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2016 Postmortem

In reply to the discussion: Bernie just won Nevada! [View all]
Bernie just won Nevada! [View all] Nevernose Apr 2016 OP
yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! grasswire Apr 2016 #1
Do you have a link? :) beam me up scottie Apr 2016 #2
this op shows the count being announced..made me smile questionseverything Apr 2016 #228
From Sanders Nevada subreddit.... GeorgiaPeanuts Apr 2016 #3
Yes! Ed Suspicious Apr 2016 #5
Wow! #enthusiasmgap.... it's bigger than we thought! reformist2 Apr 2016 #161
So screw the will of the people who attended the caucuses? Agschmid Apr 2016 #4
The caucus system disenfranchises far more voters Dem2 Apr 2016 #7
No the caucuses are a joke, and continue to be one. Agschmid Apr 2016 #96
your side didn't care enough to show up roguevalley Apr 2016 #136
We are on the same side, especially when it comes to the GE. Agschmid Apr 2016 #137
There are definately TWO sides Pastiche423 Apr 2016 #166
Well then why are you complaining about the "will of the people" when we are all on the totodeinhere Apr 2016 #215
Apparently fairness only matters for ONE side? Dem2 Apr 2016 #227
Hillary delegates failed to show up. That's on their head nt riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #9
That is really weird. You'd think if you were appointed to represent the people in your county . . Major Hogwash Apr 2016 #148
that lack of Hillary enthusiasm is biting her in the ass virtualobserver Apr 2016 #14
+1 nashville_brook Apr 2016 #115
That is a false conclusion. sadoldgirl Apr 2016 #15
The Hillary delegates didn't bother to show up. That's on their backs. Autumn Apr 2016 #19
I agree. The Clinton supporters that didn't show up should be ashamed. Gore1FL Apr 2016 #22
It's more Clinton's organization, IMO Nevernose Apr 2016 #86
I have the name and phone number of all the delegates artislife Apr 2016 #162
Yea..I agree but that is way it is. Gwhittey Apr 2016 #25
The process is that they have to show up for second meeting Perogie Apr 2016 #50
Caucuses disenfranchise, and this is just another reason why. Agschmid Apr 2016 #99
they disenfranchised themselves. Bernie people showed and honored their pledge. hrc folks didnt roguevalley Apr 2016 #139
Nobody was disenfranchised. totodeinhere Apr 2016 #219
This is a continuation of the delegate allocation process which began morningfog Apr 2016 #100
Those are the rules and they suck. Agschmid Apr 2016 #126
I fully agree with you. morningfog Apr 2016 #131
Thanks. Agschmid Apr 2016 #133
Yes the whole super delegate thing is a joke Pharaoh Apr 2016 #140
2012 Ron Paul eventually won Iowa for the same reason, his delegates showed up, Mitt's did not. Turn CO Blue Apr 2016 #101
Not at all. The precinct caucuses were only the first step. totodeinhere Apr 2016 #214
Hillary's delegates switched to Bernie once they got to know him shawn703 Apr 2016 #216
The problem is that the Clinton delegates aren't very committed. So blame us? nm rhett o rick Apr 2016 #222
Where do you see me placing blame? Agschmid Apr 2016 #226
Gee, I wonder how, and if, the corporate media will cover this.... daleanime Apr 2016 #6
Your popcorn has no movie.... nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #20
...... daleanime Apr 2016 #71
Hey, that sounds good. Thanks! nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #75
"By the same staff who brought you 'Anohana'"... Wednesdays Apr 2016 #234
But a real good... daleanime Apr 2016 #236
Bernie people are okay with thwarting the will of voters geek tragedy Apr 2016 #8
Oh FFS, Hillary’s delegates failed to show up. riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #12
Just like Bernie's voters in AZ couldn't figure out how to vote early. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #27
Not the same thing at all, but I suspect azmom Apr 2016 #30
+1! NWCorona Apr 2016 #39
You are truly comparing those two? nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #33
I'm comparing the justifications geek tragedy Apr 2016 #42
There is no requirement for us to vote early in AZ. azmom Apr 2016 #44
Three points nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #79
No you're not. You're just desperately flailing. Again. Lizzie Poppet Apr 2016 #205
But delegates should know a bit more about the details than normal voters, shouldn't they? nt. polly7 Apr 2016 #41
One would think.... nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #65
Lol, sure. Go with that. riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #46
Bernie will pick up net 6 delegates from this. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #51
