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2016 Postmortem

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Nye Bevan

(25,406 posts)
Sun May 1, 2016, 11:16 PM May 2016

Do you support the existence of unelected "superdelegates" having a say in who our candidate is? [View all]

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11 (18%)
50 (82%)
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I also don't support corporate media controlling the national narrative. PowerToThePeople May 2016 #1
That's the corker. That's when you know that democracy is largely a sham. bjo59 May 2016 #4
Profoundly disagree. How can any of you watch what Hortensis May 2016 #39
That's all that's left after Bill signed the reforms. nt silvershadow May 2016 #12
Agreed. GreenPartyVoter May 2016 #29
manipulation and control win over democracy oldandhappy May 2016 #2
Yeah, especially corporate lobbyist superdelegates. That just says it all. bjo59 May 2016 #5
I truly object to the idea that "insiders" should trump the expressed... grasswire May 2016 #3
Hear, hear. nt silvershadow May 2016 #13
So you oppose Bernie's present strategy? nt hack89 May 2016 #27
Chicken or egg? Unelected superdelegates or Bernie's strategy? cherokeeprogressive May 2016 #53
The Rethugs are wishing they had them because they could have stopped Trump. pnwmom May 2016 #6
Depends Urchin May 2016 #7
Yep. okasha May 2016 #8
I'm a Clinton victim. nt silvershadow May 2016 #14
Now I get it. Agschmid May 2016 #22
You should. I have written extensively about the damage the Third Way has silvershadow May 2016 #25
Me too! What a disaster! leftofcool May 2016 #30
How would today's version of super delegates stop McGovern? morningfog May 2016 #57
another key question is voting on the platform planks cloudythescribbler May 2016 #9
California held Special Delegate caucus Election meet ups today. 2banon May 2016 #17
Actually, a little over 1/3 of these Superdelegates ARE elected SFnomad May 2016 #10
I can find no election where they have gone against the will of the Democratic Party. Agnosticsherbet May 2016 #11
I think that happened in 1968, Chicago. 2banon May 2016 #18
Super Delegates were not created until 1982, so they had nothing to do with 1968. Agnosticsherbet May 2016 #19
Interesting article, thank you. 2banon May 2016 #46
I will counter that there were no Super Delegates in 1968. To put them there is to create a false Agnosticsherbet May 2016 #47
Yes, you're correct. I concede the point, I misspoke. 2banon May 2016 #49
False. Agschmid May 2016 #23
With em or without em Hillary won. Whats the diff? BootinUp May 2016 #15
bernie is ok with them...long as they vote for him. vote for hillary = bad of course nt msongs May 2016 #16
He surely is ok with super delegates being one himself. For sure. Nt seabeyond May 2016 #56
well, technically most of them ARE elected TheDormouse May 2016 #20
if it prevents a 1972 trainwreck, you betcha beachbum bob May 2016 #21
But ... but ... McRALLIES! NurseJackie May 2016 #35
We the people or We the superdelegates? Hmmm, think B Calm May 2016 #24
The people have already spoken. They want Hillary leftofcool May 2016 #31
They haven't all spoken. B Calm May 2016 #33
Its just more corrupt rigging of the system by Moneyed Interests. /nt RiverLover May 2016 #26
Definitely do not like the idea that they must "save us", presumably from ourselves! flor-de-jasmim May 2016 #28
No, in fact it is really making consider if I want to be part of the "our" at all. Cobalt Violet May 2016 #32
Yes...as long as they don't do anything stupid, I don't see the problem with them qdouble May 2016 #34
It doesn't bother me, considering the alternative: brooklynite May 2016 #36
Superdelegates picked Mondale and Dukakis. lumberjack_jeff May 2016 #43
No. bigwillq May 2016 #37
No. Vinca May 2016 #38
This is part of the Democratic party rules Gothmog May 2016 #40
Superdelegates defeat the purpose of Democracy. Octafish May 2016 #41
The two parties are controlled by private entities not responsible to the people. Rex May 2016 #61
I support these arguments during a non-election cycle when petulant bias is not the stuffing between LanternWaste May 2016 #42
I support following the rules and not changing them mid-stream. If you don't like the rules, Justice May 2016 #44
I don't really like the idea of "superdelegates" gollygee May 2016 #45
Sort of mythology May 2016 #48
Nope. Had a problem with it in 2008 too... Chan790 May 2016 #50
Nope. I also have a problem with the notion that superdelegates are a new phenomenon UMTerp01 May 2016 #51
I think the Republicans would be thrilled to have Superdelegates that could stop Trump Algernon Moncrieff May 2016 #52
There is an easy way to get rid of superdelegates. stone space May 2016 #54
We have been doing it for decades and I heard not a peep. seabeyond May 2016 #55
I'd prefer they are not "figured in" until after the primary ProudToBeBlueInRhody May 2016 #58
Have they ever thrown the election to someone who didn't win the pledged delegate battle? Garrett78 May 2016 #59
Well people bought into corporations controlling both parties and not the public system. Rex May 2016 #60
No, they got installed to control the people's sadoldgirl May 2016 #62
As far as I know, they've never overturned the will of the voters. Garrett78 May 2016 #63
Look at the chaos going on in the GOP. baldguy May 2016 #64
No - unless they hand the nomination to my trailing candidate. In that case they are wise pampango May 2016 #65
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