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sabrina 1

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43. Why? This is a beautiful example of democracy in action. Why would ANYONE not want that? Every state
Sat Apr 23, 2016, 09:13 PM
Apr 2016

gets to have a say. 'Wrapping it up' means depriving voters of the right to THEIR say in a campaign which to me is an awful way to run a democracy

I love the way this campaign is going, it is truly democracy in action. No state will be denied its right to vote in this Primary. Why on earth would anyone not want that?

Most exciting campaign I remember in my lifetime, with so many important issues finally getting attention. It isn't about YOU, or ME or how WE feel. It's about this country. I just love the democratic process in action.

Bernie is going all the way [View all] silvershadow Apr 2016 OP
Good. He should take it to the convention. n/t TDale313 Apr 2016 #1
Yes!! Thank you, Bernie! dana_b Apr 2016 #19
YAAY- I would hate to see him have to go Third Party, but thats better than letting warmongers Baobab Apr 2016 #59
Link doesn't work? (nt) Ino Apr 2016 #2
I tried to fix it...try it again silvershadow Apr 2016 #4
Works, thanks! Ino Apr 2016 #6
yw silvershadow Apr 2016 #7
Hillary "money-grubbing from young people"? Haven't you watched Sanders in the debates and.... George II Apr 2016 #9
Millennials don't count, remember? Lucky Ducky Apr 2016 #22
Wow, great article!! Thanks. Major Hogwash Apr 2016 #12
Uh, if she was attempting to "buy" the youth vote, wouldn't she... moriah Apr 2016 #14
Isn't that the way it works even with her Wall Street donors? pdsimdars Apr 2016 #64
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Apr 2016 #76
link doesn't work for me nt grasswire Apr 2016 #3
I tried a fix...check it now silvershadow Apr 2016 #5
Bernie can go all the way to hell, if that's his plan. As a 2008 Hillary supporter I wanted her to Metric System Apr 2016 #8
Based on his past performance, where he skulked out of town on Primary night when it was obvious.... George II Apr 2016 #10
Az and NY look like they will have to redo the primaries, Bernie gave a speech on the night of the sabrina 1 Apr 2016 #39
Yes, he made a speech....IN PENNSYLVANIA! George II Apr 2016 #52
They will not redo the primary in NY. hack89 Apr 2016 #84
Hillary has been campaigning from the gutter from day 1. pdsimdars Apr 2016 #66
Yup, the campaign isn't over yet. Major Hogwash Apr 2016 #11
If true, sad. I do wish this was wrapped up.... moriah Apr 2016 #13
It is sad. I guess the party will fracture then. Some people learn the hard way. nt silvershadow Apr 2016 #15
Hillary conceded in 2008 when the combined super delegates and pledged delegates Zynx Apr 2016 #16
I suspect it won't go as you see. California and Indiana are winnable, and win we will.nt silvershadow Apr 2016 #18
Winnable is different than winnable by enough to close the delegate gap. Zynx Apr 2016 #23
If he sees the path, he will take it all the way to a win. You guys keep pretending this isn't silvershadow Apr 2016 #30
In addition, Hillary's trendines are down. The wheels fell off the bus. Bernie's are up. silvershadow Apr 2016 #20
That's how elections work Stuckinthebush Apr 2016 #34
Some people don't understand The Corporate State and TPP. nt silvershadow Apr 2016 #38
Or crop circle or chem trails (nt) Stuckinthebush Apr 2016 #40
There actually isn't a debate about it. nt silvershadow Apr 2016 #41
Cool Stuckinthebush Apr 2016 #42
If he's behind in pledged delegates, I'd agree. TDale313 Apr 2016 #24
Of course. The Supers really shouldn't have any actual influence.... moriah Apr 2016 #25
That's not how it works. The supers have had massive influence this primary. stillwaiting Apr 2016 #58
And despite your theory, no crown in 2008. moriah Apr 2016 #70
