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And She Will Not Receive It Either cantbeserious May 2016 #1
THIS nt restorefreedom May 2016 #19
That^ 840high May 2016 #128
Truth. PowerToThePeople May 2016 #143
All of the above ^ Optimism May 2016 #155
^What they all said. TalkingDog May 2016 #159
That's my take on it, too. djean111 May 2016 #2
If she wont ask for our votes why should she get them? SwampG8r May 2016 #3
I think the plan is to have Bernie ask for them. I would do a lot for Bernie. *sigh* Hiraeth May 2016 #41
Me, too, but if he gives me wiggle room, then - again - I'll do closeupready May 2016 #134
I believe he's said as much. greiner3 May 2016 #153
I support Bernie 100% but if he asked me to vote for Clinton, I would not do it. bjo59 May 2016 #151
In fact, the way she treated him and us ... Fantastic Anarchist May 2016 #172
Good post. kayakjohnny May 2016 #4
I don't think she's done being offensive either. Waiting For Everyman May 2016 #5
Canceled all the exit polls? SusanCalvin May 2016 #79
Here you go: Waiting For Everyman May 2016 #84
Thanks - don't know how I missed that one. SusanCalvin May 2016 #88
No, I agree, she's really not very smart. closeupready May 2016 #135
Agree. And yes, I've said many times she doesn't think things through. cui bono May 2016 #141
Right there with you. Fantastic Anarchist May 2016 #173
She won't receive it. frustrated_lefty May 2016 #6
Her Bush donors will come to the rescue. Broward May 2016 #7
I can see this happening, especially in the south. Hiraeth May 2016 #42
The pity is that it's such a fascist, corporate way to look at running a country. ancianita May 2016 #8
We're doomed if she's president. nt Fantastic Anarchist May 2016 #174
I don't believe that quote is the whole of her attitude toward Democrats. We need to give her ancianita May 2016 #176
I am still donating money to individual Democrats (not the DNC). gordianot May 2016 #9
I wouldn't suggest that anyone not donate to dems Sky Masterson May 2016 #12
The ones I am donating to are running against old fashioned establishment Republicans. gordianot May 2016 #15
It's kind of late for anyone to get on the ballot in some states. merrily May 2016 #43
The deals used to be done in back rooms at conventions. gordianot May 2016 #67
They're still done in rooms somewhere, only now its years before the election. Still, there are laws merrily May 2016 #69
A Dark Horse is still possible to the Party Convention. gordianot May 2016 #76
Thank you. Sounds interesting. I will google. merrily May 2016 #80
Do you have any insights into #94 and #107? With so many Indian, Chinese, appalachiablue May 2016 #110
I changed to Unaffiliated after decades of supporting the Dem party, RKP5637 May 2016 #53
I donate to candidates I'm pretty sure are progressivs Ferd Berfel May 2016 #70
They've called me again and again - NO is my firm answer, closeupready May 2016 #136
It does not occur to them that many are under the radar edgineered May 2016 #10
The more they tell us to get in line, Merryland May 2016 #52
And yet, as is still seen in this very thread, edgineered May 2016 #103
If Sanders endorses her, I will take that as a betrayal. Nt Fantastic Anarchist May 2016 #175
Yes. Demonstrates poor understanding of human nature. nt SusanCalvin May 2016 #81
To their credit however, edgineered May 2016 #105
But guess who they'll all blame when she loses. CharlotteVale May 2016 #11
Forgive the shouting, WHO CARES WHO THEY BLAME? merrily May 2016 #39
They can try. But it won't be the truth. nt SusanCalvin May 2016 #82
Seemingly the DWS-DNC does not nee a LOT of people... Kip Humphrey May 2016 #13
The new democratic party has no idea what is going on in this country. Many RKP5637 May 2016 #57
Why is it .... yuiyoshida May 2016 #94
True, why is this group missing? It's messed up; the US has many Asians. appalachiablue May 2016 #102
maybe they hope WE will all yuiyoshida May 2016 #104
Just googled 'American Asians Excluded in Election Polls'. There are many links appalachiablue May 2016 #107
You know there is a group.... yuiyoshida May 2016 #108
I know, here's another. Tulsi Gabbard is great too. appalachiablue May 2016 #114