He won the system as it exists. Hillary (and her delegates) could have done the same. SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #68
Never mind. He might gain 1 delegate. That's it. nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #70
OK. That's not the real point anyway. SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #77
I suppose they would have if they could have BUT problem wasn't late voting it was when Seeinghope Apr 2016 #111
You are deliberately stating a falsehood by claiming that Clinton geek tragedy Apr 2016 #117
First of all what happened in AZ is voter fraud Seeinghope Apr 2016 #187
Sanders got his ass kicked fair and square. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #195
If you call that fair and square than I'm glad that I wouldn't ever have to put my trust in you Seeinghope Apr 2016 #201
Those of us who live in the reality-based community do nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #224
They showed up to vote. Luminous Animal Apr 2016 #150
I thought you had said Hillary had more enthusiastic supporters... GeorgiaPeanuts Apr 2016 #13
why couldn't the Hillary people be counted on. Don't they give a shit? virtualobserver Apr 2016 #17
Why couldn't Bernie voters figure out how to vote early in Arizona? geek tragedy Apr 2016 #24
were not talking about voters here....these were supposedly committed Hillary delegates? virtualobserver Apr 2016 #56
Maybe if they knew that there would be Politicalboi Apr 2016 #118
The Arizona official responsible for those voting places geek tragedy Apr 2016 #119
See #16. nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #18
See my other posts, no moral credibility for Bernie people to complain geek tragedy Apr 2016 #29
You think I'm going to look up all your other posts? SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #37
basically don't want to hear any more bleating about AZ geek tragedy Apr 2016 #45
Don't click, then. nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #47
You might want to go tell that to the ARIZONA DEMOCRATIC PARTY nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #165
Talking about people trying to question the legitimacy geek tragedy Apr 2016 #184
Now I love backpedals nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #189
Did the Sanders delegates make the Clinton delegates not show up? JackRiddler Apr 2016 #26
The centuries old method -- Garlic Clove Necklaces TheBlackAdder Apr 2016 #194
you have no clue how the process works Perogie Apr 2016 #54
Yes, it's a double caucus format geek tragedy Apr 2016 #59
These were committed Hillary delegates who failed to show up nt riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #66
I love it. They should have known better and apparently didn't. nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #72
We clearly disagree on Sanders/Clinton Nevernose Apr 2016 #78
And, for better/worse this doesn't dramatically affect geek tragedy Apr 2016 #83
Uh, then why are you "bleating"? SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #93
They do count if you show up Perogie Apr 2016 #90
Or possibly uninformed, but, yep same general idea. SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #102
The delegates were elected at the precint caucuses. pugetres Apr 2016 #157
Hillary's delegates switched to Bernie when they got to know him shawn703 Apr 2016 #217
I'm not. srobert Apr 2016 #230
6000 votes? total? wow there are more people at the local shopping mall than that nt msongs Apr 2016 #10
DELEGATES not votes oregonjen Apr 2016 #21
Lol, I think you are really confused! Nt Logical Apr 2016 #225
Is this what they mean by "claw back"? Fairgo Apr 2016 #11
Claw back! Hahaha that stings. nt thereismore Apr 2016 #159
So Arizona has a two-step? SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author OKNancy Apr 2016 #23
Is this confirmed? senseandsensibility Apr 2016 #28
Yes the Clark Count Democratic Party announced the final count on twitter GeorgiaPeanuts Apr 2016 #31
Clinton won the popular vote by 10% Sanders wins the caucus of delegates geek tragedy Apr 2016 #34
Popular by 5% Nevernose Apr 2016 #61
I thought Nevada was a tie. Still a tie right? Cheese Sandwich Apr 2016 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author GeorgiaPeanuts Apr 2016 #35
Sanders will win more DNC delegates from Nevada despite losing the day of the caucus vote geek tragedy Apr 2016 #36
I don't think this will change the final delegate count at all. Cheese Sandwich Apr 2016 #53
In your opinion. SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #55
Do we have conformation? Autumn Apr 2016 #38
Yes GeorgiaPeanuts Apr 2016 #43
I'm in the room. Nevernose Apr 2016 #48
Next time, we should have no delegates and just use the popular vote Eric J in MN Apr 2016 #40
