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9. I heartily second the proposal that
Mon Jul 25, 2016, 06:22 AM
Jul 2016

you do another series of live blogs!

Your RNC live blogs were my best sources! Because of the six-hour time difference (ahead of EDT) for me, I don't always have the stamina to sit through the evening events. At 70+, I don't always have the stamina to get through the day events either! And I have so comparatively few active brain cells left, I didn't want to use them up on the Hatefest in Cleveland.

You provided an invaluable service for me!!! Thankyou SOOOOOO much!

What time are Chaffee and Webb? JaneyVee Jul 2016 #1
kick Dawson Leery Jul 2016 #2
We should live blog it bravenak Jul 2016 #3
Definitely! lovemydog Jul 2016 #6
I heartily second the proposal that BlueMTexpat Jul 2016 #9
Did I miss something? radical noodle Jul 2016 #4
Will Tim Kaine speak? Didn't see him. President Carter? ALBliberal Jul 2016 #5
Great lineup: lovemydog Jul 2016 #7
Whats the best site to watch it online? nt ErikJ Jul 2016 #8
CSPAN probably nt firebrand80 Jul 2016 #10
This is still only a limited selection of speakers. brooklynite Jul 2016 #11
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