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24. Good post till the last paragraph
Mon May 16, 2016, 02:28 AM
May 2016

Vote how you like, no problem, but you lost me there, great post till that, really excellent.

I've posted this before, but I see the fight as one against corporatism, and my working metaphor is swimming in a rip-tide. A rip-tide carries you out to sea, where you drown on your own far from help. You can swim towards shore as hard as you like, the problem is, you get tired and the rip-tide doesn't. Eventually you end up sleeping with the fishes. Is that pragmatic? Some say it keeps us moving more slowly in that direction. I don't see any real benefit to that, it's the direction that matters more than the velocity.

The way to beat a rip-tide is to swim side-ways. Rips are unforgiving but they are often narrow. By swimming to the side, rather than just going with the flow or fighting in its opposite direction (in my mind the Republicans represent going with the corporatism flow, and voting for Democrats supposedly slows that a little so represents swimming against the rip), you get a paradigm shift. No more tractor beam to heartless corporate profiteering. Without that, you can manage to swim ashore and start a better reality.

What do we find when we swim sideways? If we swim one way, we support only candidates who refuse corporate money and the fealty it brings. I consider this a viable path. If we swim the other way, we start a new party that states as a founding principle that it won't accept corporate money and that its candidates can't either. I also consider that a viable path. Anything else, I see as political suicide.

