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7. Give her some time
Fri Apr 1, 2016, 09:16 PM
Apr 2016

First the need to do some internal posting to see if refusing the debate would hurt her as much as people in NY seeing her bullshit like people in MI did. You know when they gave Sanders a standing ovation for his closing speech and sat for Clinton's closing speech

Will She, YES OR NO....debate Bernie in NY? Segami Apr 2016 #1
I would not blame Hillary if she told Bernie to go pound sand. upaloopa Apr 2016 #2
I would. intheflow Apr 2016 #8
Like I said Bernie can go pound sand upaloopa Apr 2016 #9
We listen. It's how we are able to use her own words against her. intheflow Apr 2016 #20
You know there is a whole story behind each of those quotes upaloopa Apr 2016 #22
Please tell me how "debating any time, any where" was taken out of context. intheflow Apr 2016 #27
Yes, the NERVE of asking her to engage in a debate! Such a cad! senz Apr 2016 #17
Neither would I - and she will lose from it. JackRiddler Apr 2016 #23
I would too. I have no idea why she won't. This has raged a while. roguevalley Apr 2016 #26
I would love it NWCorona Apr 2016 #28
You would not blame Hillary catnhatnh Apr 2016 #31
BERNIE IS JUST ABOUT TRUTH AND FACT... America Is In DIRE NEED Of Those Qualities In A Leader CorporatistNation Apr 2016 #3
I thought she said yes? Did she change her mind on that too? jillan Apr 2016 #4
Does she ever mean anything she says? senz Apr 2016 #18
I thought so too NWCorona Apr 2016 #29
The narrative here is shaping up well for the Sanders campaign Babel_17 Apr 2016 #6
Give her some time Gwhittey Apr 2016 #7
Hillary agreed to a debate in April! CoffeeCat Apr 2016 #10
$5 bucks on 'jack squat'. Segami Apr 2016 #19
She is still "looking into it". SHRED Apr 2016 #11
There aboslutely should be a NY debate jfern Apr 2016 #12
Cooper Union JackRiddler Apr 2016 #24
IMHO Hillary will lose NY if she ducks this debate NWCorona Apr 2016 #30
She is waiting until after WI SheenaR Apr 2016 #13
Well, I predict Bernie wins Wisconsin by double digits jfern Apr 2016 #15
Agreed n/t SheenaR Apr 2016 #16
It will probably be a last minute thing, loaded with demands to try and flip the optics. nt Snotcicles Apr 2016 #14
Hillary will debate, but there will be conditions CoffeeCat Apr 2016 #21
That is the "tone" list. JackRiddler Apr 2016 #25
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