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2016 Postmortem

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Tue Jul 5, 2016, 11:52 AM Jul 2016

No indictment, but how do Democrats deal with this: [View all]

Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.

For example, seven e-mail chains concern matters that were classified at the Top Secret/Special Access Program level when they were sent and received. These chains involved Secretary Clinton both sending e-mails about those matters and receiving e-mails from others about the same matters. There is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton’s position, or in the position of those government employees with whom she was corresponding about these matters, should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. In addition to this highly sensitive information, we also found information that was properly classified as Secret by the U.S. Intelligence Community at the time it was discussed on e-mail.

None of these e-mails should have been on any kind of unclassified system, but their presence is especially concerning because all of these e-mails were housed on unclassified personal servers not even supported by full-time security staff, like those found at Departments and Agencies of the U.S. Government—or even with a commercial service like Gmail.

With respect to potential computer intrusion by hostile actors, we did not find direct evidence that Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail domain, in its various configurations since 2009, was successfully hacked. But, given the nature of the system and of the actors potentially involved, we assess that we would be unlikely to see such direct evidence. We do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private commercial e-mail accounts of people with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact from her personal account. We also assess that Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail domain was both known by a large number of people and readily apparent. She also used her personal e-mail extensively while outside the United States, including sending and receiving work-related e-mails in the territory of sophisticated adversaries. Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail account.


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Give it up. It's over. nt sufrommich Jul 2016 #1
So they ignore it? That's your answer? tk2kewl Jul 2016 #10
FBI's answer: "No reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. Hortensis Jul 2016 #16
He did say that, you are right. He also said what was posted in the OP tk2kewl Jul 2016 #22
How about instead of concern trolling LoverOfLiberty Jul 2016 #55
Because this is a political discussion site, not a cheerleading contest? Kentonio Jul 2016 #101
So, no answer LoverOfLiberty Jul 2016 #122
I'm here to discuss politics and the impact different events have on the future chances of our party Kentonio Jul 2016 #125
The impact is, nothing. metroins Jul 2016 #188
Well, let's hope you're right. Kentonio Jul 2016 #250
People should care pangaia Jul 2016 #277
Maybe they should begin by asking why the director of the FBI feels entitled to publicly scold lapucelle Jul 2016 #68
Exactly! missingthebigdog Jul 2016 #77
No, it was a bizarre presser -- very personal obamanut2012 Jul 2016 #123
Bingo. n/t JTFrog Jul 2016 #126
A-friggin'-men! So spot on! Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #132
agreed. nt Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #174
+1,000!!! AgadorSparticus Jul 2016 #192
He actually didn't say that she did nothing criminal.. peace13 Jul 2016 #258
My recommendation?... Take the blue pill. InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2016 #80
So what is your proposal? zenabby Jul 2016 #231
I wonder how well that will play with voters. I'm willing to give it my best effort, silvershadow Jul 2016 #194
If I speed unintentionally, I can still get a citation pangaia Jul 2016 #276
"She has long admitted it was an error, though no bad intentions. Now go investigate Colin Powell." RBInMaine Jul 2016 #133
Yes. Lord Magus Jul 2016 #164
Splody head? MFM008 Jul 2016 #2
I am not a Republican and I care about the judgement and honesty of all candidates tk2kewl Jul 2016 #11
A case was just made, again, and Hortensis Jul 2016 #33
You've made your position plain just about every day. So has Hillary. Hekate Jul 2016 #69
You are dissapointed the indictment fairy isn't real and you are concern trolling. emulatorloo Jul 2016 #104
