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Bread and Circus

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24. Well Clinton is a fucking liar... down to her bones.
Fri Feb 12, 2016, 01:31 AM
Feb 2016

Take your pick

Well, when your opponent is constantly misrepresenting your record HerbChestnut Feb 2016 #1
Sorry... TCJ70 Feb 2016 #2
How DARE he function in three dimensions!!1 arcane1 Feb 2016 #3
Maybe only to a world leader wearing a yellow rain coat? n/t earthside Feb 2016 #4
Hillary was/is a bombastic, self-absorbed, pathological liar. AtomicKitten Feb 2016 #5
i agree. but you forgot RUDE bombastic lying sack 'o crap. trueblue2007 Feb 2016 #14
I edited so as to not get folks knickers in a knot. AtomicKitten Feb 2016 #19
get over it Iggy Knorr Feb 2016 #6
Hillary was pretty disingenuous in many of her responses. Blue_In_AK Feb 2016 #7
BERNIE twisted his OWN positions. OVER AND OVER, trueblue2007 Feb 2016 #21
Well, we disagree. Blue_In_AK Feb 2016 #22
He should learn to point with his thumbs. Ed Suspicious Feb 2016 #8
I'm glad he doesn't just sit there like a "man"!! Standing up to the LIES!!! Armymedic88 Feb 2016 #9
Have to do something to Duckhunter935 Feb 2016 #10
Al Gore sighs too much Politicalboi Feb 2016 #11
Did it hurt your fee fees. I see you don't mind liars though. onecaliberal Feb 2016 #12
Please. Spinning like a washing machine. nt longship Feb 2016 #13
"Will he act like this to world leaders?" Shandris Feb 2016 #15
Oh brother! CoffeeCat Feb 2016 #16
And signaling that he disagreed and prompting the moderators that, if they were so inclined... Luminous Animal Feb 2016 #25
He can wave his finger all he wants if he supports policies that will help the majority of people .. slipslidingaway Feb 2016 #17
And when he had an opportunity to rebut Bobbie Jo Feb 2016 #18
That finger wagging was SO RUDE I couldn't hear myself think! Luminous Animal Feb 2016 #20
So, being bribed by Wall Street is dandy CoffeeCat Feb 2016 #30
My God! Putin would throw that old man with a hip toss in one second flat! Bonobo Feb 2016 #23
Well Clinton is a fucking liar... down to her bones. Bread and Circus Feb 2016 #24
I'm going to kick all these posts just for fun. Bonobo Feb 2016 #26
LOL SHRED Feb 2016 #29
And I think his hair was messed up SHRED Feb 2016 #27
Tweety enid602 Feb 2016 #28
. Luminous Animal Feb 2016 #31
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