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78. Good to know
Thu Jun 2, 2016, 01:12 PM
Jun 2016

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the Hillary Brahs are Okay with sexist terms like Bernie Bros. What was that, 5 female Hillary Brahs is this thread railing against a jury alert to hide the use of Bernie Bros because it's not sexists? And then flaunting the jury's 7-0 no hide?

Alright, this female Bernie Supporter is nothing but accommodating, Hillary Brahs.

edit-correct spelling of slang word for bro. "Brah is the slang term for "bro" which is slang for brother..a slang inside a slang. 8) THIS ORIGINATED IN THE STATE OF HAWAII!..." {Not "Bra"! Darn--it fit so perfect for with Clinton's "woman card" campaign, too} I learn something interesting every day still. LOL

Under the bus President Obama goes ... n/t SFnomad Jun 2016 #1
Most of em hated him anyway uponit7771 Jun 2016 #2
He's got great company..... Skid Rogue Jun 2016 #11
Ain't that the truth, my brother. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2016 #26
This is unnecessary bashing. Most Bernie Sanders supporters and/or Progressives don't HATE Obama. JimDandy Jun 2016 #37
Strawman, never said "all"... nice try though uponit7771 Jun 2016 #50
Most or All--My argument did not hinge on the difference in quantity, JimDandy Jun 2016 #55
JimDandy, we agree. I am a Senator Sanders saidsimplesimon Jun 2016 #76
And never even tried to hide it. But then act shocked that the reast of us saw it and damn sure Number23 Jun 2016 #47
Yeap, they'll act like the some of the threads they rec'd into the 80s and 100s don't exist uponit7771 Jun 2016 #51
They hated him already Renew Deal Jun 2016 #6
The Bernites threw him under the bus years ago. nt Cali_Democrat Jun 2016 #7
That is not true democrattotheend Jun 2016 #91
Remember that Bernie wanted Obama to be primaried in 2012. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #98
Truer words were never spoken. Look at some of the replies below. George II Jun 2016 #63
That has been tried. President Obama broke the bus MineralMan Jun 2016 #65
No, but I am a little disappointed in him - not for the reason you might think democrattotheend Jun 2016 #90
When he was in this exact same position in 2008, it was considered the finish line SFnomad Jun 2016 #92
DC had its primary earlier in 2008 democrattotheend Jun 2016 #94
It was way too front loaded and SuperDuper Tuesday had something like 24 states in it and nearly 1/2 SFnomad Jun 2016 #95
He's pretty piped in...you think he'd know about the looming indictments BeyondGeography Jun 2016 #3
I actually got one of the BS cheerleaders to admit they were hoping for indictments ... pathetic n/t SFnomad Jun 2016 #4
Ooooooo, that man looks absolutely terrified. okasha Jun 2016 #5
Hey okasha~ you got juried.. somebody was wah wah wah.. Cha Jun 2016 #27
Yep, Sanders supporters have been banned from juries. rhett o rick Jun 2016 #35
Well Rick... zappaman Jun 2016 #45
Is that why I've been getting on 3-4 juries a day lately? bettyellen Jun 2016 #48
The reason why DesertRat Jun 2016 #66
Also because they ignored nasty personal attacks- I used to see that often and only be on juries 1-2 bettyellen Jun 2016 #74
I agree with you DesertRat Jun 2016 #77
Yeah right. That's a good rationalization. But there is no notice and no way rhett o rick Jun 2016 #75
You can believe what you like DesertRat Jun 2016 #80
"Since you believe that there is a site-wide conspiracy against Sanders supporters, I don't know why rhett o rick Jun 2016 #86
Is that a goodbye, Rick? zappaman Jun 2016 #87
Thanks, Cha. okasha Jun 2016 #36
You're welcome, buddy. Cha Jun 2016 #39
I think our Prez looks not only fearless but debonair. okasha Jun 2016 #44
Yep, too funny JimDandy Jun 2016 #82
Ooops. George II Jun 2016 #62
Shameful JimDandy Jun 2016 #84
i alerted because of the reference to "BROS' hopemountain Jun 2016 #34
Sexist? okasha Jun 2016 #38
so you decide to shove those ugly hopemountain Jun 2016 #40
I am not referring only to posts here. okasha Jun 2016 #43
Apparently 7 jurors disagreed with you. DesertRat Jun 2016 #67
That was a ridiculous alert. It breaks no rules - you can't simply hide what you don't agree with. Lil Missy Jun 2016 #54
Good to know JimDandy Jun 2016 #78
Bernie Bros is now a accepted sexist term on this site and used frequently JimDandy Jun 2016 #81
It was the Bros themselves that coined it, okasha Jun 2016 #83
The first use of the term was traced back to a Hillary Brah JimDandy Jun 2016 #85
I would report juror #2. No reason for the nasty comments! B Calm Jun 2016 #96
thank you, b calm ~ hopemountain Jun 2016 #97
Things will get very obvious next week when Obama has a press conference standing next to Hillary Renew Deal Jun 2016 #8
