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You left out the most important part! tonyt53 May 2016 #1
Did you not read the links referencing their foreign policy disagreements? senz May 2016 #3
Actually she when behind his back and had a side deal with Sid against Obama's wishes NWCorona May 2016 #4
If that were so then Kerry's tenure would be as hawkish as Clinton's RufusTFirefly May 2016 #15
Kerry and Hillary are night and day as SOS. senz May 2016 #37
Yup. So much for the "just following orders" meme n/t RufusTFirefly May 2016 #39
Nope. She went behind his back. 840high May 2016 #40
Interesting on your #7, Sanders is now going with Hillary on Dodd Frank, he was not able to give Thinkingabout May 2016 #2
Quite an impressive post -- Kudos for the thought and research Armstead May 2016 #5
Thanks, Armstead senz May 2016 #8
excellent compilation, thanks for posting! amborin May 2016 #6
Thanks, amborin senz May 2016 #50
He talks a good game but his own record is somewhat spotty when it comes to these principles tularetom May 2016 #7
I still believe that Obama would have done more of these things senz May 2016 #9
So Hillary is a willing tool of the establishment, but Obama siding with the establishment Maven May 2016 #11
Obama doesn't hang with the 1% and doesn't trade political influence senz May 2016 #14
Um, he doesn't? Maven May 2016 #55
Nailed it, Maven....... the standards are always different for Clinton. bettyellen May 2016 #49
My guess is that it's much more the PTB than the Republicans RufusTFirefly May 2016 #16
Excellent OP! Punkingal May 2016 #10
I agree with you. I think he adopted LBJ's philosophy RufusTFirefly May 2016 #18
lol, that is so LBJ senz May 2016 #27
Bullshit. seabeyond May 2016 #12
Based on ..... ? libdem4life May 2016 #13
Like most African-Americans though, Obama still trusts Hillary to carry this stuff forward Tarc May 2016 #17
Doesn't sound like it if you read what he said ... senz May 2016 #19
The difference though, is that both Obama and Clinton are genuine, committed party members Tarc May 2016 #22
Hillary is not "genuine" anything senz May 2016 #23
lol, dodging the point to take continued potshots Tarc May 2016 #26
Bernie's main concern is for the American people. senz May 2016 #29
Too bad he can't trade em for, y'know, enough votes to win an election Tarc May 2016 #35
Ohhh, you must be one of those Hill Bros senz May 2016 #36
There are certain groups of people that I do not desire to have respect from Tarc May 2016 #52
CDS is in full bloom tonight, I see. okasha May 2016 #42
Ahh, well I love glimpsing senz May 2016 #44
Congrats on keeping your job. okasha May 2016 #47
Sweetie I'm a little old retired lady. :) senz May 2016 #51
Congrats on keeping your part-time job. okasha May 2016 #53
If you're happy with yourself senz May 2016 #54
Congrats on keeping your part-time job. okasha May 2016 #56
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe May 2016 #20
Obama is right. Hillary and Bernie agree on those core principles. YouDig May 2016 #21
Those are Bernie's core principles senz May 2016 #24
And Hillary's. Like Obama said. YouDig May 2016 #25
You sure are trying hard to fit Hill in with Bernie's views. senz May 2016 #32
Obama disagrees with you, as do I. Next time, if you want to quote Obama to support your case, YouDig May 2016 #34
Nope, just read the OP -- and think. senz May 2016 #43
I read the actual Obama part. The rest was nonsense. YouDig May 2016 #46
Apparently they voted the same 93% of the time. JaneyVee May 2016 #28
Hill's been running for president ever since she left the WH. senz May 2016 #30
2008? JaneyVee May 2016 #31
You must make it up as you go along senz May 2016 #33
Imagine that, Bernie agrees so much with the President Progressive dog May 2016 #38
That's when the President slipped, temporarily, on #3 senz May 2016 #41
The president is much closer to Hillary on how to Progressive dog May 2016 #48
Desperate Bernie post of the day Onlooker May 2016 #45
Thank you for saving me the trouble of saying it. nt nolawarlock May 2016 #58
K&R. Remember when Obama specifically forbade Clinton to consult Blumenthal on foreign policy? Betty Karlson May 2016 #57
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