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2016 Postmortem

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9. And if I'm a future candidate, I'm much more likely to model after the campaign
Thu Jul 14, 2016, 04:00 PM
Jul 2016

that won. Slate had a great analysis of how conventional the revolution's campaign ended up being.


Bernie’s Fundraising Was Revolutionary. How He Spent His Money Was Not.
What did $220 million buy? Ads, consultants, and a dispiritingly conventional campaign.

But what did that money buy, exactly? Where did all those $27 checks go? A close examination of public records and interviews with campaign finance experts and grass-roots organizers suggests that, in some significant ways, a campaign that took in money like folk bandits wound up spending it like drearily conventional pols. In April, the campaign had a burn rate of 143 percent, meaning it was spending nearly half as much again as it was bringing in. A great deal of that money bought a blast of commercials preceding caucuses and primaries across the country, one effect of which was to enrich a small group of Democratic consultants whose compensation is tied to media spending. Disclosure forms examined by Slate suggest the campaign contracted with a front company—possibly created to obscure who made what off the Sanders movement—and in one cozy arrangement, effectively shared a third-party vendor with a pro-Bernie dark money group.

He's a gem! I so appreciate everything he stands for. Thirties Child Jul 2016 #1
Bernie is a good guy. bigwillq Jul 2016 #2
KICK AND REC!!! LostOne4Ever Jul 2016 #3
Maybe he could have a chat with his #1guy, Cornel West. misterhighwasted Jul 2016 #4
Seems no unity from you. 840high Jul 2016 #5
Actually the not-unity is from race-baiting asshat West Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #7
Bar Cornel West from the convention. He lost his access by endorsing Stein. BobbyDrake Jul 2016 #10
Probably the dumbest thing he could have done. liberalnarb Jul 2016 #15
Good riddance. BobbyDrake Jul 2016 #17
That's his style. OKDem08 Jul 2016 #32
Not disparaging him over principles. I'm disparaging him because he's an idiot w/ verbal diarrhea. BobbyDrake Jul 2016 #35
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #29
I admire West. 840high Jul 2016 #37
I like Dr West. Some don't like that he speaks a number inconvenient truths. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #38
I disagree. Completely. BobbyDrake Jul 2016 #6
"I think you have to concede". I probably could have stayed out of this thread but for this comment seabeyond Jul 2016 #8
And if I'm a future candidate, I'm much more likely to model after the campaign BobbyDrake Jul 2016 #9
Ya, I have question on that and we will never see. Nt seabeyond Jul 2016 #11
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #13
So true. George II Jul 2016 #19
Probably at least a dozen before it's all done AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #23
LOL, not a shock from the usual suspects here. nt Logical Jul 2016 #28
Yes Logical, it really really bothers me an Independent comes into our party and tries to own seabeyond Jul 2016 #31
Thank you Bernie! denvine Jul 2016 #12
Thanks, Bernie!! KansDem Jul 2016 #14
He was and is still a class act! Thank you Bernie for helping to make the Democrat party secondwind Jul 2016 #16
Nope. But glad he came onboard and joined the Clinton team. nt LexVegas Jul 2016 #18
"Nope", another classy Hillary fan. Thank goodness most of them are not jerks. nt Logical Jul 2016 #27
I was excited by Bernie, hoping to see the young inspired to sinkingfeeling Jul 2016 #20
He ran a gallant campaign and glad to have our team together vs. Trump book_worm Jul 2016 #21
Bernie's made a vast difference for the better... VOX Jul 2016 #22
Senator Sanders is a Statesperson, a person of for and by the People TheProgressive Jul 2016 #24
I can think of many ways I would rather seen a campaign ran. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #25
He helped this party! nt Logical Jul 2016 #26
he helps the people swhisper1 Jul 2016 #30
Hi Tab, just logged in to give your thread a knr ... slipslidingaway Jul 2016 #33
I love me some Bernie. I am thrilled that he ran and that a good part of his agenda sueh Jul 2016 #34
Bernie ran a great campaign Terra Alta Jul 2016 #36
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