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2016 Postmortem

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Mon Jun 6, 2016, 11:31 AM Jun 2016

Hillary Clinton’s brother-in-law Roger Clinton busted for DUI in California two days before primary [View all]

Hillary Clinton’s brother-in-law Roger Clinton busted for DUI in California two days before primary

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Monday, June 6, 2016, 10:57 AM

"Headache" has struck again — just in time for the California primary.

Hillary Clinton's troubled brother-in-law, Roger Clinton, was busted in southern California Sunday night on suspicion of DUI, just two days before the state's high-stakes primary.

Roger Clinton — who earned the Secret Service codename "Headache" for his antics during President Bill Clinton's administration —was held on $15,000 bail. He is due in court on Monday, a police spokeswoman told the Daily News.

Clinton, 59, was arrested in Redondo Beach around 8 p.m. after a civilian reported him for "erratic" driving, police said. After field sobriety tests, he was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence. But he refused all chemical testing in jail, police said.

SOURCE: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/hillary-clinton-brother-in-law-busted-dui-california-article-1.2662816
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So, Roger is running for president? Is his name on the ballot? This stuff is playground nonsense tonyt53 Jun 2016 #1
No, just for a spot in the First Family. bvf Jun 2016 #24
Ken Starr? Is that you? (nt) Nye Bevan Jun 2016 #112
My, but that was witty. bvf Jun 2016 #118
Hillary and Bill are worth how many millions? Octafish Jun 2016 #28
Here is a short list of the rich people that alcoholism and drug addiction defeated dsc Jun 2016 #36
Hey! We got sober the same year! yardwork Jun 2016 #47
both of us had to abide Bush sober dsc Jun 2016 #75
So true. 9/11, the Iraq war, everything. yardwork Jun 2016 #99
I quit when I moved to NC because evening meetings are rough on me dsc Jun 2016 #101
The only people I'm shaming are Bill and Hillary Clinton. Octafish Jun 2016 #55
And how on earth do you know that they HAVEN'T helped him? auntpurl Jun 2016 #62
That is an excellent point. I don't know. Octafish Jun 2016 #66
Yeah. I suspect you know very little about addiction. auntpurl Jun 2016 #70
My nephew, my oldest brother's son, pretty much destroyed his dad's life as he tried to help his son tonyt53 Jun 2016 #79
Sorry to hear it. auntpurl Jun 2016 #82
What I do know... Octafish Jun 2016 #80
Ha ha. Treatment options in the UK auntpurl Jun 2016 #83
So instead of all the condescension, enlighten us. Octafish Jun 2016 #90
They can't enlighten you . TheFarS1de Jun 2016 #114
And what if he refused help? yardwork Jun 2016 #102
And yet you chose to make political hay out of it anigbrowl Jun 2016 #111
Not hay, News. Octafish Jun 2016 #115
Do enlighten us as to what the newsworthy element is here... anigbrowl Jun 2016 #120
Unlike you, I find nothing funny with what happened. Octafish Jun 2016 #125
I don't find it funny anigbrowl Jun 2016 #127
all the money in the world won't help a person who doesn't want help dsc Jun 2016 #76
You can't help someone w substance abuse problems who isn't ready to be helped emulatorloo Jun 2016 #93
There may not be a family that has not suffered from substance abuse. Octafish Jun 2016 #122
Agreed. emulatorloo Jun 2016 #128
That's ridiculous. Money doesn't solve alcoholism. Really. yardwork Jun 2016 #100
What solves it? Octafish Jun 2016 #121
Grow up. yardwork Jun 2016 #131
So your comment was intended to denigrate mine? Octafish Jun 2016 #135
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife Jun 2016 #106
Hafta agree with you on this one... Roger Clinton's DUI is completely irrelevant. InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2016 #130
Sad news. If this is true, I hope he gets some real help. writes3000 Jun 2016 #2
Me too. Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #8
They had it rough. tonyt53 Jun 2016 #13
Absolutely. Octafish Jun 2016 #32
This is what the BS cheerleaders have sunk to ... reporting on things like this n/t SFnomad Jun 2016 #3
Yep, yesterday Andy823 Jun 2016 #9
I think it's important to talk about the victims of for-profit policing scscholar Jun 2016 #78
I WANT police to stop people who driving drunk - there are many tragic stories of karynnj Jun 2016 #91
+1 JoePhilly Jun 2016 #81
Has nothing to do with Hillary, he's been on the down & out for years Tarc Jun 2016 #4
Brings to mind Jimmy Carter's brother Billy and Billy Beer, but has nothing to do with the election. Agnosticsherbet Jun 2016 #5
lol Also my first thought. nt DURHAM D Jun 2016 #7
I have some Billy Beer. NCTraveler Jun 2016 #15
Now that wold be a cool bit of memorabilia. As I recall, it wasn't very good Agnosticsherbet Jun 2016 #16
The cans I have are empty. NCTraveler Jun 2016 #21
To his credit, good old country boy, Billy never got popped for a DUI Brother Buzz Jun 2016 #51
His choice of urinals did not reflect poorly on Jimmy Carter. Agnosticsherbet Jun 2016 #53
Absolutely - just as Clinton's BIL's mess doesn't reflect poorly on her. Brother Buzz Jun 2016 #57
And there is a point? Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #6
I posted in LBN, too. Octafish Jun 2016 #10
Why? Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #14
Why? This is going to win Cali for Bernie! PepperHarlan Jun 2016 #20
congrats on a stellar first post. reddread Jun 2016 #26
It could move the needle PepperHarlan Jun 2016 #30
as opposed to your third post reddread Jun 2016 #34
Good one! PepperHarlan Jun 2016 #37
Right Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #44
If it was Bernie's brother, would you have a problem with me posting? Octafish Jun 2016 #22
