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2016 Postmortem

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Sun Jun 5, 2016, 12:43 AM Jun 2016

Superdelegates do not vote until July 25th & do NOT count till then. Don't believe me? No prob... [View all]

Maybe you will believe the communications director of the DNC try to set Jake Tapper straight.
Until Hillary has 2383 PLEDGED delegates, she is not the nominee.

Those are the rules & they were the rules when Hillary declared she was running for President.

Enough of the lies.
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Superdelegates have never overturned the will of voters. onehandle Jun 2016 #1
Nope. The last votes are in DC next week. Hillary will not have 2383 pledged delegates before then. jillan Jun 2016 #5
There's ALWAYS A First Time! CorporatistNation Jun 2016 #7
THE END IS NIGH onehandle Jun 2016 #19
NOW we listen to the DNC. RandySF Jun 2016 #2
We've always been listening to the rules. It's the msm that hasn't been. That's why they are trying jillan Jun 2016 #6
The BS cheerleaders finally found something the DNC has said, that they like SFnomad Jun 2016 #3
No one is disputing that she is not the nominee until the convention. She will be the anotherproletariat Jun 2016 #4
If you're familiar with what happened in 2008, prepare for a repeat in 2016. LonePirate Jun 2016 #8
You've been predicting a concession after Tuesday every week since February. HubertHeaver Jun 2016 #13
I have not but why I would expect you to tell the truth about what I have said? LonePirate Jun 2016 #14
And your first response is a personal attack. HubertHeaver Jun 2016 #24
Your lie about my postings is not a personal attack against me or my character? LonePirate Jun 2016 #25
You might want to stop your personal attacks. I have checked your posts. HubertHeaver Jun 2016 #28
You said I have been calling for him to concede every week since February. LonePirate Jun 2016 #32
Not only were you the first to make it personal in this subthread, JimDandy Jun 2016 #33
enough of the lies indeed. bernie says all the supers should undemocratically vote for him even tho msongs Jun 2016 #9
Hillary Clinton will go over 2,383, sometimes on June 7th Tarc Jun 2016 #10
Everyone knows that they vote at the convention... qdouble Jun 2016 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author Autumn Colors Jun 2016 #26
And then she wins the nomination no problem at the convention Doctor Jack Jun 2016 #12
Sounds like somebody has an early case of the Mondays. Ed Suspicious Jun 2016 #31
They're not going to steal it for Bernie. geek tragedy Jun 2016 #15
There's nothing to steal SheenaR Jun 2016 #27
So you think party insiders should overrule the voters. geek tragedy Jun 2016 #30
Super delegates who publicly declared their support before a single voter got to vote overruled them. JimDandy Jun 2016 #34
the voters chose her, she is the only person with a legitimate claim to be the nominee geek tragedy Jun 2016 #35
Yes, I know you had no pertinent rebuttal. JimDandy Jun 2016 #38
fine, get rid of them, have them split their votes 55-45 in favor of Clinton geek tragedy Jun 2016 #39
Your point is exactly why their existence is superflorous to the process. JimDandy Jun 2016 #41
there's two separate issues geek tragedy Jun 2016 #42
Exactly. Enough of the shady nonsense being spouted in endless threads. Waiting For Everyman Jun 2016 #16
our nomineee is named when she crosses the threshold on June 7th...history goes against your beachbum bob Jun 2016 #17
Hillary thinks rules don't apply to her, but this convention B Calm Jun 2016 #18
Pledged delegates don't vote until then either oberliner Jun 2016 #20
It's over KingFlorez Jun 2016 #21
"superdelegates have never actually determined who the nominee is" geek tragedy Jun 2016 #22
There is a difference between official nominee and presumptive nominee. DCBob Jun 2016 #23
Lol...every primary ENDS...when the magic number is hit... beachbumbob Jun 2016 #29
Clinton breaks another glass ceiling Tuesday becoming the first woman nominee of the 2 major parties seabeyond Jun 2016 #36
K & R AzDar Jun 2016 #37
they. don't. care., jillian. this is desperation on steroids. restorefreedom Jun 2016 #40
11 more days for you to get over the fact that she won and your candidate lost nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #43
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