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51. There's a lot of that 'taking votes for granted' in the Clinton campaign.
Tue Feb 23, 2016, 09:38 PM
Feb 2016

It's her 'New Southern Democrats' strategy:

Vote for Hillary:
Whites door sign: "I'm the lesser of 2 evils"
Blacks door sign: "You're my Firewall"

Hillary has divided us up by race all over the country and valued us not by the content of our character, but by the color of our skin.

The door sign for multi-raced families: "Just vote for me d#%@ it!" (Hillary slams it and stomps off)

I'm an unimportant white progressive [View all] Roy Ellefson Feb 2016 OP
Who told you this? yardwork Feb 2016 #1
Hillary Rodham Clinton for one Doctor_J Feb 2016 #9
Can't the OP speak for themselves? yardwork Feb 2016 #28
What's wrong with talking to those of us.... daleanime Feb 2016 #31
What kind of game are you playing? Trajan Feb 2016 #32
What do you mean I have got to go? yardwork Feb 2016 #33
It's likely that this person put you on his/her ignore list, that's all. It sounds worse than it is Ned_Devine Feb 2016 #44
Oh I see. Still, what's this about lying? yardwork Feb 2016 #50
Results of your jury... MrMickeysMom Feb 2016 #43
It was nice of somebody to stick up for me. yardwork Feb 2016 #49
And it will get worse..An alert wow. INdemo Feb 2016 #61
I Was Just Reading This, Noted This Guy Was "Alerted" Earlier And Was Wondering... CorporatistNation Feb 2016 #69
The OP has spoken marvelously well for themselves. JackRiddler Feb 2016 #63
Really? Show me where they answered my question. yardwork Feb 2016 #65
I am, like the OP, an old white progressive Doctor_J Feb 2016 #66
So many straw men lying around I'm sneezing. yardwork Feb 2016 #67
Well stated....NT WiffenPoof Feb 2016 #83
He does not stand alone Fairgo Feb 2016 #72
many Hillary supporters here Duckhunter935 Feb 2016 #53
Oh you poor thing. yardwork Feb 2016 #54
Welcome to DU nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #2
ha...lurker Roy Ellefson Feb 2016 #3
I'm glad you posted this OP & took a break from the lurking! RiverLover Feb 2016 #5
lurking Roy Ellefson Feb 2016 #7
!! Wilms Feb 2016 #15
i know that feeling, only started posting last year after a 10+ year lurk n/t w0nderer Feb 2016 #40
If i lurked, i'd get an ulcer Armstead Feb 2016 #41
You welcome nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #12
The Dem Party will continue to bleed members if it doesn't change course. Broward Feb 2016 #4
Both parties have been though nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #14
all the easier to generate a mailing list to blame them for each loss every 2 years! MisterP Feb 2016 #22
The Democratic Party has been lurching rightward for a long time & seems intent to do so again. highprincipleswork Feb 2016 #6
Oh dear, when will someone step up and be the voice of the white man???!! PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #8
huh? Roy Ellefson Feb 2016 #10
Some can't help themselves nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #13
^ THIS ^ mac56 Feb 2016 #36
You know, the issues he mentions resonate for more people than just white men cyberswede Feb 2016 #16
I agree. So what's the argument? yardwork Feb 2016 #30
i doubt there was an argument i assume there was support n/t w0nderer Feb 2016 #42
Let us sing the song of his people. Starry Messenger Feb 2016 #19
. PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #20
explain Roy Ellefson Feb 2016 #23
The post I replied to made me laugh. Out loud, even!! PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #24
Way to make his point for him. Lizzie Poppet Feb 2016 #27
I just laughed out loud! yardwork Feb 2016 #29
Nice mockery. mac56 Feb 2016 #34
Thanks!! PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #35
Enjoy yourself in my ignore list. mac56 Feb 2016 #37
I will! Thanks! PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #38
You are playing right into the hands of the GOP and the Oligarchy Armstead Feb 2016 #45
LOLigarchy PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #46
Yep -- Divide and Conquer Armstead Feb 2016 #47
Volunteer for the Sanders campaign cyberswede Feb 2016 #11
no doubt Roy Ellefson Feb 2016 #17
the first two states had pretty much nothing but white voters dsc Feb 2016 #18
seriously you make a good point Roy Ellefson Feb 2016 #21
good idea -- like your thoughts oldandhappy Feb 2016 #26
I would eliminate caucuses, too, Blue_In_AK Feb 2016 #39
Nevada Caucus tommcc99 Feb 2016 #48
Iowa Caucus Roy Ellefson Feb 2016 #57
I understand why the system came about dsc Feb 2016 #52
What's wrong with just having one national primary election? Maedhros Feb 2016 #59
very expensive dsc Feb 2016 #62
It hurts candidates like Bernie hack89 Feb 2016 #74
+1 Matariki Feb 2016 #71
each person is important oldandhappy Feb 2016 #25
There's a lot of that 'taking votes for granted' in the Clinton campaign. JimDandy Feb 2016 #51
Ms Clinton, her husband the former President, their surrogates, and their supporters have made it The Traveler Feb 2016 #55
I'm a white progressive in a blue/purple state and I want a piece of the free stuff pie the wealthy Dont call me Shirley Feb 2016 #56
As far as I can tell, they charged a cover charge for the party, Erich Bloodaxe BSN Feb 2016 #77
Yup, the wealthy stingy parasites gorge upon the communal pie. Dont call me Shirley Feb 2016 #79
Always happy when someone remembers Floyd B. Olson dflprincess Feb 2016 #58
I feel you Roy SandersDem Feb 2016 #60
Yep, the presidential campaign season is nothing more than pandering to different interest groups. jillan Feb 2016 #64
Love how Team Hill came in and drove your point home with shrieks and nonsense Hydra Feb 2016 #68
You Remind me of NYC SKP JI7 Feb 2016 #70
That poor baby has a sad! wildeyed Feb 2016 #82
Amen TransitJohn Feb 2016 #73
It ain't over pdsimdars Feb 2016 #75
I love it when people get so mad rjsquirrel Feb 2016 #76
I suspect the OP is an older person - cut him some slack. Vinca Feb 2016 #81
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Feb 2016 #78
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Feb 2016 #80
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