Oh, absolutely. SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #60
Clark County not Nevada OKNancy Apr 2016 #49
No the likely result since Clark is the most populous... GeorgiaPeanuts Apr 2016 #57
Look at the map. Bernie has, also, won all of the other large counties in Nevada. w4rma Apr 2016 #58
If Clark County flips to Bernie, he wins Nevada as far as I can tell nt riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #64
I'm in the County Convention Nevernose Apr 2016 #67
yes, I realize the numbers about Clark county OKNancy Apr 2016 #109
Clark County is 73% of Nevada krawhitham Apr 2016 #145
Just spent the day phone banking for NY and so this horrible news. hrmjustin Apr 2016 #52
Another reason to reject caucuses Nonhlanhla Apr 2016 #62
As a Sanders supporter, I agree with you. nt riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #69
I really don't like the caucus system Tom Rinaldo Apr 2016 #81
Yes, I know the Bernie camp did not do anything wrong here Nonhlanhla Apr 2016 #110
It should be voting by paper ballot and counted with all there..nothing else. no caucus no bkkyosemite Apr 2016 #144
So why didn't the Clinton delegates show up? Did BernieBro's threaten them? Or were ... Scuba Apr 2016 #63
IRL I see none of DU's animosities Nevernose Apr 2016 #74
Thanks for the reports--reminds me of CoffeeCat in Iowa. nt Land of Enchantment Apr 2016 #91
Remember if this happens in reverse you cannot complain KingFlorez Apr 2016 #73
No problem. nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #80
I think electing county delegates who then have to meet to elect state delegates later sucks Tom Rinaldo Apr 2016 #88
And Sanders supporters scream about Superdelegates being undemocratic. Metric System Apr 2016 #76
Super delegates ARE undemocratic Nevernose Apr 2016 #82
Caucuses are not democratic. They do not represent one person, one vote and they disenfranchise Metric System Apr 2016 #87
I agree that primaries are far more democratic Tom Rinaldo Apr 2016 #97
Yes, but leave out the supers and they are not tied. SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #107
No one stops people from showing up to a caucus. Perogie Apr 2016 #103
Caucusing requires setting aside hours of time and doing a lot of standing around and waiting. You Metric System Apr 2016 #113
Don't be condescending to me Perogie Apr 2016 #146
Apart from winning the elections to either office or DNC whatthehey Apr 2016 #138
Right? wildeyed Apr 2016 #84
No screaming here. SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #85
No wonder Bernie loves the Cacuses, so much easier to disenfranchise voters and synergie Apr 2016 #89
What?!? Nevernose Apr 2016 #94
that's rich Robbins Apr 2016 #105
Good grief. Bernie didn't set up these systems. nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #233
I wonder why so many Clinton supporters decided to abandon her campaign? basselope Apr 2016 #92
Or didn't get their information and do their job.... nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #95
Me too! NWCorona Apr 2016 #98
It's not that unusual for some delegates to not make the convention. winter is coming Apr 2016 #122
Its a LARGE number. basselope Apr 2016 #154
Buyer's remorse? frylock Apr 2016 #104
Apparently not. Lucinda Apr 2016 #106
I'm literally in the room Nevernose Apr 2016 #108
There may be cause here for the DNC to strip Nevada's delegates and refuse to seat them Tarc Apr 2016 #112
DNC rules mandate that district level delegates reflect caucus voting, not county convention voting Lucinda Apr 2016 #116
Great Googly Moogly, what a mess Tarc Apr 2016 #120
I'm pretty sure there are no such rules jfern Apr 2016 #125
Link: Lucinda Apr 2016 #172
Please quote where you think that rule is at the link Kentonio Apr 2016 #173
The same page number referenced in the graphic in Geek Tragedy's link above. Lucinda Apr 2016 #175
Thank you, I think I see the section you mean. Kentonio Apr 2016 #180
Sorry if it wasn't clear before! I'm multi-tasking badly tonight. Lucinda Apr 2016 #181
Green papers makes it clear it's from the state convention delegates jfern Apr 2016 #207
Since he was down 5, Bernie;s campaign may well think so Jarqui Apr 2016 #127
Thanks for the info. nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #142
Not at all. Sanders supporters followed the rules to the letter. totodeinhere Apr 2016 #220
Either way, the Sanders camp is going to get burned (or "Berned", ha ha) on this Tarc Apr 2016 #229
If Clinton does indeed have a field day, SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #231
Appears as though a bunch of Hillary delegates... Herman4747 Apr 2016 #114
When they found out Huerta, Clinton , Gutierrez & Castro lied to them about Jarqui Apr 2016 #129
