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2016 Postmortem

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17. You Have ONE MORE Choice To Add...
Mon Jun 6, 2016, 03:12 PM
Jun 2016

Some who are Bernie supporters and who really DON'T want to vote for Hillary feel we HAVE to fall on our sword to vote for her if she's the nominee because of Trump. BUT, right now Trump is beginning to get some flack and he may find his support falling off and he may NOT be a real danger. So IF he's not doing well many Bernie supporters WON'T feel the pressure to vote for Hillary.

So if his support drops and I see there's not a real contest then I CAN'T see any reason to vote for her. IF I believed half of what she's saying it would help, but I don't. I feel she's too right wing AND I KNOW there are far too many issues from her past that turned me off and I actually think are criminal. This is only my opinion but this is something my family and friends are having a very hard time making a decision about. We DON'T want to vote for her, feel we're being boxed in and are still wondering what we'll do.

I have never in my 45 years as an activist felt this way about any nominee, and I'm so very, very mad that THIS DEMOCRATIC PARTY decided VERY EARLY ON that it will be HILLARY, no matter what. I'm quite livid that I've been put in this position and it goes against what I always thought the Democratic Party stood for. I also think too many Primaries have had problems and it's too hard for me to believe that everything was done properly!


PLEASE TAKE THIS POLL!!! [View all] FourScore Jun 2016 OP
You're not giving me my option rock Jun 2016 #1
Good point! n/t FourScore Jun 2016 #5
The first option is to see how many Clinton supporters see things FourScore Jun 2016 #7
Well, I remain unconvinced on Bernie's treatment rock Jun 2016 #10
I added it. n/t FourScore Jun 2016 #8
I used it rock Jun 2016 #13
I would like to indulge your curiosity, but bbgrunt Jun 2016 #2
It would be nice if an anonymity choice were available. FourScore Jun 2016 #3
Yep! dana_b Jun 2016 #18
Tomorrow evening can't get here soon enough for Sanders. NCTraveler Jun 2016 #4
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I added it. n/t FourScore Jun 2016 #9
Thanks, I voted! ;) nt JSup Jun 2016 #15
This is flypaper. R. Daneel Olivaw Jun 2016 #11
Okaaay. Thanks for sharing. FourScore Jun 2016 #12
You're welcome. Anything to help. R. Daneel Olivaw Jun 2016 #14
*sigh* As usual, no option for Vermin Supreme. Buns_of_Fire Jun 2016 #16
You Have ONE MORE Choice To Add... ChiciB1 Jun 2016 #17
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