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And frightened of *Bernie's* tone? TDale313 Mar 2016 #1
I don't like his tone. insta8er Mar 2016 #2
She is the toughest they come. fun n serious Mar 2016 #3
They send a letter, and we know what he wants...a debate about the issues. insta8er Mar 2016 #6
No, I don't know. fun n serious Mar 2016 #10
Isn't it usual to have debates along the way in the campaign? Rosa Luxemburg Mar 2016 #14
Ah yes, as President your candidate will take the same strategy. I hope for her sake insta8er Mar 2016 #17
Here is the letter that was send, I know you could not be bothered by insta8er Mar 2016 #19
Oh for crying out loud... ljm2002 Mar 2016 #20
He broke his promises. gloves are off, NO negotiation nt fun n serious Mar 2016 #25
What are you going on about? What promises? JimDandy Mar 2016 #27
Hillary told her zombies Gwhittey Mar 2016 #35
Ahh. Thanks. JimDandy Mar 2016 #37
I see the negative campaign nt fun n serious Mar 2016 #45
Can you provide a link to these "promises"? TIA nt riderinthestorm Mar 2016 #40
Playing the trump card, lol. morningfog Mar 2016 #46
Chicken comes to mind Politicalboi Mar 2016 #30
This!^^^^^^10000! n/t 2banon Mar 2016 #39
Oh my goodness... malokvale77 Mar 2016 #24
The corrupt smear is just that redstateblues Mar 2016 #28
It's documented. malokvale77 Mar 2016 #34
Yes, women frighten easily n/t Onlooker Mar 2016 #4
The OP said nothing "sexist". delrem Mar 2016 #23
She doesn't like Bernie's winning tone. DemocracyDirect Mar 2016 #5
You misspelled "whining" redstateblues Mar 2016 #26
^^^^Amen desmiller Mar 2016 #54
Don't think for a minute nichomachus Mar 2016 #7
She is not frightened. Nonhlanhla Mar 2016 #8
Of course she is frightened. RoccoR5955 Mar 2016 #9
That is very unlikely Nonhlanhla Mar 2016 #11
Oh, the political game of defining the opponent. seabeyond Mar 2016 #12
Hillary doesn't have to prove to us that she can deal with these.. dubyadiprecession Mar 2016 #13
Were any of those nasty, meanspirited republicans pulling fingernails as KGB Officers for 16 years? cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #31
oh was their "tone" better than Bernie? ibegurpard Mar 2016 #42
Tell me one time SHE won - on ANYTHING. IdaBriggs Mar 2016 #64
Hillary is not frightened. That woman is as tough as nails. For the record, she has already Arkansas Granny Mar 2016 #15
so what's all this about tone then? Rosa Luxemburg Mar 2016 #16
Bernie went back on his word redstateblues Mar 2016 #32
Putin will likely look into her eyes while shaking her hand and lie. And squeeze til it hurts. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #36
Oh ffs!!! TDale313 Mar 2016 #38
When? Where? 2banon Mar 2016 #43
Telling the truth is not "going back on his word". nt riderinthestorm Mar 2016 #44
you mean she doesn't like criticism of her policies Rosa Luxemburg Mar 2016 #49
When, where vs Clinton and why is she so scared to debate in NY? slipslidingaway Mar 2016 #56
I think that she is buying time while making sadoldgirl Mar 2016 #18
This reminds me of when mccain called to timmymoff Mar 2016 #21
And she's gotta stop playing victim, especially when she plays the gender card. cui bono Mar 2016 #22
This entire thread is why tone is an issue. Firebrand Gary Mar 2016 #29
I hope she sends her "supporters" free supplies of dramamine BuelahWitch Mar 2016 #33
a certain sparkle in Susan Sarandon's eyes is quite threatening as well... ibegurpard Mar 2016 #41
I keep getting this visual Autumn Colors Mar 2016 #47
no gesturing fingers! ibegurpard Mar 2016 #48
Why? MFM008 Mar 2016 #50
She is frightened of debates Rosa Luxemburg Mar 2016 #53
Because she agreed to it. She gave her word. TDale313 Mar 2016 #57
Being Presidential also doesn't mean indulging petulant demands.... Sheepshank Mar 2016 #51
Frankly, instead of worrying about tone Aerows Mar 2016 #52
I can't wait til she tells the Republicans she won't debate Kalidurga Mar 2016 #55
She doesn't have the muscle or chops to be President. She's a lightweight, among other things. ThePhilosopher04 Mar 2016 #58
And her supporters actually think she'll do well against Trump in debates. SheilaT Mar 2016 #59
This message was self-deleted by its author felix_numinous Mar 2016 #60
So is this the thing where people claim a woman is too aggressive, but then others BreakfastClub Mar 2016 #61
then Rosa Luxemburg Mar 2016 #62
How can Hillary be afraid of Bernie's tone, when she's so tone-deaf to everything else? n/t PonyUp Mar 2016 #63
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