+++1 nolawarlock Jul 2016 #185
You may be surprised but I would guess that most of us look for judgement and honesty SharonClark Jul 2016 #139
It's quite amusing, the Jackass Delusionals and FOX noise crowd today Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #178
I've been enjoying it all day. Nt metroins Jul 2016 #190
Really? bravenak Jul 2016 #3
What is getting sad? tk2kewl Jul 2016 #12
The desperation in people trying to somehow make this BAD for Hillary to be cleared. bravenak Jul 2016 #17
Do you have a comment on Comey's above statement or how democrats ought to address it? tk2kewl Jul 2016 #29
Yes, the best strategy is to say it's over, there's nothing to see. NYC Liberal Jul 2016 #37
I have a reply: IT'S OVER! THE LYING, EVIL Hortensis Jul 2016 #52
THIS! nt Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #182
Comment? Yes. bravenak Jul 2016 #61
How about: thucythucy Jul 2016 #153
You forgot his anti-union and anti-worker actions with his own employees! Her Sister Jul 2016 #208
Yes I did. thucythucy Jul 2016 #269
You left out his Mafia and Cohen ties. WhiteTara Jul 2016 #240
The sleeze is endless, isn't it? thucythucy Jul 2016 #270
By developing policies that fit with the demands of the work and technology jberryhill Jul 2016 #4
Only thoughtful answer so far tk2kewl Jul 2016 #18
I like your answer lillypaddle Jul 2016 #49
Why have you been dragging this out all day? brush Jul 2016 #202
WTF? lillypaddle Jul 2016 #241
Are you reposting this? brush Jul 2016 #242
EXACTLY. Use it as a lesson learned and a chance to upgrade everyone's policies. nolabear Jul 2016 #54
A lot of the government systems/policies seem to be 15-20 years behind. It'd be great if we saw some Chathamization Jul 2016 #89
That really is the answer to all of this - spend time/$$ on fixing that, not investigating.... Justice Jul 2016 #98
Yep, as I have been saying from the beginning about stuff like this. stevenleser Jul 2016 #105
And government lag treestar Jul 2016 #124
Were they classified at the time? underpants Jul 2016 #5
Comey said yes. Secret info was shared and compromised. How do democrats address this? tk2kewl Jul 2016 #15
WHat's with this, "you Democrats" malarkey? Are you not a Democrat? DonViejo Jul 2016 #23
Huh tk2kewl Jul 2016 #34
You know what I'm talking about but, because you edited your DonViejo Jul 2016 #50
I edited nothing. tk2kewl Jul 2016 #75
Where does it say info was compromised? NT Adrahil Jul 2016 #65
We don't. Lord Magus Jul 2016 #165
He did not say this Whimsey Jul 2016 #235
What people are missing here is that State was Hacked three times. Demsrule86 Jul 2016 #279
The email thing is over. Without any indictable offense, MineralMan Jul 2016 #6
Splodey heads are slpoding !!!!! We handle it by laughing at them really loud and often uponit7771 Jul 2016 #7
By talking about issues that people actually care about. The email fairy is dead. YouDig Jul 2016 #8
. geek tragedy Jul 2016 #9
So Comey statement is funny to you? tk2kewl Jul 2016 #13
concern trolling is funny to me geek tragedy Jul 2016 #14
She still needs to win the GE tk2kewl Jul 2016 #30
Ha ha Dem2 Jul 2016 #43
Donald Trump. Deal with that. MineralMan Jul 2016 #47
Are you voting for her? Renew Deal Jul 2016 #51
All that matters is "no charges" KingFlorez Jul 2016 #59
That assumes that her republican opponents don't continue to bring it up tk2kewl Jul 2016 #76
Stop it KingFlorez Jul 2016 #84
Touch Tone Revolutionaries have no heart. They attack from behind LuvLoogie Jul 2016 #127
This will go into the long list of things the Republicans continue to bring up csziggy Jul 2016 #111
Or others, even, might keep bringing it up, eh? MineralMan Jul 2016 #137
The head of the FBI just accused our nominee of being extremely careless with classified information Kentonio Jul 2016 #19
your CONCERN is greatly appreciated. geek tragedy Jul 2016 #24
Why are you still fighting the primary? Kentonio Jul 2016 #28
LMAO, nt geek tragedy Jul 2016 #31
lol Renew Deal Jul 2016 #48
No, the irony is a bunch of people who kept insisting it was over Kentonio Jul 2016 #106
people who post in a manner consistent with wanting Hillary Clinton to win geek tragedy Jul 2016 #143
You can shove your purity test quite frankly. Kentonio Jul 2016 #249
. geek tragedy Jul 2016 #260
You should share that with your friends who are going out of their way to mock and deride other Dems Kentonio Jul 2016 #261
This message was self-deleted by its author geek tragedy Jul 2016 #262
