcar Jul 2016 #183
Ohhhh. PassingFair Jul 2016 #244
God, turn down your TakeOffensometer. /nt Marr Jul 2016 #392
Watch out, PassingFair. chwaliszewski Jul 2016 #163
Yeah. We are. BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #176
Rapey Julian wanted the tribalist female out. annavictorious Jul 2016 #10
So you see that connection too. Loki Jul 2016 #15
Yeah, I'm Jewish, too- but I dont think Granny belongs in prison for eating a pot brownie. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #36
It didn't say anything in the story anyone going prison for pot. annavictorious Jul 2016 #74
She helped kill medical marijuana reform in FL in 2014. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #91
You do the research dear. I don't feed...um...what's the word? annavictorious Jul 2016 #105
you tell me. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #232
Troll ornotna Jul 2016 #275
and, isnt that nice? Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #276
oh, the irony. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #410
Yes I am, and I'm getting pissed. Loki Jul 2016 #11
They were attacking his atheism runaway hero Jul 2016 #14
They were not, they were discussing it treestar Jul 2016 #342
Very interesting bravenak Jul 2016 #23
OMG melman Jul 2016 #87
Assange really does have a Bunch of nerve with his antisemetic conspiracy Theories bravenak Jul 2016 #94
Amazing who one can find posting anti-semetic statements on the internet eom. PufPuf23 Jul 2016 #219
Amazing how he keeps coming up with new shit to say about 'bankers' and shit constantly bravenak Jul 2016 #223
snort. progressoid Jul 2016 #315
The email was between two DNC employees. annavictorious Jul 2016 #93
Bingo. nt kstewart33 Jul 2016 #189
Nailed it. nt fleabiscuit Jul 2016 #277
Exactly. It's complete bullshit. Thanks for pointing this out. Squinch Jul 2016 #281
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2016 #289
Got it in one. Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #326
This ^^^ treestar Jul 2016 #343
Trump can be compromised JustAnotherGen Jul 2016 #164
Why? runaway hero Jul 2016 #12
We didn't replace her. annavictorious Jul 2016 #123
Please runaway hero Jul 2016 #125
Don't worry she'll be the victim soon. jalan48 Jul 2016 #13
Actually, if I look at the sentiment of this post...this is actually the victimisation of insta8er Jul 2016 #26
It's a process for sure. This is just one step. jalan48 Jul 2016 #53
No, you're not. I don't like cynical scapegoating Hortensis Jul 2016 #16
I feel you. bravenak Jul 2016 #24
Wow....LOL insta8er Jul 2016 #30
Agreed MrScorpio Jul 2016 #18
I hope we can chill, this is way too much bravenak Jul 2016 #28
yes. enough already. AgadorSparticus Jul 2016 #19
You might be... TeeYiYi Jul 2016 #21
Oh my being the internet's whipping boy is horrible. bravenak Jul 2016 #29
Social media... TeeYiYi Jul 2016 #108
Yep. Real shit bravenak Jul 2016 #118
Politics is a blood sport. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2016 #25
That's the 'Game of Thrones' that you describe. bravenak Jul 2016 #33
Yeah, whatever it is you're talking about. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2016 #52
Because they are sick. Not One of the emails was sent by DWS. misterhighwasted Jul 2016 #31
Assange is cool with Trump bravenak Jul 2016 #37
'Democrats' in a false sense only. nt fleabiscuit Jul 2016 #280
Oops. I meant, "Democrats" bravenak Jul 2016 #282
+1 fleabiscuit Jul 2016 #287
I just hope it doesn't continue into tomorrow. femmocrat Jul 2016 #34
Nobody I know seems to care around here except republicans bravenak Jul 2016 #48
Maybe she should have remained impartial and not inserted herself. She's being called out for onecaliberal Jul 2016 #35
Were emails written by her or something? I had no idea. Link to the email where she is partial? bravenak Jul 2016 #43
Oops. eom BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #72
Right? bravenak Jul 2016 #73