yep Robbins Apr 2016 #135
Do you really think that is what happened? Major Hogwash Apr 2016 #152
I feel very strongly that those folks lied about Sanders records to get votes. Jarqui Apr 2016 #168
I don't blame them for changing their minds but to assume that their change thereismore Apr 2016 #167
That is what I'm thinking, too. pugetres Apr 2016 #169
But yesterday's headlines said Hillary people are the most motivated... Mudcat Apr 2016 #121
That was an April Fool's story, right? :) reformist2 Apr 2016 #164
... AzDar Apr 2016 #123
WOW. Wonderful News. Has Hillary congratulated Bernie yet? Nanjeanne Apr 2016 #124
I don't know whether they are still calling each other after every contest, but there is no reason StevieM Apr 2016 #130
Yeah, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PatrickforO Apr 2016 #128
Happy! kgnu_fan Apr 2016 #132
Nevada is a Clinton win, just like it was in 2008. StevieM Apr 2016 #134
It would be if the popular vote tally had even one damn thing to do with the nominating process Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #158
Nope. Hillary beat Obama in Nevada in 2008 and Sanders in 2016. StevieM Apr 2016 #178
lol SoLeftIAmRight Apr 2016 #183
You are wrong for several reasons. StevieM Apr 2016 #188
lol SoLeftIAmRight Apr 2016 #190
Nothing you wrote here has anything to do with how we declare winners and losers StevieM Apr 2016 #200
Nice. Bernie can only win by disenfranchising voters. Dawson Leery Apr 2016 #141
AFAIK, not what happened here. nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #143
Clinton delegates didn't show up. smiley Apr 2016 #147
Becuase the clinton supporters did not show up? nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #149
Highly unfair that they have to show up twice. Dawson Leery Apr 2016 #151
Actually, Bernie wins those. basselope Apr 2016 #155
Super delegates are also unfair. smiley Apr 2016 #156
Look this happened in AK to Bernie delegates nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #160
Yep. SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #197
What Ralston is saying is the more technical side of this nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #202
No practical difference (one hopes), but it is fun SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #203
Now you realize that if people in California ask nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #206
Thank you for doing what you do. SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #210
You welcome nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #211
oh yeah, like Arizona? dana_b Apr 2016 #218
Debunked RandySF Apr 2016 #153
Again: I am STILL in the room Nevernose Apr 2016 #185
They f'ed up, why let down the voters that elected them....n/t pantsonfire Apr 2016 #237
Let's see: aspirant Apr 2016 #163
So all of the Hillarybots here SheilaT Apr 2016 #170
I do not think too many people (on both sides mind you) nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #174
But the people who participate in the caucuses and SheilaT Apr 2016 #177
It goes as well for CA delegates nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #179
Remember, Harry Reid had a hand in making sure union workers FlatBaroque Apr 2016 #193
Bingo! Punkingal Apr 2016 #221
Or those he rounded up could not make yesterday's caucus? SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #232
Thank you for participating! riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #171
What's interesting is both candidates were missing a substantial amount of delegates. RichVRichV Apr 2016 #176
Interesting that each candidate had a SheilaT Apr 2016 #182
If what's being posted at the Las Vegas Sun is true, there might be more to this then just RichVRichV Apr 2016 #191
Totally true, but also accurate Nevernose Apr 2016 #198
If that's true then how did Bernie go from being down 847 delegates in the county to being up 578? RichVRichV Apr 2016 #208
Exactly that. Nevernose Apr 2016 #223
I'm ecstatic that Bernie won, but caucuses are bullshit Nevernose Apr 2016 #186
Actually FAR fewer delegates than that Nevernose Apr 2016 #204
K&R quantumjunkie Apr 2016 #192
When I do a Google search the headlines look like there's a lot of disagreement as to who won Nevada drm604 Apr 2016 #196
"A binding Presidential Preference vote will occur by 10AM PDT on 14 May" w4rma Apr 2016 #235
Lucy Flores says Sanders in her tweet Nanjeanne Apr 2016 #199
What it comes down to... Else You Are Mad Apr 2016 #209
Sanders pulls a win in Clark County after county Democratic convention Miles Archer Apr 2016 #212
Holly molly nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #213
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