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2016 Postmortem

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55. I'm a treehugging fucking Liberal so recycling shit as garden fertilizer is what we do.
Sat Apr 9, 2016, 08:17 AM
Apr 2016

Literally and figuratively.

Clinton, Inc. Just keeps a flinging.

More Maddow Hackory [View all] kcjohn1 Apr 2016 OP
I had he show on in the car elljay Apr 2016 #1
Didn't Jane Sanders JUST come on her show and debunk all that nonsense... GeorgiaPeanuts Apr 2016 #2
I heard Jane say that when Rachel asked her if Bernie was helping raise money for Dems down ballot Samantha Apr 2016 #16
Once she was Church for me JackInGreen Apr 2016 #3
Maddow is auditioning for Clinton's Press Secretary montanacowboy Apr 2016 #4
Ding ding ding... Winner winner chicken dinner... Yurovsky Apr 2016 #58
Bye Felicia! Enthusiast Apr 2016 #70
I don't feel sorry for her. Maddow is dead to me. Matthews and Hayes too. Enthusiast Apr 2016 #69
HAddn't thought of that one Ferd Berfel Apr 2016 #78
Why did she even do that story? Punkingal Apr 2016 #5
Could it be money? MrMickeysMom Apr 2016 #46
MSNBC has really become unwatchable... tokenlib Apr 2016 #6
She's still trying to get Bernie's money? pacalo Apr 2016 #7
I watch her all the time Dem2 Apr 2016 #8
Entertainment over truth...that's hardly "information" snowy owl Apr 2016 #31
Are you kidding me, there's no more truthful reporter in the entire world Dem2 Apr 2016 #41
you'd have to speak over a hundred languages and follow the media in as many countries carolinayellowdog Apr 2016 #84
I said truthful Dem2 Apr 2016 #85
This message was self-deleted by its author agracie Apr 2016 #79
Are you kidding me, there's no more truthful reporter in the entire world Dem2 Apr 2016 #80
You haven't noticed how biased she (and the rest of MSNBC) is toward Hillary ? agracie Apr 2016 #82
What does that have to do with false information? Dem2 Apr 2016 #83
And need we bring up "all" the Dems who have come out in support of Bernie? Little_Wing Apr 2016 #9
This is not what this is about kcjohn1 Apr 2016 #11
I totally agree-she has lost her integrity Little_Wing Apr 2016 #14
You say that but PROVE it. Hillary's $18 Million "Victory Fund" could be spent helping her campaign snowy owl Apr 2016 #33
Many of us are donating to the down ticket. This month I jwirr Apr 2016 #10
Me too: Grayson, Feingod, Edwards and Canova! We think for ourselves and select carefully! snowy owl Apr 2016 #42
Exactly. For too long we have let the DNC, DSCC, DCCC and jwirr Apr 2016 #72
I was watching and had the EXACT same beedle Apr 2016 #12
Rachel Maddow is one of the best progressive voices out there. Cali_Democrat Apr 2016 #13
She used to be. nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #15
..still is! She's a rock! Cali_Democrat Apr 2016 #18
Obviously we disagree. SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #19
Loyalty is not going to get you good journalism or keep you informed. snowy owl Apr 2016 #36
I was listening to Rachel when she was Bill Dwight's sidekick in Northampton. Bonobo Apr 2016 #17
Don't cry for me Argentina SisterSarah Apr 2016 #20
I wish she'd retire. snowy owl Apr 2016 #37
Rachel who ? Once I ghost someone it's forever. Impedimentus Apr 2016 #21
Yep, somebody doesn't fawn over Sanders, and they must be a hack mythology Apr 2016 #22
No, once they fawn over any person in sadoldgirl Apr 2016 #23
I saw that! After watching her last nite to watch her interview with Jane I decided to watch tonite. jillan Apr 2016 #24
How many times did she say then same thing ... GeorgeGist Apr 2016 #25
Repeats and repeats and repeats...I guess those who still listen need repeating! snowy owl Apr 2016 #38