Some people are so willing, and so quick, to smear a Democrat on a Democratic Party supporting site BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #113
Yep, but we have had Putin lovers here for tears and they ALWAYS do this shit bravenak Jul 2016 #137
A agree with the op that some are taking glee in kicking DWS when she's down NWCorona Jul 2016 #211
More bullshit. The State Department, the White House, and the e-mails of the Joint Chiefs of Staff BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #217
They're NOT THE DNC who is supposed to help ALL Dems. onecaliberal Jul 2016 #249
The only right thing is you dismiss wrong doing because it benefited your preferred candidate onecaliberal Jul 2016 #246
Gossiping about candidates is not wrongdoing bravenak Jul 2016 #248
She's the head of the DNC. Where does the buck stop? onecaliberal Jul 2016 #245
So nothing to do with her. bravenak Jul 2016 #247
Where she knows there's a buck that needs to be stopped, if you know different then please source... uponit7771 Jul 2016 #290
Yes Duckhunter935 Jul 2016 #76
link? sheshe2 Jul 2016 #167
: onecaliberal Jul 2016 #251
So DWS had all the power? mia Jul 2016 #124
Any REAL evidence that she was not impartial? That accusation started even before.... George II Jul 2016 #220
Were/Are we tired of.. coco77 Jul 2016 #38
The primary is over bravenak Jul 2016 #45
And finally,finally,finally are.. coco77 Jul 2016 #54
The emails were not even HERS!!!! bravenak Jul 2016 #59
The lies were.. coco77 Jul 2016 #63
Oh please! Pfffttt!!!! bravenak Jul 2016 #78
If it makes you feel better.. coco77 Jul 2016 #90
Have fun bravenak Jul 2016 #95
I want to thank you.. coco77 Jul 2016 #99
No need bravenak Jul 2016 #100
Please source lies related to the emails? tia uponit7771 Jul 2016 #291
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #40
Oh yes, after all these centuries of oppression... bravenak Jul 2016 #46
Oppression & ppl using the evil race card on them. giftedgirl77 Jul 2016 #127
I bet those cards give them serious papercuts when we whip them out bravenak Jul 2016 #129
Lol, probably how they got all those battle scars giftedgirl77 Jul 2016 #140
I've seen shit tons of misogynistic crap thrown at her. MohRokTah Jul 2016 #41
It is scary how they immediately start trashing her Jewishness and her femaleness. bravenak Jul 2016 #50
The EXTREME LEFT was far more viscious and anti-semitic to her than the extreme right, too! eom MohRokTah Jul 2016 #67
Definately. They are like twins. bravenak Jul 2016 #83
Wow, they are trashing her for her Jewishness... sheshe2 Jul 2016 #179
Assange bravenak Jul 2016 #181
Amen! Loki Jul 2016 #202
Did you really just go there? SQUEE Jul 2016 #338
With you rjsquirrel Jul 2016 #42
scapegoat wyldwolf Jul 2016 #44
No. Starry Messenger Jul 2016 #47
Way over the top bravenak Jul 2016 #61
No, she's such a DINO... When she was head of FL party, glowing Jul 2016 #49
Do you have links to all that? TIA sheshe2 Jul 2016 #182
Here you go dflprincess Jul 2016 #235
I don't see where the article shows sheshe2 Jul 2016 #252
Not campaigning for the Democratic candidates and "sitting it out" dflprincess Jul 2016 #264
She was the DNC chair when she was the Florida State Chair? sheshe2 Jul 2016 #269
Did I say she was chair of the DNC while Florida state chair? dflprincess Jul 2016 #273
Thank you for replying... I had had written a post and then by accident, hit the x box on DU and glowing Jul 2016 #317
Thank you!!! bullsnarfle Jul 2016 #360
I guess I don't need proof when I've lived the damage of volunteering glowing Jul 2016 #385
Thank you this is interesting information dflprincess Jul 2016 #408
agree - has been tiring for quite some time DrDan Jul 2016 #51
Donna Brazile will be their next target. Watch for the ugliness sufrommich Jul 2016 #57
I hope she picks her too. Donna is strong and will not put up with bullshit bravenak Jul 2016 #70
I'm a big big fan of Donna. Blue Idaho Jul 2016 #107
