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2. If there was something bad ...
Wed Mar 16, 2016, 09:38 PM
Mar 2016

... it is almost certain to be leaked by somebody at some point during this campaign.

There could well be somebody with a recording, or at least notes, waiting for the right moment or the right buyer.

they don't care, as long as she wins. nt Viva_La_Revolution Mar 2016 #1
Small correction. They don't care so long as sanders loses Scootaloo Mar 2016 #40
Just like Bernie supporters don't care that he wasn't even a dem for 30+ years. nt BreakfastClub Mar 2016 #43
If there was something bad ... surrealAmerican Mar 2016 #2
Desperation-grasping at straws. Maybe somebody can get Gowdy to hold hearings redstateblues Mar 2016 #10
This is very unlikely anything illegal. surrealAmerican Mar 2016 #14
they probably have bad content; but the really bad is just staggeringly large speaking fees she has amborin Mar 2016 #3
reeking of quid pro quo and actual proof redstateblues Mar 2016 #7
there's also proof in some cases and in other cases, it's just a matter of research; lo info voters amborin Mar 2016 #12
Ah the old BSS condescension. redstateblues Mar 2016 #31
Robert Reich gets up to $100,000 per speech as does Jimmy Carter KittyWampus Mar 2016 #29
Saying Glass Steagall isn't needed speaks volumes already. The too big to fail keep getting bigger.. think Mar 2016 #4
Oh I'm sure they have incriminating stuff in them. ..Mika on Joe S. said she knew a bkkyosemite Mar 2016 #5
They know it's bad Politicalboi Mar 2016 #6
I always give her the benefit of the doubt rock Mar 2016 #8
She should release them if Trump releases his tax returns Onlooker Mar 2016 #9
It's a witchhunt.I think the usual Hillary Haters would find a scandal in her 1st grade report card. Lil Missy Mar 2016 #11
I think the haters would do the same thing they always do MaggieD Mar 2016 #13
. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #17
I think it would be wildly distorted hill2016 Mar 2016 #15
Hold crap-puddles, people are still going on about transcripts? Tarc Mar 2016 #16
An HRC Goldman-Sachs speech transcript has finally been leaked NanceGreggs Mar 2016 #18
Nan, you know she said some embarrassing stuff. Nt Logical Mar 2016 #21
So tell us all what it was. n/t NanceGreggs Mar 2016 #23
If she's not worried no downside to proving me wrong. Nt Logical Mar 2016 #26
Would there be any "downside" ... NanceGreggs Mar 2016 #30
Email?? What does that have to do with her speeches? nt Logical Mar 2016 #33
Well, I don't know what insidious things ... NanceGreggs Mar 2016 #38
That is maybe the silliest response I've ever seen.... Logical Mar 2016 #42
How do YOU know ... NanceGreggs Mar 2016 #45
Let's get the transcript of Jane Sanders meeting with Arpaio KittyWampus Mar 2016 #32
Wow, that is terrible! Nt Logical Mar 2016 #34
Oh no!! The dreaded transcripts cosmicone Mar 2016 #19
It's HARASSMENT. Nothing more. She has zero reason to release any transcripts. KittyWampus Mar 2016 #20
Like romneys tax returns? Lol! Nt Logical Mar 2016 #22
Her speeches are her intellectual property. NOTHING like tax returns which are public knowledge. KittyWampus Mar 2016 #25
Lol, no, my tax return is not public knowledge! Nice try! Nt Logical Mar 2016 #27
Not even the same ballpark. And I'm sure Hillary put her speaking fees KittyWampus Mar 2016 #36
The speeches would expose her! She knows that! Nt Logical Mar 2016 #37
Posting your personal emails ... NanceGreggs Mar 2016 #39
If someone paid me millions of dollars, I'd happily post every kas125 Mar 2016 #47
Actually ... NanceGreggs Mar 2016 #48
It's less than harassment. NanceGreggs Mar 2016 #24
Lol, harassment? Who is yelling it at her? nt Logical Mar 2016 #28
Harassment equals being yelled at? Since when? n/t NanceGreggs Mar 2016 #35
Well, we know that after voting and advocating to destroy iraq... Scootaloo Mar 2016 #41
She's been under federal investigation for what, 24 years? And running for the last 16? ucrdem Mar 2016 #44
If she said something to affirm being in Wall Street's pocket . . . Chichiri Mar 2016 #46
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