The mocking is directed at non-Democrats. geek tragedy Jul 2016 #263
You should go and read those Terms of Service again. Kentonio Jul 2016 #264
I am stating a general proposition not insulting any individual geek tragedy Jul 2016 #265
In which case you're going to also have to accept that ideas of how that can be achieved may differ. Kentonio Jul 2016 #266
Not sure I understand your point. geek tragedy Jul 2016 #267
Exactly, and IMHO she will become considerably more popular by dealing with the trust issue. Kentonio Jul 2016 #268
And she will win charlyvi Jul 2016 #39
Let it go, dear KingFlorez Jul 2016 #36
. Dem2 Jul 2016 #38
give it a rest. cheney and company lied us into war and still won two elections. samsingh Jul 2016 #42
Hear, hear! Native Jul 2016 #95
Yep, and the "and company" included Democrats n/t arcane1 Jul 2016 #109
Comey's personal email WAS hacked last summer. lapucelle Jul 2016 #186
Stop KingFlorez Jul 2016 #20
The Indictment Fairy has flown away. DavidDvorkin Jul 2016 #21
OMG - give it a rest MaggieD Jul 2016 #25
Let's Be Honest. You have an agenda which makes this post's objectivity slim to none. writes3000 Jul 2016 #26
Exactly MaggieD Jul 2016 #58
It is not only the OP that has an agenda missingthebigdog Jul 2016 #86
Just. Stop. Hekate Jul 2016 #27
Lmfao Dem2 Jul 2016 #32
She won't be careless in the future. Give it up. it's over. samsingh Jul 2016 #35
Especially since there were no consequences...n/t TCJ70 Jul 2016 #40
Since the investigation found no evidence of intent, what "consequences" do you imagine? nt procon Jul 2016 #81
I'm not really sure that intent matters so much... TCJ70 Jul 2016 #82
Its an important legal distintion. procon Jul 2016 #118
Administrative sanctions. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #119
Read the statute. lapucelle Jul 2016 #187
Because intelligent people don't change errant behavior unless punished, right? 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2016 #93
I should use that if I ever get pulled over for speeding... TCJ70 Jul 2016 #97
LOL ... I don't think that is the response you want to post ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2016 #107
Haven't been given the chance yet... TCJ70 Jul 2016 #112
I hope she has finally learned. I suppose we may get to find out tk2kewl Jul 2016 #45
. MohRokTah Jul 2016 #41
... rateyes Jul 2016 #199
I saw the exact same thread on Jackass Laughables, so it CRACKED ME UP! MohRokTah Jul 2016 #201
You get cracked up quite a bit at stuff that rateyes Jul 2016 #203
And yet, the civil suit continues. rateyes Jul 2016 #209
Yep. Judge Sullivan subpoenas Hillary. rateyes Jul 2016 #214
And now they're pushing the LAWSUIT FAIRY!!!!! MohRokTah Jul 2016 #216
Who is they? rateyes Jul 2016 #219
I think we must wait and see how the Republicans handle it. Of course right off the bat, she will patricia92243 Jul 2016 #44
Bwahahaha Renew Deal Jul 2016 #46
Fixing the holes in the system. joshcryer Jul 2016 #53
Since Trump is in a massive, multi-state fraud lawsuit, I think we're fine. CrowCityDem Jul 2016 #56
If you mean Trump University, there's no indictment and probably will be none. Jim Lane Jul 2016 #195
I suggest you work your ass off and help Clinton to get elected. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #57
Clinton made mistakes. lapucelle Jul 2016 #60
I think Some democrats are going to accept it for what it is MyNameGoesHere Jul 2016 #62
How do Sanders fans deal with it? That's the question The Second Stone Jul 2016 #63
K&R (n/t) PJMcK Jul 2016 #67
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #64
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #66
the primary is over Dem2 Jul 2016 #71
And? Dem2 Jul 2016 #70
Posting on DU doesn't help Republicans or Democrats, regardless of what is posted. DesMoinesDem Jul 2016 #94
So you are trying to help the Republicans? Dem2 Jul 2016 #100
Can you not read or did you just completely ignore my post. DesMoinesDem Jul 2016 #129
Who gives a fuck? If its splodey heads they were going to splode anyway uponit7771 Jul 2016 #72
Did you lose a bet? Why are you saying splodey in every thread? DesMoinesDem Jul 2016 #96
You seem to enjoy implying people are stupid Dem2 Jul 2016 #135
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #138
Very interesting Dem2 Jul 2016 #142
You don't count yourself as a supporter of hers in the fall election? nt geek tragedy Jul 2016 #150
Meh. ismnotwasm Jul 2016 #73