The indictment is being handed down Skink Jun 2016 #9
I had this made just for you, lol DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2016 #12
Good grief bravenak Jun 2016 #16
Here you go Skink, DSB asked someone to hand this to you. Maru Kitteh Jun 2016 #22
LOL, Skink has YOU on ignore too! JimDandy Jun 2016 #61
He's known for a few months nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #10
Could you please post this for skink for me and address it to him. I think he has me on ignore. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2016 #13
Has me on ignore too I suspect. nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #14
I like this new image better... The old image had homophobic overtones, albeit unintentional. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2016 #15
I got it for you! Maru Kitteh Jun 2016 #24
Obama is at 52% nationally. In Bernieworld/DU maybe 25% maybe lower. redstateblues Jun 2016 #17
52 is the new 60 the way our country is divided CorkySt.Clair Jun 2016 #25
yes MFM008 Jun 2016 #33
85% of Bernie supporters approve of Obama's performance geek tragedy Jun 2016 #70
I guess the other 15% are on DU redstateblues Jun 2016 #88
Or at Daily Kos or Salon.com nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #89
That's how you respect the process. Hillary supporters take note. aikoaiko Jun 2016 #18
I'm perfectly happy to wait...until next week. brooklynite Jun 2016 #19
yep. And then the nominee will actually be determined at the convention. aikoaiko Jun 2016 #20
PBO is chomping at the bit according to reports to campaign for soon-to-be PHRC Maru Kitteh Jun 2016 #21
I can't wait DesertRat Jun 2016 #28
Right? It's going to be such a pleasure to watch! Maru Kitteh Jun 2016 #30
He said: "probably have a pretty good sense next week" Cheese Sandwich Jun 2016 #23
The Democratic nominee was clear at the latest on March 15th mythology Jun 2016 #29
Yep. March 15th. Arguably March 1st. Garrett78 Jun 2016 #42
If you say so. We'll point to that date come November, then. JimDandy Jun 2016 #59
It was apparent by mid-March that Clinton would end up with more pledged delegates. Garrett78 Jun 2016 #69
How right he is! nt anotherproletariat Jun 2016 #31
THis is a clue to BS Supporters. nt BootinUp Jun 2016 #32
Obama would never have been President if they had rigged it against him jfern Jun 2016 #41
Bernie's losing because he did not pick up Obama's coalition of reliable Dems.... bettyellen Jun 2016 #49
The real reason he lost jimw81 Jun 2016 #52
He reached out, but David Brock convinced idiots that it was jfern Jun 2016 #53
The "idiots" were the ones who admitted they didn't even compete in the "southern states" were a... uponit7771 Jun 2016 #57
And accused people of using talking points the day his site launched! Brilliant. bettyellen Jun 2016 #72
Not true at all. People read his web site the day it launched and noticed bettyellen Jun 2016 #71
It's not David Brock's fault that Bernie failed to expand beyond his core constituency. -nt- Lord Magus Jun 2016 #100
A core constituency that gets 46% of the pledged delegates? Hilarious. jfern Jun 2016 #102
He didn't see the need to reach out to the black community until a week before SC. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #105
That's such utter bullshit. If anything, he spent too much time there. jfern Jun 2016 #106
+1, Weaver and Divine admitted not competing in "southern states" & Sanders lost by over 2 mil votes uponit7771 Jun 2016 #56
Really? I recall Obama facing the exact same rules that Bernie is now. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #99
Bulllshit. The party did not launder money against him in the primary. jfern Jun 2016 #101
The party did not launder money against Bernie either. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #103
It's been well documented. Denying it makes it clear you have no credibility. jfern Jun 2016 #104
"and itís almost overĒ Praise the Deep Fried Lord in Heaven!!!!!! Number23 Jun 2016 #46
Hehe... SidDithers Jun 2016 #64
Doesn't he realize that it is already clear? Vattel Jun 2016 #58
That's a cautious and diplomatic way to put it. Orsino Jun 2016 #60
The WH has handled itself well throughout this process. NCTraveler Jun 2016 #68
It's been fairly clear since March. Nonhlanhla Jun 2016 #73
Apparently he believes in math also realmirage Jun 2016 #79
If you read past the headline you'll notice that Obama didn't say that. DesMoinesDem Jun 2016 #93
Once again Pres Obama has the back of his fellow corporatist. I am shocked, simply shocked. Skwmom Jun 2016 #107
He's GOTTA pass that TPP, after all... AzDar Jun 2016 #108
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