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2016 Postmortem

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Sat Jun 11, 2016, 03:37 PM Jun 2016

What a choice we will have in November [View all]

A choice between someone who describes violent regime change in Libya as "smart power at its best" and someone who said that as President he would kill the family members of terrorists. We really know how to pick a CIC.

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You do realize that the Secretary of State works directly for the President, don't you. tonyt53 Jun 2016 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author tecelote Jun 2016 #3
She didn't work for the president when she said this. Vattel Jun 2016 #4
Qaddafi was a monster and I don't know how you stop the people who wanted him gone. Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #87
Your post is pathetic. Vattel Jun 2016 #90
Really Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #94
Do you know what an ad homimen or a straw man is? Vattel Jun 2016 #106
Yes, Bush et al destabilized the Middle East... ljm2002 Jun 2016 #96
OP just trying to be provocative SCantiGOP Jun 2016 #5
OK - I deleted a similar comment because it was inappropriate for the first post but... tecelote Jun 2016 #7
Hillary does support war but her positives out weigh that yeoman6987 Jun 2016 #11
No "positives" outweigh people getting killed or maimed or... Miles Archer Jun 2016 #15
Russia, Iran, Kurds, other locals Ghost Dog Jun 2016 #42
We have no choice because we created the situation. tecelote Jun 2016 #43
it does appear so swhisper1 Jun 2016 #52
"Hillary does support war but her positives out weigh that.." pangaia Jun 2016 #102
shorter tecelote Florencenj2point0 Jun 2016 #36
And many people will lose their lives because of it. tecelote Jun 2016 #41
High level of political discourse. Speaks for itself. libdem4life Jun 2016 #56
And our President has said Libya has been his biggest regret. jillan Jun 2016 #19
Indeed. "Mr Obama named the failure to plan for the aftermath of Col Gaddafi's ousting as Libyan pampango Jun 2016 #34
Hillary has always worked for the good of Hillary swhisper1 Jun 2016 #28
Bribes? Link? Florencenj2point0 Jun 2016 #37
Do you mean you do not know the difference between a salary and a bribe? pangaia Jun 2016 #105
They used to blame Obama for all the worlds ills ... now they blame ... JoePhilly Jun 2016 #75
You mean like... ljm2002 Jun 2016 #95
Peace is no longer part of the American vocabulary. tecelote Jun 2016 #2
5 days MFM008 Jun 2016 #6
Pro war. Yeah! tecelote Jun 2016 #8
Curious why you bother to read and respond to these posts? I mean if you don't like them rhett o rick Jun 2016 #10
I used to be young Night Watchman Jun 2016 #9
I'll bite. mahina Jun 2016 #33
The "o" on this PC runs Night Watchman Jun 2016 #71
What does that mean? mahina Jun 2016 #74
"The lesser of two evils." n/t bvf Jun 2016 #81
Roger. mahina Jun 2016 #93
Choice??? Old Codger Jun 2016 #12
The illusion of. VulgarPoet Jun 2016 #85
We have a choice between getting Merrick Garland confirmed or not. (eom) StevieM Jun 2016 #13
he is a republican leaning choice, not a good one swhisper1 Jun 2016 #29
that's just asinine Florencenj2point0 Jun 2016 #38
You seem to be struggling with this decision nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #14
bernie is no peace-nik, he's fine with killing all kinds of people with drones including "family msongs Jun 2016 #16
oh please, that "Bernie is a hawk too" stuff is so lame Vattel Jun 2016 #22
And so false, it's almost laughable. Duval Jun 2016 #101
The silver lining: We are citizens of the greatest country on the planet. oasis Jun 2016 #17
sorry, we are no longer the greatest except size of Military swhisper1 Jun 2016 #30
5 days Tarc Jun 2016 #18
I can't wait Florencenj2point0 Jun 2016 #39
Gallup Poll jamese777 Jun 2016 #20
