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2016 Postmortem

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Sun Feb 14, 2016, 05:03 PM Feb 2016

Reddit: How Hillary Lost Me [View all]

I started out this election cycle as an uncommitted Clinton supporter, because, as a moderate, she is the candidate to whom my views seemed to align most closely, because her experience clearly makes her extremely qualified for the position, and because I think it would be a hugely important step for this country to elect our first woman president. I also have to admit that I, like so many others, initially wrote off Bernie Sanders as too "unelectable" to be the Democratic nominee.

However, after seeing the ways in which Clinton and Sanders have conducted their respective campaigns, I have finally crossed over. Despite consistent deception and dirty tactics from the Clinton campaign and the DNC, Sanders has conducted his campaign with the same poise, honesty, financial integrity and commitment to the underprivileged he has demonstrated during his entire political career. Even if I don't agree with Sanders on every issue, I'd rather have a president I can respect unequivocally.

I'm officially feelin' the Bern! Sorry it took so long.


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But but it's just politics and no different than what Republicans will do shawn703 Feb 2016 #1
I actually don't think Sanders is running a very honest campaign metroins Feb 2016 #2
How is he running a dishonest campaign? cali Feb 2016 #4
How is he running a dishonest campaign? AlbertCat Feb 2016 #20
Pretty much every time Tad Devine opens his mouth. uberblonde Feb 2016 #84
Good luck. I can't get them to tell me why I should support Hillary based on the issues Lorien Feb 2016 #50
You failed to tell us what dirty tactics from the Clinton campaign. N/Tf ohheckyeah Feb 2016 #64
Sanders or supporters attacking Hillary? PonyUp Feb 2016 #7
By pointing out her corporate finance. TTUBatfan2008 Feb 2016 #11
Yep. That, evidently, is an unfair attack. cali Feb 2016 #12
Not only is it unfair, it's SEXIST!! kath Feb 2016 #40
"The Clintons"... smiley Feb 2016 #82
By not highliting tazkcmo Feb 2016 #54
Can you please explain how Sanders is being dishonest, especially during debates? n/t cui bono Feb 2016 #13
And what are these attacks that have nothing to do with issues? cui bono Feb 2016 #16
Hit and run misinformation technique. nt retrowire Feb 2016 #19
Yup nt dorkzilla Feb 2016 #27
Thats because she has hardly any supporters left online sahel Feb 2016 #22
I mostly lurk now due to the nastiness of BSS redstateblues Feb 2016 #55
Hillary doesn't have many supporters pinebox Feb 2016 #65
Pointing our real differences.... paleotn Feb 2016 #35
Facts aren't attacks. Rocky the Leprechaun Feb 2016 #57
I will say one word: Capehart. JDPriestly Feb 2016 #69
Since when is "honest campaign" equivalent to "fawning acquiescence" Android3.14 Feb 2016 #70
By "attacks", you must mean "Pointing out her close ties with Wall Street, her voting Gene Debs Feb 2016 #72
That would be easier to do if sulphurdunn Feb 2016 #73
When your platform is "vote for me, I have an innie instead of an outie" tularetom Feb 2016 #78
First of all, asking someone to explain why they voted to support the IWar is not an attack. rhett o rick Feb 2016 #79
"it's 90% Sanders/Supporters attacking Hillary" LiberalLovinLug Feb 2016 #83
Pretty sure the 72 responses to your post did nothing to disabuse you of the notion of who's doing Number23 Feb 2016 #85
I see issues being discussed exclusively by Sanders supporters. hifiguy Feb 2016 #90
Clinton revoking Snowden's passport, and her policy against whistleblowers really damaged the trust kgnu_fan Feb 2016 #3
That was despicable farleftlib Feb 2016 #10
I'd nominate Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize Helen Borg Feb 2016 #18
Ditto cali B Calm Feb 2016 #5
Social media has made the truth accessible to those that care about the truth. AtomicKitten Feb 2016 #6
As long as the writer ejbr Feb 2016 #8
dirty tricks backfire amborin Feb 2016 #9
They used to often work.. cannabis_flower Feb 2016 #17
wow amborin Feb 2016 #32
You mean like stealing computer files dlwickham Feb 2016 #25
The lawsuit moves on in the courts... Rocky the Leprechaun Feb 2016 #58
Yea, that was pretty bad Lordquinton Feb 2016 #81
I felt the same way Cali. jalan48 Feb 2016 #14
woman as President greymouse Feb 2016 #67
K&R Duval Feb 2016 #15
Love 4 DU pdsimdars Feb 2016 #21
Welcome. Glad you've joined the DU family. LibDemAlways Feb 2016 #24
Cool story bro dlwickham Feb 2016 #23
"Unlike you all we don't have a place to copy and paste the same post" Hydra Feb 2016 #37
They copied me dlwickham Feb 2016 #38
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Feb 2016 #26
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Feb 2016 #28
IMO, what we know of Hillary's experience disqualifies her, not the opposite. merrily Feb 2016 #29
+1 Jefferson23 Feb 2016 #80
Hillary lost me in October 2002 Martin Eden Feb 2016 #30
Yup. Dont call me Shirley Feb 2016 #33
This bigwillq Feb 2016 #44
Touche Carolina Feb 2016 #46
These days one can't just hope UglyGreed Feb 2016 #31
I had the same experience during the 2008 election primaries. wcast Feb 2016 #34
How dare she campaign like a man dlwickham Feb 2016 #39
Oh, FFS. kath Feb 2016 #41
Against men who campaign the way women should? Voice for Peace Feb 2016 #42
I guess you don't vote for too many people then dlwickham Feb 2016 #48
You spelled republican wrong SwampG8r Feb 2016 #66
She doesn't campaign like a man CoffeeCat Feb 2016 #71
Are you new here dlwickham Feb 2016 #77
Ding ding ding! You've just won the grand prize in our "Democrats Say the Darnedest Things" Contest! hedda_foil Feb 2016 #86
At least I am a Democrat dlwickham Feb 2016 #88
well, dlwickham greymouse Feb 2016 #91
30 years here dlwickham Feb 2016 #92
Thanks for posting this farleftlib Feb 2016 #36
Far left candidates (Bernie) and far right (cruz) can never compromise. With these two, absolutely.. dubyadiprecession Feb 2016 #43
Bernie compromises. Fucking period. I'm a Vermonter cali Feb 2016 #45
Don't you know that moderate is a dirty word here dlwickham Feb 2016 #49
"Far left"? truebluegreen Feb 2016 #52
and how far to the right the DLC/DNC/Democratic Party elected officials have become. Rocky the Leprechaun Feb 2016 #59
+ a zillion truebluegreen Feb 2016 #60
Good luck with the purge dlwickham Feb 2016 #89
Bernie is good at compromise. He does not take things personally. JDPriestly Feb 2016 #74
K&R! This post should have hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast Feb 2016 #47
Hillary lost me when she was asked if she supported the TPP Lorien Feb 2016 #51
Reddit the home to the MRA movement! boston bean Feb 2016 #53
Reddit is a huge platform. Like the internet itself, reddit cali Feb 2016 #61
Oh yeah, I can tell! boston bean Feb 2016 #62
How? cali Feb 2016 #63
Exactly. n/t JTFrog Feb 2016 #87
KnR SammyWinstonJack Feb 2016 #56
well said oldandhappy Feb 2016 #68
Hillary never had me! SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #75
This ^ Is Exactly Why Bernie will make an Awesome President 99th_Monkey Feb 2016 #76
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