cool beans!! yuiyoshida May 2016 #116
They never include Asians or Native Americans. Blue_In_AK May 2016 #111
ohyeah! yuiyoshida May 2016 #113
Up here, the Natives were almost 100% for Bernie. Blue_In_AK May 2016 #120
I took a walk though San Francisco China town yuiyoshida May 2016 #121
That group also could include Middle Eastern people, as well. Fawke Em May 2016 #131
Poll makers will go crazy yuiyoshida May 2016 #137
You'd think it would be self-explanatory. Fawke Em May 2016 #140
it is a big place ...to park your car!!! yuiyoshida May 2016 #144
The only innocent explination jeff47 May 2016 #157
3 asians.... in California? yuiyoshida May 2016 #161
Well, it was a posterior-generated value.... jeff47 May 2016 #162
They always say, there isn't many of them, why bother... yuiyoshida May 2016 #165
Oh the drama. JoePhilly May 2016 #14
Great technique! Sky Masterson May 2016 #18
Operation Chaos 2016 JaneyVee May 2016 #16
Not at all. Sky Masterson May 2016 #20
How ironic! Remind me when "Bernie 2016 Fuck Yeah" ceased being your long-time sig line? merrily May 2016 #37
Yeah, you pretty much got it there, Sky... MrMickeysMom May 2016 #17
Politifact rates Jeff Weaver's allegations of fraud and misconduct as false. ucrdem May 2016 #21
I rate their rating as False. Sky Masterson May 2016 #23
Believe whatever you like but don't blame the party or the candidate. They didn't deceive you. ucrdem May 2016 #25
Okay. Sky Masterson May 2016 #28
I'll take my own lying eyes and ears for $400, Alex. merrily May 2016 #35
You won on Jeopardy! Sky Masterson May 2016 #51
Whoa! A Hillary supporter agrees with politifact! How impressive is that? merrily May 2016 #31
Do they think we are blind, deaf, and dumb ??? SamKnause May 2016 #27
Have you ever been bullied? If so, how much did the bully care if you disagreed merrily May 2016 #33
Barbara Boxer was visibly bullied and called out her bullies. Do you believe her? ucrdem May 2016 #44
A political officeholder for 33 years can't take shouting? Even while surrounded by security? merrily May 2016 #59
So you don't believe someone who tells you they're being bullied. Okay. nt ucrdem May 2016 #62
I believe own my eyes and ears. Her behavior, body language etc--no fear. merrily May 2016 #66
The "Bully" was Boxer. bvar22 May 2016 #127
Trump at least taught her well greiner3 May 2016 #158
Thanks. SusanCalvin May 2016 #89
My goodness some people booed her! nadinbrzezinski May 2016 #126
Whoa, did I miss something? Middle finger? Literally? SusanCalvin May 2016 #147
Was posted here a frame capture nadinbrzezinski May 2016 #150
IN the age before tv studios in your phone nadinbrzezinski May 2016 #124
Your gloating is perfect. It really sums up what you stand for. rhett o rick May 2016 #148
I have no idea how this will turn out, Baitball Blogger May 2016 #22
And rightfully so pengu May 2016 #26
Perhaps they weren't really progressives at all? BillZBubb May 2016 #64
Oh, dear Dem2 May 2016 #24
Comical Blue_Adept May 2016 #29
That did it! Sky Masterson May 2016 #32
I'm not providing outreach from the HRC side of things Blue_Adept May 2016 #38
You have a right to see things as you do Sky Masterson May 2016 #48
The deceptions and dishonesty of the Democratic Party are REAL Trajan May 2016 #99
I live in Boston. Unless the ghost of merrily May 2016 #30
Don't count on that Blue_Adept May 2016 #40
Yard signs where you live, maybe. Not where I live. merrily May 2016 #54
I'm just east of Worcester Blue_Adept May 2016 #73
The polls in October will probably tell. merrily May 2016 #83
Yup. Sadly, it'll be that long before we get an accurate look of how the state will really go. Blue_Adept May 2016 #90
Trump will win my county. I live in the reddest county of my state. The old white people will come Hiraeth May 2016 #45
Where I grew up will likely be the same, once a staunch democratic region and RKP5637 May 2016 #68
I think a lot of people in my area will not bother to vote especially, if it is bad weather. Hiraeth May 2016 #71
As little as I get out in public, I have heard this as well. SusanCalvin May 2016 #86