not really, if laura bush got it 3 times, thats a very low bar swhisper1 Jun 2016 #31
Laura Bush is not her husband Florencenj2point0 Jun 2016 #40
she did kill someone and got off scott free, and did nothing when in the WH swhisper1 Jun 2016 #50
Link please? earthshine Jun 2016 #70
But Hillary is just *SO* unpopular. baldguy Jun 2016 #35
scandals do make a name well known swhisper1 Jun 2016 #54
Given that Clinton is **Most Admired**, people understand that those "scandals" are bullshit. baldguy Jun 2016 #64
ignore swhisper1 Jun 2016 #65
You ignore the truth. baldguy Jun 2016 #67
First of all let's not pretend Qaddafi was a Saint...he was a murderer and a despot. Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #21
see post 4 Vattel Jun 2016 #24
Nice strawman re: claims of Qaddafi sainthood Cheese Sandwich Jun 2016 #26
yes she is swhisper1 Jun 2016 #32
The dishonesty of many DU supporters of Clinton Vattel Jun 2016 #45
Indeed, she is. Duval Jun 2016 #104
They already kill the family members of suspected terrorists Cheese Sandwich Jun 2016 #23
The US does not target family members of terrorists. Trump wants to target them. Vattel Jun 2016 #25
except Sadam's sons swhisper1 Jun 2016 #51
They were part of the regime and so seen as appropriate targets in their own right. Vattel Jun 2016 #59
not buying it, They did absolutely nothing to be attacked. Iraq was innocent of 9-11 swhisper1 Jun 2016 #61
I agree that the invasion of Iraq was immoral. Vattel Jun 2016 #62
I agree with that, yet our pentagon has no qualms that our kids fight for oil, sacrificed in the swhisper1 Jun 2016 #63
And more loyalsister Jun 2016 #57
this is true, guilty via bloodline swhisper1 Jun 2016 #66
But they hate us for our freedom loyalsister Jun 2016 #68
The choices are: either a master liar and manipulator, who is also a media master and knows how to One Black Sheep Jun 2016 #27
The choice is... DCBob Jun 2016 #44
1) A dedicated hawk who has few principles she isn't willing to sacrifice for political gain. Vattel Jun 2016 #46
yeah that welfare reform worked out so well. And she really stood up to Bush. Armstead Jun 2016 #48
"Smart power" is one of those idiot buzzphrases. What government doesn't claim that? Armstead Jun 2016 #47
How will you ever decide? NurseJackie Jun 2016 #49
We have to assume Clinton would be better. HassleCat Jun 2016 #53
Why do we have to do that? nt LWolf Jun 2016 #77
Have to go with the odds, that's all. HassleCat Jun 2016 #78
I'm thrilled with the Dem choice in Nov MaggieD Jun 2016 #55
Then neither of us is shedding tears for Qaddafi. Vattel Jun 2016 #60
I don't agree that this administration "failed" in Libya MaggieD Jun 2016 #69
Maybe you are not aware of how bad things are in Libya. Vattel Jun 2016 #72
I'm fully aware MaggieD Jun 2016 #73
Surreal. so. they deserved it? had it coming? jack_krass Jun 2016 #99
"stood by our principles of freedom and self determination" jack_krass Jun 2016 #100
I voted for Bernie. SamKnause Jun 2016 #58
Not much of a choice. n/t LWolf Jun 2016 #76
Yes!!! A strong, kickass, smart, prepared, well informed, reasoned president and the first WOMAN!!! seabeyond Jun 2016 #79
Which of those six adjectives bvf Jun 2016 #82
Pettiness. seabeyond Jun 2016 #83
Bzzt! Sorry, that's not in the list. bvf Jun 2016 #84
Bzzt! No seabeyond Jun 2016 #88
That was to be expected bvf Jun 2016 #91
This is what the party gets for not backing Vermin Supreme. Buns_of_Fire Jun 2016 #80
November I think we'll need a clothespin to vote. We deserve better. B Calm Jun 2016 #86
I learned long ago bvf Jun 2016 #92
Regime change in Libya was necessary Blue_Tires Jun 2016 #89
That's what they said about Iraq, too... ljm2002 Jun 2016 #97
All Hillary has to do in the debates is to list a couple of Qaddafi's worst atrocities, Nye Bevan Jun 2016 #98
Vote Apophis 2016! Chan790 Jun 2016 #103
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