'Bernie or Bust' is not a tantrum [View all] hellofromreddit May 2016 OP
So in the probable outcome Txbluedog May 2016 #1
Yes Meteor Man May 2016 #4
Work with Bernie voters? Txbluedog May 2016 #10
Working with Bernie voters Meteor Man May 2016 #14
Working with does not mean letting Sanders have the nomination, more bargaining uponit7771 May 2016 #28
Meteor Man didn't say anything about Sanders getting the nomination... TCJ70 May 2016 #40
I mean, do you even read the posts you respond to? Joe the Revelator May 2016 #41
Sanders followers believe it is, despite being in the minority. That's not how democracy works but BlueCaliDem May 2016 #76
I hope we are not now taking advice from blue dog Democrats timmymoff May 2016 #34
Bernie is more of a winner than Clinton ever was, pangaia May 2016 #55
What a bunch of Bernie-BUNK. My god, some Americans truly are clueless. eom BlueCaliDem May 2016 #77
Her resume may be longer, but her fuck-ups are greater. Fawke Em May 2016 #83
Compared to Sanders f-ups? Hardly. Ask the AA community and Latino civil rights groups BlueCaliDem May 2016 #88
Bernie didn't write the crime bill Fawke Em May 2016 #92
No. He just voted emphatically for it - as did the CBC. It's what the Black community wanted, too. BlueCaliDem May 2016 #96
Really?? GulfCoast66 May 2016 #111
Quite honestly, I don't see a slice of anything with either. Fawke Em May 2016 #6
Read the OP's last paragraph Txbluedog May 2016 #12
I've already made my November decision. Fawke Em May 2016 #15
for the 10,000th time....who gives a shit that you don't want to vote for the Dem Nominee Sheepshank May 2016 #70
You must care. You keep responding. Fawke Em May 2016 #84
why should I block? Sheepshank May 2016 #99
I have made my decision Duckhunter935 May 2016 #33
Kinda hellofromreddit May 2016 #13
A lot of Hillary's voters........ Vanje May 2016 #19
Bull. Hillary's war mongering corporatist positions are a hell of a lot closer to Trump than Bernie. GoneFishin May 2016 #61
And there you go vote shaming. northernsouthern May 2016 #30
Clinton is not giving them anything to vote FOR Armstead May 2016 #50
Bye, Y'all. snort May 2016 #64
Fantastic post. Fawke Em May 2016 #2
You forgot "It's HER Turn!", among her more endearing slogans... NewImproved Deal May 2016 #3
. StayFrosty May 2016 #5
One. hellofromreddit May 2016 #7
Thanks for giving an example of the very issue the OP was addressing! Fawke Em May 2016 #11
I only read the first sentence about you voting for Hillary, and am angry as hell One Black Sheep May 2016 #8
:) hellofromreddit May 2016 #17
Now puffy socks May 2016 #81
Excellent Post pmorlan1 May 2016 #9
Using the Trump fear tactic won't work.... ThinkCritically May 2016 #16
Clinton very much inspires me. nt Jezebel Jackson May 2016 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife May 2016 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife May 2016 #20
This late Baby Boomer beltanefauve May 2016 #100
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife May 2016 #102
Yes we did beltanefauve May 2016 #106
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife May 2016 #109
Thanks for sharing that beltanefauve May 2016 #110
K&R SpareribSP May 2016 #22
It's NOT Bernie or Bust. basselope May 2016 #23
so why are you here? your in direct violation of teh terms of service rdking647 May 2016 #44
He did not violate the terms of service.[n/t] Maedhros May 2016 #82
Here for the primary. basselope May 2016 #86
Good post till the last paragraph dreamnightwind May 2016 #24
I like that analogy. Fawke Em May 2016 #90
If you're on Twitter you are welcome to start it dreamnightwind May 2016 #107
What happens when a Bernie-like candidate wins in the future BzaDem May 2016 #25
We've been hearing this refrain for DECADES. Maedhros May 2016 #85
How is that relevant? BzaDem May 2016 #113
I disagree that if Hillary loses, the country as we know it will cease to exist Maedhros May 2016 #114
Isn't that the same argument Nader's supporters made in 2000? BzaDem May 2016 #115
Republicans are currently being very effective in blocking Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Maedhros May 2016 #116
"Democrats control the Senate, so your assertion is not quite backed up by reality" BzaDem May 2016 #117
This is the kind of excellent post that gives me hope for the future. Well-informed, smart, only highprincipleswork May 2016 #26
yeah, yeah...it is... typical entitlement type of tantrum too uponit7771 May 2016 #27
Two. hellofromreddit May 2016 #35
The super majority line is more right wing tripe, its VERY VERY sad that its allowed on DU uponit7771 May 2016 #29
the people who say obama sucks have not paid attention to the content cockblocking by the GOP pansypoo53219 May 2016 #31
The GOP forced him to expand the NSA surveillance program? Maedhros May 2016 #32
Our current President beltanefauve May 2016 #101
I voted for Bush in 2004... TCJ70 May 2016 #36
they will be part owner of Trump WH, too. nt grasswire May 2016 #103
Bernie or bust is just the PUMA of 2008 Tarc May 2016 #37
Three. hellofromreddit May 2016 #39
/slow clap Tarc May 2016 #43
Snape is now slow clapping here. Fawke Em May 2016 #93
Sanders is the avowed enemy of the Democratic Party. You're surprised that the DNC doesn't like him? randome May 2016 #38
That's absurd. hellofromreddit May 2016 #45
It's also why he has fewer Congressional endorsements than Ted Cruz. randome May 2016 #48
A resounding lack of endorsements from a despised congress doesn't make him an enemy. hellofromreddit May 2016 #49
I get it. You and Sanders despise everyone else. I'm fine with that. randome May 2016 #57
You've reduced yourself to lying. Not gonna play the straw man game with you. hellofromreddit May 2016 #59
He's called the party ideologically bankrupt mythology May 2016 #69
"Not exactly words of a friend." Also not the words of an avowed enemy. hellofromreddit May 2016 #71
If that were true he'd be running as a Third Party spoiler Armstead May 2016 #51
He's spent decades telling the DNC how corrupt they are. randome May 2016 #58
Seems to have done pretty well for a guy who started with almost no profile Armstead May 2016 #60
He HAS done well. He brings light to important issues. randome May 2016 #65
Kennedy warned about revolutions nadinbrzezinski May 2016 #74
A social revolution is what is called for in this country. randome May 2016 #94
Careful what you wish for nadinbrzezinski May 2016 #95
So I see a whole lot of people declaring they aren't Dems in this thread talking about our candidate seabeyond May 2016 #42
I am a Democrat. Fawke Em May 2016 #89
You would be the PUMA of 2016. Not getting what you want? Not voting!!! Being you are a Dem seabeyond May 2016 #91
"Hillary supporters are just mean." Adrahil May 2016 #46
I hope you didn''t just focus on that part of the Op Armstead May 2016 #54
I did not. That was the only part I responded too, however. NT Adrahil May 2016 #66
Excellent post. AirmensMom May 2016 #47
Great Post, and my feelings exactly...except for the "new" part Armstead May 2016 #52
Old Progressive Here - Bernie Or Bust For This Citizen cantbeserious May 2016 #53
A whole lot of words in that OP when two would have sufficed. Trust Buster May 2016 #56
I agree with everything except I dont think Hillary is the best alternative to Sanders. Lindsixo May 2016 #62
Oh, that made me realize how bad she is on the SSI issue. Fawke Em May 2016 #97
The whole post is full of factual inaccuracies. YouDig May 2016 #63
Perhaps you require an example. A'ight. hellofromreddit May 2016 #67
Your OP said "none of what they said they'd do with it". Clearly incorrect. YouDig May 2016 #68
The literalism game might win you points in a debate class, but I don't care. hellofromreddit May 2016 #72
Calling my post "trash" since you can't muster a response won't even win you points in debate class. YouDig May 2016 #75
You claim Obama care was a great victory? BigMin28 May 2016 #105
plus the feeling that she'd be cheating even if she WAS winning decisively MisterP May 2016 #73
It IS a tantrum - and a very immature one. I'm so happy that the vast majority of Democrats aren't BlueCaliDem May 2016 #78
Four. hellofromreddit May 2016 #80
It's hard to take this seriously mythology May 2016 #79
Oh, for fuck's sake. Maedhros May 2016 #87
Great post beltanefauve May 2016 #98
this steam is discouraging. oldandhappy May 2016 #104
Hillary needs to cheat and win the GE just like azmom May 2016 #108
Why do Hillary fans care about Bernie or Bust voters? Nedsdag May 2016 #112
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