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2016 Postmortem

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Thu Apr 21, 2016, 11:35 AM Apr 2016

Observer: The Troubling Friendship of Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush [View all]

Very interesting article. Some excerpts from the article at


The image gives light to the intimate relationship between the Bush and Clinton families—particularly that of Hillary and George W.

In the most recent Democratic town hall on MSNBC, Ms. Clinton told Chris Matthews her vote for the Iraq War—a manifestation of the Bush administration—was born from her agreement with George W. Bush...
Their closeness exhibits the façade and pseudo-dramas both political parties engage. Aside from a few differences in opinion on certain issues, both the Bush and Clinton families share moderate political stances, especially when it comes to foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush also shared many of the same wealthy donors—more than 60 of whom contributed to both campaigns, according to The Daily Beast. Given Ms. Clinton’s lead in the Democratic Primaries, she may revert back to her friendship with the Bush family and embrace past stances that are more in line with moderate liberalism and conservatism.

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And Trump, and Kissinger... Jester Messiah Apr 2016 #1
And Bandar Bush. But, yes. Supporting Kissinger should have been the all time lowest point a Unicorn Apr 2016 #52
The Publisher of the Observer is married to Ivanka Trump. What a load of BS. Hoyt Apr 2016 #2
They are close friends whatchamacallit Apr 2016 #4
Close friends according to whom? The dude married to Trump's daughter. Hoyt Apr 2016 #6
Clinton Foundation and Bushes work together egalitegirl Apr 2016 #12
Dubya calls Bill his "brother by another mother." GHW referred to Bill as his "son." leveymg Apr 2016 #30
Yvanka and Chelsea are Best friends.. KoKo Apr 2016 #35
Does it mean she did not vote for the war? egalitegirl Apr 2016 #5
She voted to give bush leverage, just like every other Democrat that voted for it. george war bush Hoyt Apr 2016 #8
I'm sorry, Hoyt ... you're being far too reasonable and rational. NurseJackie Apr 2016 #10
Bernie voters are highly intelligent egalitegirl Apr 2016 #15
Tell that to Susan Sarandon ... who enthusiastically supported John Edwards back in the day ... NurseJackie Apr 2016 #20
Excellent point. Hoyt Apr 2016 #22
Actresses are low information people egalitegirl Apr 2016 #24
Because of his message of "Two Americas." Which Bernie KoKo Apr 2016 #37
LMAO. I'm against wars, military spending, etc., as much as anyone. But that's some BS right there. Hoyt Apr 2016 #21
He was president . Hillary got a monetary promise from him apcalc Apr 2016 #29
Ivanka is good friends with Chelsea TSIAS Apr 2016 #34
Backstage at the Kabuki Theater whatchamacallit Apr 2016 #3
"Moderate political stances" on foreign policy??? Admiral Loinpresser Apr 2016 #7
I read that "moderate" Laughing Mirror Apr 2016 #39
I read it as "not aligned with the progressives" egalitegirl Apr 2016 #41
If Hillary in a moderate on foreign policy... Admiral Loinpresser Apr 2016 #43
Of course, she is not a moderate! egalitegirl Apr 2016 #44
Sure. I didn't mean to imply I was disagreeing with you. Admiral Loinpresser Apr 2016 #46
Yeah, that phrase got stuck in my craw as well Art_from_Ark Apr 2016 #53
Damn troubling I tell you....damn troubling. ViseGrip Apr 2016 #9
Neocons are all just one big clik regardless of party initial. Of course they're friends and peers. NorthCarolina Apr 2016 #11
I wonder if anyone here *outraged* by this has conservative friends. Dr Hobbitstein Apr 2016 #13
Nope. I can't be close with people I lack respect for. Arugula Latte Apr 2016 #18
Politics isn't everything. Dr Hobbitstein Apr 2016 #32
I have friends that come from all sides of the political spectrum. TM99 Apr 2016 #51
For politicians, something called conflict of interest kicks in egalitegirl Apr 2016 #19
"Now claims she is on our side" Dr Hobbitstein Apr 2016 #33
This data is from 2008. n/t Admiral Loinpresser Apr 2016 #47
You must have clones for friends rbrnmw Apr 2016 #14
Oh yeah, because holding similar values makes people clones. senz Apr 2016 #50
K&R felix_numinous Apr 2016 #16
Post removed Post removed Apr 2016 #17
The GOP will play this card. They know how strongly the left is against Bush. Skwmom Apr 2016 #23
I don't have a problem with political foes being friendly TexasMommaWithAHat Apr 2016 #25
Exactly! egalitegirl Apr 2016 #27
"It's a big club, and you ain't in it." - G. Carlin n/t QC Apr 2016 #26
best buddies amborin Apr 2016 #28
LOL - is there leftynyc Apr 2016 #31
Friends frylock Apr 2016 #36
birds of a feather....... heaven05 Apr 2016 #38
The last phrase I would use to describe Bush's and Hillary's Foreign Policy is "moderate". bvar22 Apr 2016 #40
Moderate is code word for establishment egalitegirl Apr 2016 #45
K&R nt riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #42
Both families are southern politicians. White southern jwirr Apr 2016 #48
But the Obamas do NOT buddy around with the Bushes. senz Apr 2016 #49
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