If you dispute the fact that super delegates have been used by the media stillwaiting Apr 2016 #71
And if you think SDs matter that early in the nominating process, you don't know history. moriah Apr 2016 #72
It seems we have a difference in opinion as to how much power the stillwaiting Apr 2016 #73
I like them only for three-way races. moriah Apr 2016 #75
Nothing in my post is alert worthy in my opinion. stillwaiting Apr 2016 #77
Neither have I, and I didn't alert, I expressed I didn't appreciate.... moriah Apr 2016 #79
I promise you I did not intend to imply you were potentially a Republican. stillwaiting Apr 2016 #80
Thanks. That's why I prefer to engage usually civil users rather than alert. :) moriah Apr 2016 #81
No problem. Agree to disagree on the supers. The cons heavily outweigh the pros stillwaiting Apr 2016 #82
I'm a firm supporter of IRV, nationally. moriah Apr 2016 #83
Love it and ICAM. stillwaiting Apr 2016 #85
Thanks. That wish isn't to see the Party I love destroyed, FYI. moriah Apr 2016 #87
Why? This is a beautiful example of democracy in action. Why would ANYONE not want that? Every state sabrina 1 Apr 2016 #43
When I say I wish it was "wrapped up"... moriah Apr 2016 #57
That is damn right. All the way! bjo59 Apr 2016 #17
Good. Ferd Berfel Apr 2016 #21
Thank you, Senator!!! ridgenvalley Apr 2016 #26
If true, he can say goodbye to seniority and committee positions. CrowCityDem Apr 2016 #27
Oh, you make those decisions for the party? nt NorthCarolina Apr 2016 #29
Oh they're gone anyway and he knows it. riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #35
Rightly so. There is no reason he should exit the race. Let everyone vote. nt NorthCarolina Apr 2016 #28
K&R to the convention and the presidency! amborin Apr 2016 #31
He will concede. Demsrule86 Apr 2016 #32
If nothing else, he's holding the Democratic Party's feet to the fire. Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2016 #33
Yay!!!! Thanks for this nt riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #36
Perfect! Keep spreading his platform Equinox Moon Apr 2016 #37
Is going to the convention the new winning? alcibiades_mystery Apr 2016 #44
Pure speculation at this point. nt silvershadow Apr 2016 #45
Tick tock alcibiades_mystery Apr 2016 #46
Drip. Drip. Drip. Enjoy losing in California! And Indiana! and... silvershadow Apr 2016 #47
Hahaha alcibiades_mystery Apr 2016 #48
We aren't losing. THat's just a corporate media meme. The massive fraud and irregularities through silvershadow Apr 2016 #49
Like I said, love watching the pouting alcibiades_mystery Apr 2016 #50
Fraud is a serious charge. Disenfranchisement is against everything this party stands for.nt silvershadow Apr 2016 #51
Anyone can make a serious charge on an anonymous messaging board. randome Apr 2016 #60
#feelthemath puffy socks Apr 2016 #53
I am. We have a path. California. Indiana. + nt silvershadow Apr 2016 #54
Bill Clinton is going too. And he'll be a Superdelegate! George II Apr 2016 #56
I am going all the way too! brooklynite Apr 2016 #62
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2016 #74
Good Time noretreatnosurrender Apr 2016 #55
Good, there's absolutely no reason he shouldn't. nt NorthCarolina Apr 2016 #61
If anyone gets a link on youtube let us know, MSNBC doesn't work for me, too much buffering. pdsimdars Apr 2016 #63
He's going all the way to the convention Rosa Luxemburg Apr 2016 #65
In my view, all the way to the WH pdsimdars Apr 2016 #67
Yes Rosa Luxemburg Apr 2016 #69
Just for people's iformation -- there is almost no way Hillary can get enough pledged delegates pdsimdars Apr 2016 #68
I knew he would. dchill Apr 2016 #78
Good. If nothing more, Californians need to learn the mechanics of a primary just as New Yorkers WhaTHellsgoingonhere Apr 2016 #86
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