She puts out at least 2 facebook post a day that elevate Hill and demean Bernie Sky Masterson Apr 2016 #26
Her topic was fund raising for the Dems down-ticket--NOT how Bernie is raising riversedge Apr 2016 #27
Are you saying she never mentioned Bernie or Hillary??? snowy owl Apr 2016 #30
Maddow's focus was on he promise Sanders made to fund raise, which he has NOT kept-that is the riversedge Apr 2016 #32
So she did do a hack job? You're easy. Who has Hillary helped? You don't know, do you? snowy owl Apr 2016 #39
RM=huge ego. Upstart who made it big...but her #s are erratic. Low impact on voters.See Ratings here snowy owl Apr 2016 #28
MSNBC is viewed by older, Establishment Dems. Their talking heads tell them what they want to hear. reformist2 Apr 2016 #35
The Hill campaign wants to spin to make her mega-donors good and Bernie's broad support bad GreatGazoo Apr 2016 #29
She did have on a reporter (embedded? ) in Sander's campaign and she brought up the DSCC. Maddow nc4bo Apr 2016 #34
Thanks. People forgive RM her dishonesty. It is all about loyalty regardless of honesty. snowy owl Apr 2016 #40
The media has a fucking vendetta against Bernie jfern Apr 2016 #43
Once again Maddow does a true story Trenzalore Apr 2016 #44
A not completely true story. That's called being disengenuous. It's not journalism but propaganda.nt nc4bo Apr 2016 #45
She had his wife on last night Trenzalore Apr 2016 #47
This is specifically addressing Sanders not raising for down ticket Dems. Maddow pushing propaganda nc4bo Apr 2016 #49
I think it is a fair question Trenzalore Apr 2016 #50
So if she's this great journalist she thinks she is, why hasn't she done it? nc4bo Apr 2016 #53
"...burn her as a witch"?!? chervilant Apr 2016 #63
Worship Bernie or Bern!!!! JoePhilly Apr 2016 #77
Party of one, indeed. Well said, Rachel. Sanders overtly scorns the Surya Gayatri Apr 2016 #48
Which is a whole dump truck full of manure. She should do an investigation on ALL candidates $$. nc4bo Apr 2016 #51
I hope it landed on your lawn... Surya Gayatri Apr 2016 #54
I'm a treehugging fucking Liberal so recycling shit as garden fertilizer is what we do. nc4bo Apr 2016 #55
Bernie does fund raising differently. Vinca Apr 2016 #52
Facts really scare you-that is sad Gothmog Apr 2016 #56
You guys forgot he's trying to win the 2016 Presidential election. Kinda takes a little money to do nc4bo Apr 2016 #59
Do you really believe that this explanation will help with super delegates? Gothmog Apr 2016 #64
There are TWO sets of facts. nc4bo Apr 2016 #66
Good luck selling that weak but funny explanation to super delegates Gothmog Apr 2016 #73
congrats, you have proven the superdelegates are bought and paid for questionseverything Apr 2016 #75
Think of the ratings! Octafish Apr 2016 #57
She's a hack. She has alienated a huge chunk of her potential audience forever. GoneFishin Apr 2016 #60
I too swore SmittynMo Apr 2016 #61
If you want to be a member of a party wilt the stilt Apr 2016 #62
I try to make a habit to bring up her Hackery on every facebook post TRMS post. Sky Masterson Apr 2016 #65
He has been raising money for the Democrats in the usual way every other year pdsimdars Apr 2016 #67
Super delegates pdsimdars Apr 2016 #68
I'm going to start calling these posts "Voices From Under The Bus." wyldwolf Apr 2016 #71
There was a good point to be made in the story , but Maddow didn't make it. Orsino Apr 2016 #74
Rachel is bullying Bernie to give his money to the DNC Cheese Sandwich Apr 2016 #76
I don't know why Hillary supporters like her either. From what I've seen, she never promotes jillan Apr 2016 #81
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