Comey says 'no reasonable prosecutor' would bring a case against Clinton. procon Jul 2016 #74
No reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. stonecutter357 Jul 2016 #78
The other concern is the GOP in congress awake Jul 2016 #79
How many times is this story going... Mike Nelson Jul 2016 #83
Will someone tell this loser that Hillary is the official nominee?!? see below Dawson Leery Jul 2016 #85
It's over. We do not comment on it. apcalc Jul 2016 #87
I also wonder what Democrats should do floppyboo Jul 2016 #88
By mocking the endless search for new outrages! JoePhilly Jul 2016 #90
I don't think that's really the part of the statement we should be most concerned about. hughee99 Jul 2016 #91
Not really anigbrowl Jul 2016 #99
No, not at all. hughee99 Jul 2016 #110
Oh really anigbrowl Jul 2016 #274
The SoS has considerably authority to classify material, but they do not have nearly as much hughee99 Jul 2016 #275
I missed that 'little turd' floppyboo Jul 2016 #108
it's not an admission, it's a former Ken Starr flunky getting in his partisan attack geek tragedy Jul 2016 #149
If he wanted to get his partisan attack in, why didn't he just recommend prosecution? hughee99 Jul 2016 #155
"will ask for the same treatment Clinton just got." geek tragedy Jul 2016 #156
I think that statement from Comey is an admission that this particular situation was considered hughee99 Jul 2016 #157
what part of "no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case" was ambiguous? nt geek tragedy Jul 2016 #158
What part of this is ambiguous? hughee99 Jul 2016 #160
you're misstating what Comey was saying, blatantly so geek tragedy Jul 2016 #161
Look up the definition of consequences in the dictionary, it doesn't specifically exclude hughee99 Jul 2016 #167
The FBI director--a career Republican who worked for Ken freaking Starr at the OIC, said geek tragedy Jul 2016 #168
The same guy, an Obama appointee, approved by a Dem senate hughee99 Jul 2016 #169
Republicans will try to spin anything against Democrats, precious geek tragedy Jul 2016 #170
I agree. I'm suggesting THIS might be one of those things they can get a little traction on. hughee99 Jul 2016 #171
except in this instance there are adjectives used to modify the word consequences DLCWIdem Jul 2016 #225
Do you feel this gramatacal distinction will prevent the republicans from being able to portray hughee99 Jul 2016 #226
the repugs would have claimed "special treatment" anyway DLCWIdem Jul 2016 #227
I agree, and I think this statement will be used to hughee99 Jul 2016 #228
the casual observer would have to follow a arguement rather than take what is said at face value DLCWIdem Jul 2016 #233
Not really, the republicans will claim that Clinton got special treatement and then say that even hughee99 Jul 2016 #236
and the person argueing against the arguement could actually point out DLCWIdem Jul 2016 #239
Sure, but most of the spin that's put out isn't done in a debate style forum, and the casual hughee99 Jul 2016 #245
"security or administrative sanctions" are workplace consequences, lapucelle Jul 2016 #183
You're equivocating. lapucelle Jul 2016 #193
I'm not doing in this all over again, please read #167 and #171 and feel free to argue my points. hughee99 Jul 2016 #200
I'm sorry if people are disappointed that someone who did not commit a crime lapucelle Jul 2016 #213
Well, given your weeks of experience here, it hughee99 Jul 2016 #217
regardless of what Comey said they would have spun it that way anyway DLCWIdem Jul 2016 #224
The Republicans spin always creeksneakers2 Jul 2016 #229
I agree, but Clinton didn't get 100% clean bill of health, and IMHO Comey provided additional hughee99 Jul 2016 #232
IMO I read that to mean a person lower on the total pile would be fired or demoted DLCWIdem Jul 2016 #220
Actually a great deal of it is ambiguous. hughee99 Jul 2016 #221
With what?? DCBob Jul 2016 #92
Democrats keep their minds on the ultimate goal, that's how. tonyt53 Jul 2016 #102
Give it a rest!!!! redstatebluegirl Jul 2016 #103
Thank you for your concern. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2016 #113
It's obvious that those Democrats who already supported Hillary k8conant Jul 2016 #114
There are also PLENTY of us who remember DemonGoddess Jul 2016 #116
And another factor. okasha Jul 2016 #173
Into consideration for what? JTFrog Jul 2016 #134
What are you considering? nt geek tragedy Jul 2016 #148
And on and on it goes. randome Jul 2016 #115
The primaries have been over for awhile jcgoldie Jul 2016 #117