Yep, this is very sad for us bravenak Jul 2016 #121
We've known for months DNC server was hacked. Wikileaks sat on emails all this time to release few d Her Sister Jul 2016 #58
Yep. This shit is obvious as hell bravenak Jul 2016 #80
the timing is suspicious, isn't it? so obvious..... AgadorSparticus Jul 2016 #96
Lol, ok Duckhunter935 Jul 2016 #61
yes - but she needs to leave and we need to move forward and beat trump MariaThinks Jul 2016 #64
She is already leaving bravenak Jul 2016 #86
They'll have a new outrage in a few days to replace this one. JoePhilly Jul 2016 #65
True that bravenak Jul 2016 #82
No shit...disrupting and destroying unity. These are expert rodent-copulators. Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #329
I do think people could have some class about the resignation, like Clinton herself. n/t Akoto Jul 2016 #68
Me too bravenak Jul 2016 #79
I feel sorry for her. How bullying works: projection and scapegoating. mia Jul 2016 #75
She is up for re-election and some want her to lose to Canova. NorthCarolina Jul 2016 #81
Wont happen. Just like I want Al Giordano for senate but I have no control over that. bravenak Jul 2016 #84
I'm sure they do, but I guess we'll see. -nt- NorthCarolina Jul 2016 #103
Yes You're The Only One billhicks76 Jul 2016 #85
Obviously not the only one. Since the thread is filled with people agreeing with me. bravenak Jul 2016 #92
Blinded By Affiliation billhicks76 Jul 2016 #174
"Bias" also applies to party affiliation. Some have it more than others. fleabiscuit Jul 2016 #285
Plus 1 TexasBushwhacker Jul 2016 #242
Behold the pile-on: Scurrilous Jul 2016 #88
I'm with you, bravenak. brer cat Jul 2016 #89
She is already resigning at the end of the week. I have no idea what more they want? bravenak Jul 2016 #97
Oh, I do. They want Hillary to step down and crown Bernie. nt glennward Jul 2016 #144
What a stupid idea bravenak Jul 2016 #146
Yep. kstewart33 Jul 2016 #201
Probably a fair assessment. eom fleabiscuit Jul 2016 #286
Clear-eyed, fair assessment. Well said. Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #330
I agree this serves no constructive purpose Uponthegears Jul 2016 #98
This is how parties work bravenak Jul 2016 #104
EXACTLY Uponthegears Jul 2016 #160
No, you're not the only one. n/t LisaM Jul 2016 #102
You disagreed with her on policy? Android3.14 Jul 2016 #106
Well, yeah. My state legalized weed and I have no issue getting mines. bravenak Jul 2016 #114
Suuuuuure, that's what I meant Android3.14 Jul 2016 #394
DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz joins hands with GOP in assault on Elizabeth Warren’s consumer... Omaha Steve Jul 2016 #109
DWS was absolutely on the wrong side of the issue. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #203
^^That right the fuck there^^ onecaliberal Jul 2016 #261
No you are not the only one NastyRiffraff Jul 2016 #110
The thing about what comes around is that it goes around. That's the thing. Bluenorthwest Jul 2016 #111
I think the released emails show that some in the DNC did not conduct themselves properly during the WIProgressive88 Jul 2016 #117
No, you're not. greatauntoftriplets Jul 2016 #119
Good. Stressing me out bravenak Jul 2016 #130
Debbie's shortcomings aren't related to her gender, and sexist comments have no place here. Scuba Jul 2016 #120
I agree bravenak Jul 2016 #128
Damn! At first I thought I might have to actually agree with you for once. Fozzledick Jul 2016 #122
LOL bravenak Jul 2016 #126
Rightly or wrongly she has become a distraction and needed to go. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #132
Oh for sure! bravenak Jul 2016 #141
It is unseemly. She's gone. No need to kick a person when he or she is down!!! DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #147
I forgot that we had so many Putinistas here bravenak Jul 2016 #149
Afraid not. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #185
