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Wed Oct 10, 2012, 10:36 PM

Have You All Lost Your GD Minds? [View all]

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WARNING The language used in this thread, from a blog called Sad Bastard Bar, is not for the timid. Language aside, the message of the blog author is, IMHO, right on target.


Liberals, you need to get your gd shit together. The President lost a debate. He didnít lose Texas. For four years, this President has faced off one of the most obstructionist parties in modern American political history. He did this in the center of an economic collapse. He has delivered on too many promises to count, even in the dead heat of this. Heís been running ahead in an election where the opposition was fairly incompetent, where the leading opposition candidate told half the country to go fuck themselves with a stolen rusty tire iron. He has one debate where the opposition is competent, and thatís it. Youíre done. You have bad polling days, and youíre done. Letís just call off the election and use that time to apply for foreign passports. I mean, holy shit, what a bunch of spineless bastards you turned out to be.

Iíve spent the last few days talking to you motherfuckers, and I have several questions, beginning with: did you motherfuckers watch the same debate as me? Cause for the last few days, Iíve heard people saying Ďwhy didnít he point out that Romney was lying?í He did. ĎWhy didnít he tie the economy to education or healthcare?í He did. He made much of the same case for his Presidency as did Bill Clinton. He just didnít do it with the bullshit flourish that is Clintonís specialty. But shit, for the last four years, he hasnít done the flourish. Heís been tired almost every day. Heís been tired at every press conference. Heís been tired at every speech and every state of the union with the exception of a handful of incidents. And all of a sudden, youíre surprised he comes off tired? Fuck yes, heís tired. For four years, for four years while you were antsy that he was playing the adult in the room, while you thought he was being too nice, he fought daily for every reform at every impasse. Bill Clinton, for all his talents, didnít do what Barack Obama did. Not for the uninsured. Not for the poor. Not for college students. Not for women. Not for the children of illegal immigrants. Not in a recession. This President has wound down two wars. He gave the kill order for Osama Bin Laden. He has promoted genuine efforts at democracy in the middle east, in a region that is in the middle of a revolution that came under his watch. While everything he does gets fucked daily by the tidal wave of shithead that is the Republican Party, the Israeli Prime Minister, the European economy, probably the whole of the Middle East, some douchebags with Youtube accounts and the state of Arizona, we ask if his heart is in it? Really? If he really wants to be President? For four years, we sat at his left flank just pissing and moaning while he delivered what none of his predecessors could. He did this against a party that is objectively crazy. And now, one debate, and the question is, is the Presidentís heart in it?

What happened to chess? Yeah, fuck chess, we had a few bad poll days, time to go beat our own brains in with an ice pick. You know what? Fuck the Presidentís heart. I know his heartís in it because while you and I have been fucking around amongst ourselves, bullshitting into the ether as to what it would mean for the campaign if Obama came off like an angry black man for a second, heís been there bleeding for us and our progressive policies every goddamn day. You know whose heart isnít in it? You know who needs to take the blame right now? You know who is letting everybody down? We are. Weíre the ones weíve been waiting for, and we surely are a huge pile of superstitious assholes. For four years, this President has made good on his promises even with the shit-storm that has become the political process in America. And he deserves, if not our support, then our resolve. So stop fucking panicking because you had a bad poll day. You know how many bad poll days the President has had? You might know better than he does, because heís been too busy trying to keep Iran and Israel from becoming the dust and ash filled lands formerly known as Iran and Israel. So, for fuckís sake, get your shit together. This is our President. He needs us. He needs our support. He needs our resolve. He needs us to beat Mitt Romney, because that asshole, despite what he said in the debate, would do exactly the damage that George Bush did, and we literally canít afford that.

We canít afford more wars. We canít afford more debt. We canít afford more tax breaks for wealthy fuckers. We cannot afford more jobs lost, more pensions squandered, more homes drowned in debt just so one more asshole can make his buck at the margins of legality. We cannot afford losing healthcare reform. People with preexisting conditions who might lose insurance, people whose parents are going to get old and need care and housing, they canít afford it. Our generation and our children canít afford the debt weíd accumulate under Romney. They canít afford the spending cuts that wonít happen, the wars that will, and every promise that heíll break as quickly as he made it. We canít afford this collapse. And if it happens, itís not on the President. He did poorly in a debate. If that means he loses the election, itís on us. Because this man hasnít been quiet. He has fought for us and our principles and our policies every day, and if he loses this because of a debate, then it means for all our talk, we werenít ready to fight for him.

Get your shit together. Because you canít afford not to, because you are better than this, because you need the resolve of the last four years. You have been beaten the fuck down by all the monstrosities there are. Now is not the time, a month away from an election between a man who has helped us fight and a man who would continue to bludgeon us, to panic. Now is the time to stand, with the fire you need to get through this pulsing through your corroded arteries and your over-extended gut, with the conviction of your principles, and fight for this President the way heís fought for us. Not because he's got this, but because he might not. Because now, he might need you. Because we might need you. So please, calm the fuck down, get your goddamn shit together and fight for this because for once, it means something that you do more than talk shit.


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