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2016 Postmortem

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Tue May 31, 2016, 08:22 AM May 2016

Here Are Hillary Clinton's Private Email Server Misstatements [View all]

Here Are Hillary Clinton's Private Email Server Misstatements

by The Associated Press
May 31, 2016, 6:21 AM EDT

Over the months, Clinton misstated key facts about her use of private email and her own server.

Over the months, Hillary Clinton misstated key facts about her use of private email and her own server for her work as secretary of state, the department’s inspector general reported this week.

According to the findings, she claimed approval she didn’t have and declined to be interviewed for the report despite saying: “I’m more than ready to talk to anybody anytime.” Scrutiny of her unusual email practices appeared to be unwelcome, despite her contention those practices were well known and “fully above board.”

A look at some of Clinton’s past claims about her unusual email set-up and how they compare with the inspector general’s findings:


Clinton: “I think last August I made it clear I’m more than ready to talk to anybody anytime. — CBS News interview in May.

The Report: Clinton declined through her lawyer to be interviewed for the report. Four other secretaries of state participated: John Kerry, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. She now says: “everything I had to say was out there.”...

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Another nose cutting venture by a bernie. Darb May 2016 #1
Maybe Hillary could learn to tell the truth and follow government rules. Maybe.... think May 2016 #2
Maybe Bernie should run as a Socialist and all ya'll can Darb May 2016 #3
When faced with the truth you resort to baseless smears without substance. Something think May 2016 #8
What baseless smear? Darb May 2016 #9
You're an angry bitter person. Enjoy your day comrade.... think May 2016 #11
That's just dumb. This is from fortune, not some mythical morningfog May 2016 #5
Fortune huh? They would never speak ill of a Democrat. Darb May 2016 #7
never as bad as the daily trash bin, though. hollysmom May 2016 #12
And not a nose cutting venture by Bernie or his supporter. morningfog May 2016 #15
Bringing it here to flog is nose cutting, Darb May 2016 #17
thank you for making my life a little better today reddread May 2016 #19
Run and hide bernies. Darb Jun 2016 #51
I'm not the op. Check yourself again. morningfog May 2016 #21
You defended it ....no? Darb Jun 2016 #52
I corrected your ignorant comment. morningfog Jun 2016 #54
No, you defended a nose cutting. Darb Jun 2016 #55
Your lack of understanding is your problem, not mine. morningfog Jun 2016 #56
Lack of understanding why one cuts off their nose to spite their face? Darb Jun 2016 #58
Garble garble Flagler bagel. morningfog Jun 2016 #59
Another bernies runs for cover. I win again. Darb Jun 2016 #60
It's published by Fortune, but reported by the AP. tex-wyo-dem May 2016 #38
Did the AP write it? Darb Jun 2016 #53
This is the 9th major publication nadinbrzezinski May 2016 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author BillZBubb May 2016 #13
Telling the truth is "nose cutting"? Only in the cult of Hillary. BillZBubb May 2016 #14
"Cult"? Interesting. Darb May 2016 #18
Hey, you're in the cult of Hillary, own it Darb! BillZBubb May 2016 #20
Only cult around here is the bernies. Darb Jun 2016 #49
Well, if the nose is growing way too long, it needs to be cut. lagomorph777 May 2016 #35
Jealousy is an ugly emotion. Darb Jun 2016 #50
I like my own nose just fine lagomorph777 Jun 2016 #61
Looks to me like Hillary cut off her own nose. No help needed from Bernie. Hiraeth May 2016 #30
Uhhh, no. Darb Jun 2016 #57
Uhhh, yeah. Truth out. Hiraeth Jun 2016 #62
Hillary's the one who needs to cut her nose. Fawke Em May 2016 #33
*CLAP*CLAP*CLAP* Tarc May 2016 #4
Thank you. The lies are just the beginning of Hillary's troubles... think May 2016 #6
YAY! hootinholler May 2016 #10
Man, that classic rock era was rock at its fattest and bloated Tarc May 2016 #32
You may need to see a doctor for your clap affliction... n/t ljm2002 May 2016 #28
*DRIP*DRIP*DRIP* frylock May 2016 #42
She didn't "misstate" anything--she LIED. BillZBubb May 2016 #16
What responsible leader "misstates" in this context? loyalsister May 2016 #48
I do not agree with the word "misstatements" Jarqui May 2016 #22
Thank you for your thoughts on the matter. It's obvious Hillary has been less than honest think May 2016 #23
I currently have some trouble with your comment: Jarqui May 2016 #37
Please consider promoting this piece to its own OP -- it is important n/t davidlynch May 2016 #40
...! KoKo May 2016 #46
I think her lawyers have advised her to keep her mouth shut about this stuff EndElectoral May 2016 #24
"misstatement" is my new least favorite word. lumberjack_jeff May 2016 #25
Yes, I am already tired of that word, too. Kind of like Pre-owned/used. Hiraeth May 2016 #31
Do we really need more proof that Clinton is a fucking liar? Vattel May 2016 #26
She lied! She knew damn well what she was doing. She didn't want onecaliberal May 2016 #27
RICO Suave Fawke Em May 2016 #34
... vintx May 2016 #44
This thread nearly misses. mmonk May 2016 #29
I think most people will read the article and find the mis-steps minor, especially wiggs May 2016 #36
So, now her defense lawyer is running her campaign? Tierra_y_Libertad May 2016 #39
She lied, her Misstatements are Joob May 2016 #41
K & R AzDar May 2016 #43
That is what now 9 major publications nadinbrzezinski May 2016 #45
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