Yet they hate oligarchs, or so they say. sheshe2 Jul 2016 #271
Not to mention that he assassinates his political opponents. Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #331
"... or wrongly..." = doesn't matter if she's involved just hold her responsible uponit7771 Jul 2016 #292
You are pushing me, bro, to say things I don't want to say... DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #294
+1... I can always tell the folk who are NOT easily pulled into group think or pile on mentality... uponit7771 Jul 2016 #296
So sad. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #299
Yeah, don't know what the real reason why the DWS hate... seems like another woman in power uponit7771 Jul 2016 #300
I am and I will support her over Tim Canova. Dawson Leery Jul 2016 #134
Thank you very much bravenak Jul 2016 #150
she should stay outta the kitchen stupidicus Jul 2016 #135
I wouldn't call it "bullying." GoCubsGo Jul 2016 #139
It started late last year and wouldn't have ended until what happened today took place. George II Jul 2016 #142
Yep. They ran her out. This is sad bravenak Jul 2016 #145
I think your sympathy should be with lastone Jul 2016 #143
They have it and so does she. I have plenty to go around bravenak Jul 2016 #148
She championed pay day lending lastone Jul 2016 #153
I dont need understanding. I am understanding enough for both of us bravenak Jul 2016 #157
Lol lastone Jul 2016 #177
I'm sure Bernie Sanders is tired of her bullying too. B Calm Jul 2016 #151
When did she ever bully him? bravenak Jul 2016 #152
Fish not biting today. B Calm Jul 2016 #161
I dont fish bravenak Jul 2016 #166
I know, the bait you're using I've seen 100 times. B Calm Jul 2016 #172
"Am I the only one tired of the Bullying of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?" 4bucksagallon Jul 2016 #154
Probably not. Heck, if you go back in history, there were likely people outside Marie Antoinette's jtuck004 Jul 2016 #156
Thank you bravenak Jul 2016 #170
I'm waiting for the emails detailing their race-baiting strategy XemaSab Jul 2016 #158
Wont find anything bravenak Jul 2016 #159
Leave Debbie Alone! Old Crow Jul 2016 #168
omg Thank you!!! I was just looking for that pic. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #190
You're welcome. Old Crow Jul 2016 #197
I'm tired of it too mcar Jul 2016 #173
Dishonor Must Always be Called Out perdita9 Jul 2016 #175
She has made both the DNC, and Democrats look bad. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #199
Yes. She brought it on herself. Now she has to pay the price. PoutrageFatigue Jul 2016 #178
Yes n/t Joey Liberal Jul 2016 #180
She brought it on herself through her ratfucking. backscatter712 Jul 2016 #184
Yep, it's time to move on to what matters. kstewart33 Jul 2016 #187
Yes. Putin wants to effect the election for his buddy Donald. We cannot let him bravenak Jul 2016 #193
The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming... CanSocDem Jul 2016 #382
Nah, there's a few of you. KPN Jul 2016 #194
Nope. calimary Jul 2016 #195
Poor Debbie. She is so innocent and pure. It's those sexist men who hate strong women Feeling the Bern Jul 2016 #196
Brad Marshall, a man, sent the nasty email. But for some reason DSW gets all the blame. n/t pnwmom Jul 2016 #210
Wondered about that, too. n/t mia Jul 2016 #236
As a person of Jewish background who is also an Atheist, I say that dude should resign too. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #241
It's a shame his boss didn't do anything to rein him in. bluedigger Jul 2016 #390
How do you know she didn't? There weren't any subsequent emails like that, at least released. pnwmom Jul 2016 #396
No. You are not the only one. She's been ... NurseJackie Jul 2016 #198
I am glad she is leaving for her own health bravenak Jul 2016 #208
No you're not Coolest Ranger Jul 2016 #200
It is exhausting bravenak Jul 2016 #213
WTF greiner3 Jul 2016 #206
I'm glad she is resigning because of the leaked emails. But I agree she has been targeted. applegrove Jul 2016 #209