If it was me I'd find a sitting President and campaign with him... fleabiscuit Jul 2016 #120
Investigate everyone else treestar Jul 2016 #121
It's over... beachbumbob Jul 2016 #128
The State Dept had such an antiquated system that was hacked numerous times.... Historic NY Jul 2016 #130
I think this is a repost of a JPR post you made. Adrahil Jul 2016 #131
!!! zappaman Jul 2016 #141
Oh, snap...caught in flagrante delicto! Delicious! Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #177
It amazes me that they don't realize we check. nolawarlock Jul 2016 #189
It amazes me that you don't realize we check. Jim Lane Jul 2016 #237
Weird. I did a search for the word "Loon" and didn't find it. nolawarlock Jul 2016 #243
It's in #131. Jim Lane Jul 2016 #246
Well to be fair, nolawarlock Jul 2016 #247
Challenge accepted! Jim Lane Jul 2016 #253
Are you serious? nolawarlock Jul 2016 #254
Your view is jaundiced. Jim Lane Jul 2016 #256
I think it should be constricted in that way. nolawarlock Jul 2016 #271
You're certainly correct that JPR prioritizes progressive change over getting Democrats elected Jim Lane Jul 2016 #278
p.s. nolawarlock Jul 2016 #248
She did NOT have this private server to HIDE anything fun n serious Jul 2016 #136
Here's an idea. HassleCat Jul 2016 #140
The perception of wrongdoing is often as damaging is the reality of wrongdoing. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2016 #144
Yeah, the Republicans have been making their living creating bogus perceptions for decades. JTFrog Jul 2016 #145
your CONCERN is duly noted nt geek tragedy Jul 2016 #147
I'm not concerned. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2016 #152
obviously nt geek tragedy Jul 2016 #154
That's ok, we all 'perceive' your agenda emulatorloo Jul 2016 #198
Where's the "smearing" and "false equivalincies" part of my post? Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2016 #204
This part emulatorloo Jul 2016 #207
Obviously, you missed a lot of my posts. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2016 #215
Its OVER! workinclasszero Jul 2016 #146
You poor dear. Squinch Jul 2016 #151
We "deal with it" by declaring this fucking nonsense over and done with Tarc Jul 2016 #159
Easy. okasha Jul 2016 #162
Concern duly noted and put in the appropriate file!!!! rbrnmw Jul 2016 #163
DEMOCRATS will cheer at the failure of another unfounded Republican witchhunt. baldguy Jul 2016 #166
Be glad the opponent is an incompetent, somewhat insane, racist, and only a semi sentient TheKentuckian Jul 2016 #172
" how do Democrats deal with this:" We kick ass Nov 4th. seabeyond Jul 2016 #175
Give it up. Hillary is the nominee. RandySF Jul 2016 #176
Please download and post on Facebook gg4usa Jul 2016 #179
I'm moving on to insisting that all candidates finally show us their taxes!!!!!! Walk away Jul 2016 #180
10 recs? 10 too many. But glad to see so few. Metric System Jul 2016 #181
Still fighting the primary, I see. nolawarlock Jul 2016 #184
Against anyone but Trump we would be DOA, but She will win by 10+ points krawhitham Jul 2016 #191
Most will have no problem Andy823 Jul 2016 #196
Keep it simple BlueStateLib Jul 2016 #197
Dear tk2kewl, it's time to move on PJMcK Jul 2016 #205
I think they deal with it by ignoring people like you ... Onlooker Jul 2016 #210
The fact is her server was more secure that the State Dept system BainsBane Jul 2016 #211
Your assertion that her server was more secure is nonsense tk2kewl Jul 2016 #218
"careless" = "convict that Democrat";"deliberate dissemination of classified material" = "enlighten" Dem2 Jul 2016 #222
Then you would imprison the entire state department BainsBane Jul 2016 #223
concern, noted. ericson00 Jul 2016 #230
You really have to read Comey's entire statement Whimsey Jul 2016 #234
Yep it was all done in "Bad-Faith", and it was obvious to many! Her Sister Jul 2016 #272
It's over. Agnosticsherbet Jul 2016 #238
B said it's about judgement. Funny, Martha Stewart went to jail not George Eliot Jul 2016 #244
Here's how I'm going to deal with it... LuvLoogie Jul 2016 #251
By offering policies that help increase the minimum wage, lovemydog Jul 2016 #252
Reasonable people disagree on which documents need to be classified pnwmom Jul 2016 #255
I thought we were all rooting for Democrats now? Democat Jul 2016 #257
It does not matter and will not be dealt with quaker bill Jul 2016 #259
Anyone who shovels bullshit as well as you do Atticus Jul 2016 #273
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