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2016 Postmortem

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Fri Jun 17, 2016, 11:21 PM Jun 2016

Consortium News: The War Risk of Hillary Clinton [View all]


The War Risk of Hillary Clinton
June 17, 2016
Hawkish State Department officials and Official Washington’s neocons are eager for a Hillary Clinton presidency, counting on a freer hand to use U.S. military force around the world, but that future is not so clear, says Michael Brenner.
By Michael Brenner

Is Hillary Clinton a warmonger? Well, the record demonstrates that she certainly is a hawk – someone who believes strongly in the utility of military force and is ready to use it.

There is ample evidence in support of this contention. Her actions as Senator and Secretary of State as well her speeches and campaign statements paint a picture of a would-be President who views the world in terms of an ominous threat environment, who believes that core American interests are being challenged across the globe, who is a firm advocate of intervening on a preventive basis (e.g. Syria, Libya) as well as a preemptive or defensive basis, who is dedicated to keeping putative rivals like China or Russia in a subordinate position.

This complex of attitudes puts a considerable amount of blue water between her and Barack Obama. Indeed, early in her campaign she made a point of criticizing the White House for its overly restrained policies vis a vis Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping. She only switched tacks when it became evident that she needed to associate herself with the Obama record in the face of the unexpected Sanders insurrection.

The specific criticisms directed at HRC from those who find her too hawkish are well-known. They include her vote in favor of the Iraq war; her cheerleading for the Global War on Terror in all its aspects; her collaboration with the Robert Gates-led faction to push President Obama into a major Afghan escalation; her advocacy of direct military action in Libya to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi and in Syria to unseat Assad; her unbending attitude toward containing Iran even after the nuclear accord; and her bellicose language in calling Putin another “Hitler’ after Russia’s seizure of the Crimea.

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As she said, "war is a business opportunity" dflprincess Jun 2016 #1
I thought Dick Cheney said that too. TheBlackAdder Jun 2016 #16
Cheney also helped privatize war. Octafish Jun 2016 #23
I'm sure he did. dflprincess Jun 2016 #38
"Now, I'm very excited about what's possible..." Miles Archer Jun 2016 #17
No, I have this really, really sick feeling as to 2017 and beyond... Purveyor Jun 2016 #2
Donald Trump is a pathetic divisive loser who cannot let go. nt onehandle Jun 2016 #3
Tick tock, tick tock ... time is running out n/t SFnomad Jun 2016 #4
Excellent point! Nuclear War: Doomsday Clock Moving Closer To Midnight Karmadillo Jun 2016 #6
Monday will be here before you know it ... and then the BS sewer gets cleaned up n/t SFnomad Jun 2016 #7
Great debate style! Fact free, no pointing out where there may be errors, exaggerations, nor Dustlawyer Jun 2016 #9
And where else do we see one negative article after another about Secretary Clinton, hoping, praying SFnomad Jun 2016 #10
I will not let Hillary off of the hook for all of the money she OWES DONORS FOR as it is not in Dustlawyer Jun 2016 #19
JHFC, they let out the entire can of crazy in a single post SFnomad Jun 2016 #20
That's your problem, you tune out. Dustlawyer Jun 2016 #24
Buh bye n/t SFnomad Jun 2016 #26
So we won't be able to post videos of Clinton saying something dflprincess Jun 2016 #37
DU puts the Democratic back in their D ... where we work to elect them, rather than pointlessly SFnomad Jun 2016 #39
If something the candidate has said is so odious it must be repressed dflprincess Jun 2016 #42
Thank you for providing an example of the pointlessness I was talking about n/t SFnomad Jun 2016 #43
That comment would have more weight it you contributed to DU, instead of mooching "free stuff." TheBlackAdder Jun 2016 #18
So my comment would have more "weight" if I contributed money to the site? What an elitist crock. SFnomad Jun 2016 #22
Like SBS not being a real Democrat, you're not a real DUer because you don't join as a member. TheBlackAdder Jun 2016 #25
Because you're a "real" DUer, you don't see the ads that I do ... and being that they're part of the SFnomad Jun 2016 #27
Ah, yes. An Elitist is someone who asks a person to pay to use a site, when they push site action. TheBlackAdder Jun 2016 #28
No, an elitist is someone that says you're not a "real memeber" UNLESS you pay n/t SFnomad Jun 2016 #29
I drew on that silly "not a Democrat" line you use against SBS. I see you failed to grap that point. TheBlackAdder Jun 2016 #30
Where have I used that "not a Democrat" line against BS? SFnomad Jun 2016 #31
It's "tick tock" guy! Everyone drink! pinebox Jun 2016 #40
bernie is one of the $$ men for the MIC but his crowd never talks about that nt msongs Jun 2016 #5
Note to jurors should be included RobertEarl Jun 2016 #8
Ooga! Booga! BootinUp Jun 2016 #11
K&R...thanks for the post, Karmadillo! tex-wyo-dem Jun 2016 #12
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jun 2016 #13
She is very dangerous. Making her CIC is insane. Vattel Jun 2016 #14
I can't remember a Democratic Nominee so open about using force for just about everything. EndElectoral Jun 2016 #15
Going out of business sale!!! All outrages MUST GO!!!! JoePhilly Jun 2016 #21
OMG THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!111!!! betsuni Jun 2016 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #33
So cool our choices are... tex-wyo-dem Jun 2016 #35
KaBoom. John Poet Jun 2016 #34
you think the Clintonistas care? they'd just reassure themselves that Trump would've invaded MisterP Jun 2016 #36
+1 AtomicKitten Jun 2016 #41
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