I would not put it past them either. They have been wanting the Jewish vote for years but it does bravenak Jul 2016 #216
No, you're not the only one. NanceGreggs Jul 2016 #212
I know we saw this coming from the way she was bullied this past year bravenak Jul 2016 #215
Especially if it is a woman. sheshe2 Jul 2016 #272
If DWS is so great, why isn't she on the ticket? Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #278
What are you going on about, Warren? sheshe2 Jul 2016 #284
shine through things like voting to send medical marijuana patients to prison. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #318
I think it was the Democratic process that was bullied... raindaddy Jul 2016 #214
BS! imperious, undemocratic, clearly pulling for one side. Refusing to allow more debates, and Akamai Jul 2016 #218
Oh bull bravenak Jul 2016 #222
Of course the "party" prefers.........????????????????? raindaddy Jul 2016 #243
The OP is clearly satire. Indepatriot Jul 2016 #221
Nope bravenak Jul 2016 #224
Nope treestar Jul 2016 #226
She sure is! bravenak Jul 2016 #227
You are not the only one Hekate Jul 2016 #228
It's like people want trump to win bravenak Jul 2016 #231
because maybe now we can have a party chair who isnt a disaster? Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #234
No, I'm glad to see her gone. kurt_cagle Jul 2016 #229
++ cyberpunk Jul 2016 #334
she's brought it on by her own decisions. She has to stand by them. 7962 Jul 2016 #230
Yes avebury Jul 2016 #233
Yes you are the only one TeddyR Jul 2016 #237
My sister Bravenak has 40 recommends in this thread so she can't be the "only one". DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #253
She's the only one TeddyR Jul 2016 #255
Three points. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #265
My biggest problem with DWS is that she was ineffective. Still In Wisconsin Jul 2016 #238
Pathetic Chasstev365 Jul 2016 #239
whether it's bullying or not, it's going to get worse when she is booed off the stage tomorrow. aikoaiko Jul 2016 #240
I don't really think she is being bullied Doctor Jack Jul 2016 #250
No, you are not. CBHagman Jul 2016 #256
Nope. SaschaHM Jul 2016 #260
I feel the same way bravenak Jul 2016 #262
YES kacekwl Jul 2016 #263
What distinguishes opposition from bullying? David__77 Jul 2016 #267
They way they call her vile names bravenak Jul 2016 #268
Thank you for speaking out on the bullying of DWS, brave! Cha Jul 2016 #274
Nomproblem. They treat this woman like dirt bravenak Jul 2016 #283
She made her bed and has to sleep in it. Rex Jul 2016 #293
How? tia.... other than a bunch of made up and non falsifiable bullshit... uponit7771 Jul 2016 #301
Lost us too many seats, sorry we can do better. Rex Jul 2016 #302
See, non falsifiable bullshit... 2010 was all DWS's fault? REALLY?! Come one man uponit7771 Jul 2016 #303
Just 2010? Really? Rex Jul 2016 #304
Since the largest amount of gerrymandering by the GOP in US history took place? Are we going to ... uponit7771 Jul 2016 #305
What is a LIV? Rex Jul 2016 #306
Low Information Voter, I know about the GOP congressional gerrymadering in 2010 and it was historic uponit7771 Jul 2016 #307
Well we disagree then. And this was not all about 2010. Rex Jul 2016 #309
Most likely, tRumps "bounce" doesn't get him above the GOP floor ... she'll do good things uponit7771 Jul 2016 #310
Bernie is done, DWS is done - both sides got what they wanted. Rex Jul 2016 #311
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2016 #312
This is one statement I can get behind: Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #336
Agree. I logged in this morning, took a look around, left. betsuni Jul 2016 #295
Yep. They might try to get her next bravenak Jul 2016 #298
The Young Turks' Cenk and Ana called Donna establishment, centrist, betsuni Jul 2016 #409
I'm glad I gave up listening to them last summer bravenak Jul 2016 #411