The trade agreements did that to a lot of towns. merrily May 2016 #169
I Went To The Grocery Store Yesterday & Saw... This Is REALLY TRUE... ChiciB1 May 2016 #87
I did a lot of canvassing for Bernie and saw more than a few Hillary for Prison yard signs riderinthestorm May 2016 #117
Well, They Must Have Several Forms Of Her Being ChiciB1 May 2016 #146
Or your governors. Fawke Em May 2016 #132
Massachusetts has a history beltanefauve May 2016 #139
When your legislure is over 90% Democratic, nothing happens unless Democrats say so. merrily May 2016 #166
I'm getting the same message. mountain grammy May 2016 #34
It is so damn depressing. In earlier years Trump would have been laughed off the RKP5637 May 2016 #77
And the Volvos we drive are about to be reposessed, Fuddnik May 2016 #36
My volvo is in the shop and I had to spend my 27 dollar donation to fix it. Hiraeth May 2016 #46
Tissue? procon May 2016 #47
I'd rather have a Q-tip Sky Masterson May 2016 #49
And that's good. Because she ain't getting it. Lizzie Poppet May 2016 #50
Yep, they don't want my vote Duckhunter935 May 2016 #55
We don't care. Don't vote for her. Just quit whining about it like babies. Trust Buster May 2016 #56
Don't makes excuses if you are not going to vote for Hillary in the fall. hrmjustin May 2016 #58
That's good. Have they decided to just continue manufacturing the votes they need instead? nt NorthCarolina May 2016 #60
Good. Because she ain't getting it. NV Whino May 2016 #61
If you're in a blue state, vote green. rickford66 May 2016 #63
And in a red state. BillZBubb May 2016 #65
have to admit, green is my favorite color. Hiraeth May 2016 #72
Yes, it is "growing" on me too! BillZBubb May 2016 #75
The feeling is mutual. I don't need her as president. Tierra_y_Libertad May 2016 #74
But The Donald Needs Your Inaction Vogon_Glory May 2016 #78
She's got the rigged voting machines Dems to Win May 2016 #85
That's a good point. Trump's a loose cannon, she's not. nt SusanCalvin May 2016 #91
THIS is what I'm expecting too dana_b May 2016 #96
They will make sure she wins. They azmom May 2016 #109
She even said as much. yuiyoshida May 2016 #92
We didn't need PUMA of 2008. I do not see we need PUMA of 2016. seabeyond May 2016 #93
The DNC / Democratic party is flying off the rails tabasco May 2016 #95
Hey Tabasco yuiyoshida May 2016 #98
You're very welcome. tabasco May 2016 #112
I am sure I can find it.... yuiyoshida May 2016 #115
Yay for San Fran! tabasco May 2016 #118
yeah its super expensive yuiyoshida May 2016 #119
Message received, and as Obama said to Romney, "Proceed" pdsimdars May 2016 #97
Results... Major Nikon May 2016 #100
I don't really understand the Alert. Sky Masterson May 2016 #123
Then she won't get mine. KPN May 2016 #101
Agree. She doesnt need mine. Katashi_itto May 2016 #106
Her campaign messages have made it crystal felix_numinous May 2016 #122
I wonder if it really matters floppyboo May 2016 #125
Well, if her people can hack the voting machines Fast Walker 52 May 2016 #129
the lesser of two evils is still evil boomer55 May 2016 #130
Absolutely Spot. On. K&R closeupready May 2016 #133
It's a relief to know that, isn't it? Nt lostnfound May 2016 #138
Whew. I can now be relieved of the guilt! Thanks. Nanjeanne May 2016 #142
Madeline Albright libodem May 2016 #145
It's true she doesn't need us. She has it locked up because Trump is so shitty. Cheese Sandwich May 2016 #149
Good. Because she's not going to get mine. bigwillq May 2016 #152
K&R EndElectoral May 2016 #154
And she shall not get it! n/t RoccoR5955 May 2016 #156
She was never gonna get it so that's good to know. nt vintx May 2016 #160
Hillary does not need your vote to win in November because... Rosa Luxemburg May 2016 #163
Your Hillary-Bernie gif is fantastic! I hope it comes true. reformist2 May 2016 #167
Good to know! DianaForRussFeingold May 2016 #164
K&R emsimon33 May 2016 #168
Fortunate For Her colsohlibgal May 2016 #170
Okay gwashington May 2016 #171
I think she may find out very soon MuseRider May 2016 #177
And if the party keeps saying that, they won't get it. hobbit709 May 2016 #178
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