abso fucking lutely dsc Jun 2016 #38
save your "feels" for 8pm tuesday night...n/t ExtraGriz Jun 2016 #42
Absolutely Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #45
Sad. WhiteTara Jun 2016 #27
LOL, Hillary is toast now, right? Spazito Jun 2016 #33
I had this long post written asking if you would consdier MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #84
So it's my fault Roger Clinton was arrested for DUI? Octafish Jun 2016 #92
I never said Roger was your fault MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #97
As opposed to projection? Octafish Jun 2016 #104
You should move this to GD or the Lounge nt Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #11
Totally agree with you. nt floppyboo Jun 2016 #25
I don't know what to say Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #46
does that mean you tacitly condone this 'national equirerer' shite? floppyboo Jun 2016 #64
So sad. I hope he gets help. NCTraveler Jun 2016 #12
My feelings, exactly. Octafish Jun 2016 #137
Billy Carter sold "Billy Beer," Roger Clinton can sell "Headache Beer," named to sell millions. TheBlackAdder Jun 2016 #17
what shit is this? ExtraGriz Jun 2016 #18
Poor Roger. hamsterjill Jun 2016 #19
portents reddread Jun 2016 #23
Finally, a Clinton will be indicted nt firebrand80 Jun 2016 #29
As a Bernie supporter, this is just a distraction Ned_Devine Jun 2016 #31
Odd phrasing - Hillary's brother-in-law instead of Bill's brother LonePirate Jun 2016 #35
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #40
Obviously a post that was meant to attack Hillary Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #49
Struggling to make it relevant for GD-P? yardwork Jun 2016 #50
Thanks for posting this here AND in LBN obamanut2012 Jun 2016 #39
I don't see what this has to do with the primaries. montana_hazeleyes Jun 2016 #41
He is the youngest brother. Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #52
Thanks Demsrule86. montana_hazeleyes Jun 2016 #61
welcome Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #96
I agree. montana_hazeleyes Jun 2016 #124
Roger is Bill's half brother, the son of Bill's mother and the abusive alcoholic she married after Tanuki Jun 2016 #133
Thank you for the reply Tanuki. montana_hazeleyes Jun 2016 #144
Thank you! I will not vote for Roger Clinton! zappaman Jun 2016 #43
Me neither! auntpurl Jun 2016 #60
Nor I. That's sealed it. No vote for Roger. Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #65
I'm not clear on why this is posted in GD-P. yardwork Jun 2016 #48
Not a Hillary supporter here Bjornsdotter Jun 2016 #54
I am sorry to hear this and I wish him the best. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #56
Me too. Octafish Jun 2016 #68
and yet Bernie supporters will later say that Hillary supporters are being unfair. MariaThinks Jun 2016 #58
You can't pick your relatives. Vinca Jun 2016 #59
Outside of you attempting to use this instance to hurt people.... NCTraveler Jun 2016 #63
Compassion. Octafish Jun 2016 #67
Nope. Clearly not an alien concept to me. NCTraveler Jun 2016 #69
I thought family, not involved with the campaigns, was off limits? Classless BSer. Sheepshank Jun 2016 #71
OMG this is major Democratic Primary News!!!! UMTerp01 Jun 2016 #72
Not really relevant to the election, you can choose your friends but you can't choose family Fumesucker Jun 2016 #73
Billy Beer? libodem Jun 2016 #74
which has absolutely.... chillfactor Jun 2016 #77
Are you proud of posting this junk? nolabear Jun 2016 #85
Proud, no. I'm not ashamed, either. Octafish Jun 2016 #98
As a bernie supporter, why post this shit? Who cares? Nt Logical Jun 2016 #86
What a large number of posters we suddenly have who appear to be showing compassion and liberalism. Kentonio Jun 2016 #87
Clinton has enough problems with her own family unc70 Jun 2016 #88
Not GD:P material Amaril Jun 2016 #89
Wrong. He's a public figure. He received a Presidential Pardon. Octafish Jun 2016 #139
I don't care Alittleliberal Jun 2016 #94
Irrelevant to this primary treestar Jun 2016 #95
Oh, JESUS. The Clintons and the Rodhams need to just GO AWAY... AzDar Jun 2016 #103
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife Jun 2016 #105
wrong first brother reddread Jun 2016 #110
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife Jun 2016 #119
top that reddread Jun 2016 #107
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife Jun 2016 #108
That's a "so what" for me. Miles Archer Jun 2016 #109
You would think Bill and Hillary would pay for a permanent chauffeur-driven car for him, Nye Bevan Jun 2016 #113
That is an interesting perspective. Octafish Jun 2016 #123
That does it! I'll never, ever vote for Roger! VOX Jun 2016 #116
Flashback to the 1990s, Waiting For Everyman Jun 2016 #117
he has aged very well! I suppose it's the pickling process. wendylaroux Jun 2016 #126
Didn't Bill pardon him once already? panader0 Jun 2016 #129
I thought liberals were supposed to have empathy for folks in distress. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2016 #132
I thought liberals considered drunk driving against the law? Octafish Jun 2016 #134
Punishment and rehabilitation are not mutually exclusive. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2016 #136
So now it's about me and my family. Octafish Jun 2016 #138
As an empathetic and compassionate person... DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2016 #140
Why is this in GDP? gollygee Jun 2016 #141
And so? This is the weakest anti-Clinton OP I've ever seen. MineralMan Jun 2016 #142
No. It's a news article. If it were an anti-Clinton OP, I'd have voiced an opinion. Octafish Jun 2016 #143
''a degenerate brother-in-law'' Octafish Jun 2016 #146
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