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44. The process is a fucking joke. Bernie is blowing it up because it is so poorly designed, it's easy
Wed May 18, 2016, 08:43 AM
May 2016

to do. The fact that you and the rest of you people are fretting over (1) Bernie should drop out, (2) this is hurting Hillary, (3) Hillary is fight two fronts, (4) this is really expensive for Hillary, (5) Hillary should be focused on the GE is

Stop with the crying over an idiotic process and change it!

If he's lost why can't you get over him? n/t thomservo May 2016 #1
'cause he won't get off the stage DURHAM D May 2016 #2
cause he's doing more bad than good uponit7771 May 2016 #7
To whom? dchill May 2016 #12
The corporatists. thomservo May 2016 #16
Progressives puffy socks May 2016 #18
progress uponit7771 May 2016 #48
More bad than good: Bluenorthwest May 2016 #45
K&R. dchill May 2016 #47
its a badge of honor uponit7771 May 2016 #49
+1000 Shadowflash May 2016 #21
If Hillary is such a shoo in, why can't she clinch it? hobbit709 May 2016 #3
She has. Only in the minds of the most delusional has she not. boston bean May 2016 #5
Not yet. hobbit709 May 2016 #8
uh, yeah she has. nt boston bean May 2016 #9
Math apparently puffy socks May 2016 #22
Nobody said she was a shoo in. And objective people recognize that she has "clinched" it. George II May 2016 #17
Hillary Clinton changed the rules!!! (cause the podium bird told em that) uponit7771 May 2016 #4
Many Bernie supporters are puffy socks May 2016 #29
lol uponit7771 May 2016 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel May 2016 #6
He's a big loser. A sore loser. He needs to drop out now and fully support the D nominee for POTUS beaglelover May 2016 #10
Ha! dchill May 2016 #14
If Hillary loses It will be her own fault. thomservo May 2016 #26
Good to know. Now can you begin to support her? boston bean May 2016 #31
I will vote for the Democratic nominee in November... thomservo May 2016 #38
You will be voting for clinton. She is the winner of the primaries. boston bean May 2016 #52
Every election besides those he won puffy socks May 2016 #11
And all those self select online clickety click polls show him winning! boston bean May 2016 #13
But he's going to flip superdelegates! Oh wait, he didn't say how - one in the Virgin Islands...... George II May 2016 #19
His behavior yesterday and his statement re-enforced in my mind boston bean May 2016 #24
Since we are still waiting on the Iowa audit and NO ONE has verified the vote count, I would not Skwmom May 2016 #15
Hillary has the entire DLC Harmony Blue May 2016 #20
She's already the candidate leftynyc May 2016 #43
K&R mcar May 2016 #23
If Hillary is such a strong candidate, Snarkoleptic May 2016 #25
Hillary is a strong candidate, she won the nomination. Bernie lost. Deal. boston bean May 2016 #28
I don't think either candidate is all that strong. NCTraveler May 2016 #27
Is there any state where he's admitted defeat? I haven't heard one bit of class from him in a loss. CrowCityDem May 2016 #30
Unless I fell asleep and missed it Shadowflash May 2016 #32
It is over, no matter how much you tell yourself it isn't. boston bean May 2016 #33
Sure Shadowflash May 2016 #36
If Hillary had won already, she'd be touting her brass ring strongly and in public, she is not. Bluenorthwest May 2016 #34
Hillary knows she has won. She's just got too much class to rub it in the face of the delusional. boston bean May 2016 #35
A specious claim, considering you have been claiming she's already won since Iowa. Bluenorthwest May 2016 #39
Hey now! Shadowflash May 2016 #41
The OP is trying to pick a fight for Philly, the objective is bad blood and incitement. Bluenorthwest May 2016 #46
A Retrospective: boston bean calls the election over Bluenorthwest May 2016 #40
She's smarter than many of her supporters in that regard... thomservo May 2016 #42
Berniestas are all for democracy, until people start voting against him. baldguy May 2016 #37
The process is a fucking joke. Bernie is blowing it up because it is so poorly designed, it's easy WhaTHellsgoingonhere May 2016 #44
Bernie is against the establishment, which is corrupt, and apparently includes you. immoderate May 2016 #51
Not only that, Jamaal510 May 2016 #53
If Hillary is such a strong candidate AgingAmerican May 2016 #54
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