I know. I used to like them, then last year something happened and they lost their common sense. betsuni Jul 2016 #412
Yes I am tired of her being bullied DoBotherMe Jul 2016 #297
I agree. And Bernie Sanders should be ashamed of himself for his part. Doodley Jul 2016 #308
To some people, "bullying" = "criticism of someone on my team" Jim Lane Jul 2016 #313
You are NOT! BlueMTexpat Jul 2016 #319
She's not being bullied. bigwillq Jul 2016 #320
Thank you SO much for daring to say what I feel... Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #321
The anti-woman crowd is as nasty as it comes and transparent. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #325
She has been treated horribly. Demsrule86 Jul 2016 #327
No not the only one ismnotwasm Jul 2016 #328
They couldn't beat Clinton, so they'll settle for any woman who knows her. BobbyDrake Jul 2016 #332
Brilliant simile... Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #344
I hear ya, but the stakes are too high. YouDig Jul 2016 #335
Yep. nt LexVegas Jul 2016 #339
Hopefully so. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2016 #340
To answer your question... brooklynboy49 Jul 2016 #345
Unfortunately, no. floriduck Jul 2016 #347
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2016 #350
You must be joking Powdered Toast Man Jul 2016 #351
Poor, poor pitiable payday loan protector/subverter of democracy/smug elitist D.W.S.! cer7711 Jul 2016 #352
Stoning is clearly the only way to purge these negative emotions Politicub Jul 2016 #353
DWS earned every critique and piece of contempt thrown her way Larkspur Jul 2016 #354
To hell w/ DWS - she is not being bullied. Unity through dishonesty and bluster is not unity. n/t xocet Jul 2016 #355
She knew the job was dangerous when she took it. rocktivity Jul 2016 #358
Me too shenmue Jul 2016 #362
She isn't being bullied, she's being held accountable. Vinca Jul 2016 #364
DWS should have resigned a year ago Stainless Jul 2016 #365
Right or wrong Shankapotomus Jul 2016 #366
No, I am not tired of shining sunlight on a cockroach like DWS. It's about time, already! FighttheFuture Jul 2016 #368
Hahaha Even Criminals are Victims with this Logic mckara Jul 2016 #369
I notice that no one has denied the content of those emails. Not one. Ford_Prefect Jul 2016 #371
nope not tired at all ......................................she earned it dembotoz Jul 2016 #372
I'm tired of people willing to excuse the bad behavior and incompetence of the leadership Chakab Jul 2016 #373
An attack on Debbie is not an attack on Hillary. Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #374
They BSer have only been doing it for months. liberal N proud Jul 2016 #377
I doubt this will make her antagonists happy. They will hate everyone that takes her place. Why? Laser102 Jul 2016 #378
You are not the only one tired of this bullying tiredtoo Jul 2016 #380
When you act like a jerk to millions of people and get caught cheating... Buddyblazon Jul 2016 #383
i think barbtries Jul 2016 #384
I was tired of HER bullying when she was surreptitiously stepping all over the Sanders campaign. Zen Democrat Jul 2016 #386
Right? And now you're a sexist for being angry about it once proved. Marr Jul 2016 #393
Why, you are such a bully! Pee-pee on you! Eleanors38 Jul 2016 #395
My heart bleeds for poor Debbie. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2016 #387
Ya do what ya do.. denbot Jul 2016 #388
No. You're not the only one. Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #389
Does it make you mad when you see your representative being treated unfairly? grahamhgreen Jul 2016 #391
I don't know if you are the only one BUT usaf-vet Jul 2016 #397
It seems Hillary & Obama threw her under the bus today Omaha Steve Jul 2016 #398
Being bullied? Give me a break. Scalded Nun Jul 2016 #399
I am wryter2000 Jul 2016 #400
I am, too. cynatnite Jul 2016 #405
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